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E-279 - Wednesday, May 29, 2019


SacTown Talks by The Nooner 


  • CA47 (Long Beach): added registered nurse Josef Hodgkins (D) - safe Dem - challenge to Alan Lowenthal (D)
  • added list of term limits for all constitutionals, State Senate, Assembly [Nooner Premium] - rudimentary and let me know if you see any mistakes
    • In short, there are six State Senate districts open in 2020--SD05, SD11, SD15, SD17SD19, and SD23. Those looking at constitutional offices in 2022 are looking at Secretary of State and State Controller. I wrote "in 2020" yesterday, but "open" is more accurate, as SD29 is certainly competitive after Ling Ling Chang's victory in the 2018 recall election.


  • What's left
  • AB 392: peace officers: use of deadly force
  • Water wars
  • AD25 (Fremont-Santa Clara)
  • CA Democratic Convention
  • Muni matters
  • Cakeday 

Happy Humpday! As you receive this, it should be around 76 degrees in SacTown. If you're downtown, farmers (farmers' or farmer's for grammar geeks like me) market in Cesar Chavez Plaza should be perfect today. The cherries are amazing right now as are the apricots. I have a meeting around that time over on this side of downtown so my satiation will have to wait until tomorrow's market on Capitol Mall.

Meanwhile, three SacTown restaurants have been given the Michelin Bib Gourmand honor in advance of the Michelin star announcements next week. The Bib Gourmand recognizes outstanding restaurants that aren't in the fine dining category normally considered for the famed Michelin stars. The three are Canon (East Sac), Frank Fat's (L Street), and Mother (Kay Street).

This is the first year that Michelin has considered California restaurants and the ratings are from professional diners, and the guide announced next Tuesday in Huntington Beach will include Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Monterey. Obviously, The Kitchen in SacTown will make the book, but which others?

Meanwhile, how do I get expert diner job?

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I match these 1:1, and we currently have 16 available. I'll be writing about this more next week in the space of the May Subscription Drive above. Basically, if you (or someone you know) are eligible, an email with a student ID pic suffices. If SSN is shown, obscure it...although I think I'm talking UC Davis circa 1994 when I write that.

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I have fun in The Nooner and I hope you do too. We try to on the pod as well. I learned early on in life that if you don't laugh, you cry. Meanwhile, ignore my Southwest Stripper Shuttle seatmate Flava-Flav. Believe the Hype. Literally, that was Alexa's first song after I wrote the smart speaker item below.  

ALEXA, WHAT'S THE DEAL YO'? Well, while not in Alexa's voice, John Myers writes about AB 1395 (Cunningham), which would regulate what data companies can keep from smart speakers, such as Amazon's Alexa/Echo and Google's Home. The bill passed the Assembly 44-6 yesterday, with a very high number of 30 members not voting. The bill is heavily opposed by the technology industry, its trade associations, and the California Chamber of Commerce. It was a weird vote with a mix of partisan members. Of the "no" votes, five are Democrats (Irwin, Low, Medina, Petrie-Norris, and Smith), and one (Obernolte) is a Republican. Low makes sense, as his district includes the Apple spaceship. Those not voting include nine Republicans and twenty-one Democrats, roughly on par with the breakdown of the house.

Existing law provides similar rules to televisions with voice recognition. I don't remember if during set-up I actually consented to Xfinity/Comcast/NBCUniversal keeping my data, but they probably know that I asked my remote to show the San Francisco Giants game yesterday. Now, that's embarassing.

WHAT'S LEFT: FOTN and lobbyist Chris Micheli has been busy counting bills on his fingers. Here's what the two houses have left before Friday's "house of origin" deadline:

Senate Floor:

  • Senate 3rd Reading – 27 SBs
  • Special Consent – 8 measures (to be taken up on Thursday)

Assembly Floor:

  • Assembly 3rd Reading – 149 ABs
  • Consent – 5 measures (to be taken up on Thursday)

AB 392 (Weber and McCarty and Rendon and Atkins): Peace officers: deadly force: AB 392 to the Floor yesterday and it can be heard today using a "withdrawal" from Rules vote on the floor. The floor analysis quotes one law enforcement agency--the Ventura County Sheriff's Office--still in opposition. Since floor analyses don't list supporters and opponents like policy committee analysis does, it's unclear how much law enforcement opposition to the bill still exists and if any of the threatened previous supporters (Black Lives Matter) have switched sides over the amendments. The three large groups to switch from opposition to support are the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, and the California Police Chiefs Association. 

If you missed my attempt to provide a simplified description of the current version and how it changes current law, check out Friday's Nooner.

From the giving credit where credit is do file, the Sacramento Police Department posted on Nextdoor last night about a fatality in custody that is described as a Spanish speaker sitting on a bumper during an ordinary traffic stop that ended in a driveway. According to the report, as the officer was checking the license on the computer, the driver collapsed and despite aid, died at the hospital. Per Sacramento city ordinance, the video and audio will be released in 30 days. 

Okay, it's 11:01am and AB 392 is up on the floor, which I am watching. 

The bill was literally brought up between Premium and regular distribution. It will pass, but I'll have more to write tomorrow!



WATER WARS: In the MercNews, Paul Rogers reports that the Santa Clara Valley Water District has been quietly negotiating to buy a 5,257-acre cattle ranch in Merced County that sits atop a large water reserve. Sounds totally uncontroversial, right?

Water is often a big part of cooling computer servers and there are lots in Silicon Valley, including the IBM one housing your Nooner hamsters. Recently, Microsoft actually tested a sunken server farm off the coast of Scotland.

CADEM: The election for chair of the California Democratic Party will be held from 4pm-7pm on Saturday, with a runoff on Sunday from 8am-10am. If the Sunday runoff is between Rusty Hicks and Kimberly Ellis as many people expect, that's bad news for Ellis. The California Young Democrats narrowly endorsed Ellis, but are not exactly the Sunday 8-10 types after Saturday night hospitality suites. CYD will be partying with State Treasurer Fiona Ma from 10:15-midnight and at the same time the California Nurses Association, which endorsed Ellis, is partying it up promising a "premium bar, food, dessert, DJ, a photo booth with special guest." The California Labor Fed is hosting a reception for Hicks on Friday night.

Fourteen presidential candidates are scheduled to speak, but Joe Biden has not yet committed. (full agenda)

On the chair's race, I tweeted this morning "Kimberly Ellis campaign for @CA_Dem chair sent out a message "from" Delaine Eastin: "[CC: Male Delegates Dear Women Delegates." Shortly after, an email arrived: ***Correction***. The change was "[CC: Male Identifying Delegates] Dear Women and Trans/Gender Non-Binary Delegates."

The first was sent at 8:04am and the second at 8:20am. It's hard to be a candidate in 2019. 

I am not a delegate and don't support a candidate in the race. 

AD25 (Fremont-Santa Clara): This is just a notice... Anna Song, Santa Clara County Board of Education trustee, is officially in the race. I have known Anna since College Dems days. I will endorse her and probably contribute to her campaign. If you've been around for awhile, you know that I don't endorse or contribute to candidates in races that I cover. So, just a notice to y'all that I have a conflicted and will only write objectively on this race going foward. I will add a similar notice to the AD25 web page. 

MUNI MATTERS and CAKEDAY after the jump...

Probolsky Research


BAGHDAD BY THE BAY: In the Chron, Evan Sernoffsky reports that the San Francisco Police Department executed seven search warrants on cops and the journalist that included the widely criticized phone records and home and office search of freelancer Bryan Carmody.

SACTOWN SMACKDOWN: For the Bee, Theresa Clift reports on the "middle ground" proposal forwarded by Sac City councilmember Steve Hansen on the use of proceeds of the sales tax hike approved last November by city voters. Mayor Darrell Steinberg wants to securitize the revenues to invest in areas in the city of most need while some councilmembers want to set the new revenue aside for obligations such as negotiated compensation and pension obligations.

Both sides in the fight have a good argument as to the city's needs. I don't like to promote pod guests until the day of the recording, but we currently have Hansen on mid-June, and there is lots to talk about. Hansen represents both me and Gibran on the council.

We have so much to talk about and we'll also have councilmember Eric Guerra on soon. Scheduling for the pod for councilmembers and the DA (both next month) generally have Gibran following the news and me pushing back, citing legal liability before asking people to be on mic. The truth is generally in between...

#CAKEDAY: Light the candles for Scott Abrams, Jose Gomez, Alison Merrilees, Beth Miller, and Catherine Ohaegbu!




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