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The Nooner for April 16th

Good morning! Remember when you were a kid and the first day of Spring Break was so awesome. And then, there was that moment of sadness when the week hit its midpoint. Yup, that's where we're are at this hour--Legislators Gone Wild will be over soon.

The quiet Spring Break atmosphere of the Capitol was shaken up a bit yesterday as the Tea Party Patriots brought their red shirts to town and rallied on the West Steps. My favorite moment was one who came into Chicory and got quite upset that the coffee house didn't have a senior or military discount on a cup of joe. The barista yielded and gave a medium for the price of a small, but I couldn't ignore the insistence of a #handout from a private business.

Anyway, had he been nicer, I would have been delighted to buy him a cup for serving his country. But, #NoEntitlements.

Last night was the deadline for federal candidates to submit their reports for the quarterly period ending March 31, 2014. As the FEC gets the data processed, I'll be uploading it to this page (and I have fixed the "jump" drop-downs), and will have more analysis tomorrow.

Here is the national perspective, which will certainly come into play in California's competitive districts:

CA33 (Coastal Los Angeles):

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