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Big-wave surfing fans flock to Mavericks

Big-wave surfing fans flock to Mavericks The bars, parking lots and hotels in Half Moon Bay were teeming Friday morning as the Titans of Mavericks got under way, drawing spectators from all over looking to get in on the excitement surrounding the legendary big-wave surf contest. Mattox Goodrich, 9, came down from Sacramento Thursday night with his dad Steve, 52, and woke up at 5 a.m., hoping to see the enormous swell with their own eyes, but were turned away from the bluff overlooking the surf spot. Public access to both the beach and cliff area was blocked after injuries and overcrowding in previous years made both areas unsafe. Nonetheless, Mattox and his dad found themselves parked in a prime spot in front of the Mavericks Surf Shop where Red Bull, one of the contest€™s sponsors, had set up a giant SUV with a big screen TV showing the live stream of the contest and a DJ playing rock music for the crowd that gathered. In 2010, 13 people who got too close to the water were injured and at least 40 people were knocked off their feet by a monster wave. Many of them had been standing on a short concrete wall and were thrown into rocks or mud by a surge of water. [...] spectators have been relegated to either a public viewing party, of which there was none this year, or nearby bars and restaurants showing the event. A surfer since the age of four and an amateur photographer, Ryan Ansel was just hoping to get a few pictures of some of his heroes doing what they do best.
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San Francisco city attorney: Police lawfully killed Mario Woods

The San Francisco police officers who shot and killed Mario Woods acted lawfully to protect themselves and bystanders from a man who was armed with a knife, refused to obey commands and tried to flee while under the influence of methamphetamine and other drugs, the city attorney€™s office said. City lawyers laid out a defense of the officers in a response to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Woods€™ relatives, who say video footage of the encounter shows officers firing at the 26-year-old man from all sides, even though he was shuffling slowly along a wall and did not directly threaten the police. Police officials have said five officers who shot Woods €” Winson Seto, Antonio Santos, Charles August, Nicholas Cuevas and Scott Phillips €” did their best in a situation where a stabbing suspect still had a knife, wouldn€™t heed commands and wasn€™t subdued by pepper spray and beanbag rounds. The city attorney€™s office said police officers need not use the least intrusive form of force when dealing with an armed suspect who poses a threat to the public or police officers. An autopsy on Woods, released Thursday by the city medical examiner, found Woods died after suffering 20 bullet wounds, many from behind, and one additional €œprobable gunshot graze wound€ to his right cheek. Attorney John Burris, who filed the civil rights lawsuit against San Francisco police, said the number of gunshot wounds confirms my view that the shooting was excessive.
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The Nooner for February 12th



  • SD07 (Concord): added real estate appraiser Joseph Rubay (R) 
  • SD13 (San Mateo): added software engineer John Webster (L)
  • AD14 (Concord): added accountant Debora Allen (R)
  • AD24 (Palo Alto-Mountain View): added social entrepeneur Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera (N)
  • AD24 (Palo Alto-Mountain View): added Mountain View councilmember John Inks (L)
  • AD31 (West Fresno): added attorney Daniel Tekunoff (N)
  • AD48 (West Covina): added education doctoral candidate Armando Barajas (D)

Happy per diem Friday! Legislators will convene briefly this morning for one of those rare Friday sessions, since Monday is a holiday. In order for per diem payments to continue through the weekend, the Legislature can not be out of session for three consecutive days. 

Today is the Titans of Mavericks surf competition in Half Moon Bay, and you can [full Nooner]

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