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The Nooner for April 24th

Good morning from AD33, which is being vacated by Tim Donnelly as he runs for governor. I saw several Michelle Ambrozic signs on the way up the mountain, although none with the silhouette of her firing a rifle. I do have to wonder how she is paying for the signs, since the campaign hasn't filed any reports.

Anyway, with nine Republicans and one Democrat, the election is likely over on June 3, with whichever Republican lands in the top two will be the strong favorite in November. Apple Valley mayor Art Bishop has the endorsement of Donnelly, while former Apple Valley councilmember Rick Roelle is campaigning as a more moderate Republican. Arrowhead resident Ambrozic is running as the Tea Party choice, and touts endorsements from the "Lake Arrowhead Piza Deli & Arcade." 

Ambrozic has the advantage of being the only woman in a field of ten candidates, although Bishop and Roelle have grabbed most of the endorsements. 

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CASH REPORT: Yesterday was a surprisingly good . . .

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