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THE Nooner for October 17, 2017


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We have a special aural pleasure this morning, as John Myers (LAT), Melanie Mason (LAT), and Marisa Lagos (KQED) convene to chat about the Feinstein v. de Leon (and maybe others) showdown. 

Melanie has a great article this morning about the sexual harrassment that happens in and around the capitol, spawned by a letter signed by more than 140 women in and around the Capitol.

The Capitol community needs to address this first and foremost.

Beyond the horrific sexual harrassment, there are lots of legislative offices that have hidden physical abuse and harrassment.

We know of the high profile ones, but if we had access to the payouts by the Rules Committees, it would be ginormous and undisclosed. The Legislature passes all kinds of laws about employment and then looks the other way as its own employees are abused. Abusing members should be publicly disclosed when a payout is made. Kicking them out of office requires a constitutional amendment, but at least let their constituents know and they can do the kicking.

I adore Willie Brown as a masterful politician and literally have a signed picture on my book case across from me. But, his reign was a period of horrible mistreatment of women staffers and lobbyists. Most of you not-so-young'ns remember a prominent female lobbyist who represent a tech company who always wore a tie. I never asked her if she did so to "fit in," but it was always noticed. It was preferable than the sexually charged outfits others donned.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Sergio Carrillo, Senator Ed Hernandez, and Brad Torgan!



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Wilk applauds Governor Brown&#039;s approval of plan to create new, modern water agency in the SCV
Senate Bill 634 (SB 634) by Senator Scott Wilk, R- Antelope Valley, has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. SB 634 was received overwhelming bipartisan support in both houses of the Legislature and garnered the support of business, environmental and labor organizations as it went through...

Key Vote On $17 Billion Delta Tunnels Project Tuesday In San Jose
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Female Lawmakers, Staffers And Lobbyists Speak Out On 'pervasive' Harassment In California's Capitol
Melanie Mason @
Female lawmakers, staff and lobbyists who work in California's Capitol are saying sexual harassment and misconduct is commonplace.

De Leon’s Dilemma: He’s Got To Attack Feinstein
De Leon’s Game Plan According to one de Leon campaign insider, this is intentional: De Leon, who is 50, first hopes to make the case for himself as a vital, aggressive, dynamic, energetic leader before he portrays Feinstein, who is 84, as an acquiescent, compromising appeaser whose time has come and gone.

Trump Calls For Short-term Obamacare Fix And Reaches Out To Republican Leaders
Lisa Mascaro, Noah Bierman @
President Trump threw his weight behind a measure to fix parts of Obamacare, the first time he has voiced approval of a specific legislative approach to do so,

Rand Paul Opposes Senate GOP Budget - Politico
The Kentucky Republican said he spoke to President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning about the impasse with GOP leaders, which could lead to a high-profile intraparty defection on the budget this week.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's Campaign Gets Paid Back Some Of The Money An Ex-treasurer Stole
One of the biggest checks written to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's campaign account last quarter wasn't from an individual donor or a politic...

Wine Country Ca Fires Worsen Housing Affordability Crisis | The Sacramento Bee
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The go-to source for news on California policy and politics

Poll: Gillespie, Northam Deadlocked In Virginia Governor Race - Politico
Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie, right, is at 48 percent while Democratic challenger Ralph Northam, left, is at 47 percent, according to a Monmouth University poll. | Steve Helber/AP

Rep. Duncan Hunter's Campaign Spent More On Legal Fees Than It Raised In Third Quarter - The San Diego Union-tribune
Morgan Cook @
Federal investigators probing campaign spending by Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, are looking for evidence of fraud, falsified documents and conspiracy in addition to improper personal spending of political contributions, according to a search warrant affidavit.

Sen. Kamala Harris Raises $440,547 This Quarter
Sarah D. Wire @
Sen. Kamala Harris raised $440,547 in the last three months, bringing her war chest to $1.5 million with five years to go before she's ...

In Campaign Funds, Issa Is Holding His Own, While Hunter Has Been Out-raised By Two Democrats - The San Diego Union-tribune
Joshua Stewart @

Teacher Suspended After Kneeling For National Anthem At School Rally | The Sacramento Bee
Benjy Egel @
By Benjy Egel

Trump Said To Want Bipartisan Senate Obamacare Deal - Politico
Alexander, the chairman of the Senate health Committee, has been working with ranking Democrat Patty Murray for weeks on an Obamacare stabilization bill with similar parameters. But the talks had stalled over how to define state flexibility: Republicans want to let states modify their health systems under Obamacare, and Democrats are wary of anything that could unwind any of the consumer protections in the law.

Senators Reach Deal to Fund Subsidies to Health Insurers

The plan by the two senators, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Patty Murray of Washington, would fund the subsidies that President Trump said he would cut off.

White House: Americans Are 'going To Be Begging For Four More Years Of President Trump' - Politico
While Trump successfully nominated conservative jurist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, he has no major legislative victories. Republicans have struggled to repeal and replace Obamacare and are now prioritizing tax reform, which also faces a tough road ahead.

Feinstein Supporters Launch Super Pac To Support Her In Reelection Battle With Fellow Democrat
Seema Mehta @
A prominent Democratic campaign firm announced Monday that it is launching a super PAC to back California Sen. Dianne Feinstein after h...

Trump: Cuba Is 'responsible' For Sonic Attacks On Embassy Staff - Politico
President Donald Trump said Monday that he holds the Cuban government accountable for sonic attacks on American personnel at the embassy in Havana.

Gov. Brown Vetoes Bill That Would Have Given Teachers Paid Maternity Leave - San Francisco Chronicle
Gov. Brown on Sunday vetoed a bill that would have provided almost all teachers and other employees in California public schools and community colleges with six weeks of fully paid maternity leave starting next year.


The former president will campaign for Philip D. Murphy, the Democratic candidate for New Jersey governor, as the party looks to statehouses to protect policies.

This California Congressional Candidate Has Lent Himself $2 Million To Run Against Rep. Ed Royce
Sarah D. Wire @
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Democratic Congressional Challengers Net Millions, But GOP Incumbents Lead Individual Fundraising – Orange County Register
Several million dollars has poured into the campaign coffers of the 23 Democrats challenging Republican Congress members in Orange County, an indicator of how seriously Democrats consider their chances of taking out the four GOP incumbents.