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THE Nooner for September 16, 2017


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¡Feliz día de la independencia! ¡Viva México!

Well, if you stayed up until 3 a.m. to wind down the legislative year, I applaud you. Take a few months off. Particularly you, Treat. ;-)

I wish I could wear the badge of honor, but Mr. Sandman visited me earlier than that.

If you have HBO, Bill Maher's closing segment on California last night was masterful. Of course, it's from Maher's liberal twist, but was very entertaining, including a masterful southern accent. 

PRIMARY COLORS: The Legislature sent to Governor Brown a bill which would move the 2020 presidential primary from June to March. It really has little to do with presidential politics. However, the more Californians are invested in the presidential primary, the higher the turnout.

Speaking of El Jefe, the Legislature approved a bill requiring presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns in order to appear on the California primary ballot report Taryn Luna and Alexei Koseff in the Bee. 

AT THE BELL: SB 328 to require middle and high schools to start no earlier than 8:30 a.m. failed as the legislative year came to an end. The bill split the teachers unions--CFT supported it and CTA opposed it. From the bill's analysis "Supporters also argue that adolescents' brains are "hard wired" to not sleep before 11 p.m., so simply going to bed earlier is not a solution." The Bee's Taryn Luna and Chritopher Cadelago report:

Portantino introduced the bill to offset sleep deprivation among young people, which studies have linked to tardiness, bad grades and depression. He’s cited an American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement that says delaying school start times is an effective countermeasure to chronic sleep loss and offers physical, mental and academic benefits to students.

"[T]ardiness, bad grades and depression"...hmmm...not to make light of it, but that is what's on my nonexistant high school diploma.

All this probably has more to do with electronics than hard-wired brains. I'm as guilty as anyone. It's time close the laptop/game console and open a book. I had no problem going to sleep before 10 in junior and high school, but I also didn't have a laptop or tv in my room. Now I sleep with my laptop, which also serves as a tv. #unplug

THE RESISTANCE: The viral story of Beto Matias, the unpermitted hot dog vendor, whose money was confiscated/stolen by UC Berkeley police after a football game has taken off. Berkeley campus police took $60 out of his wallet, citing it as "evidence," although there was no clear connection that the money was from selling hot dogs.

Martin Flores, a Berkeley alum who was buying a hot dog from the vendor set up a GoFundMe page and has raised $84,512 as I write. Flores is raising the money to assist Matias in buying a food truck. That's my America.

The original goal for Flores's fundraising effort was $10,000!

UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy said "We have instructed our officers to monitor illegal vending outside our event venues. This action has been motivated at least in part by issues of public health, the interests of local small businesses, and even human trafficking."

Biddy makes over $350,000 at Berkeley along with very generous benefits as a vice chancellor who has served in many different capacities, including being sycophant-in-chief, I meant fundraiser-in-chief.

Asshat should sell hot dogs on any given Saturday. You've got time before the Golden Bears host the Rebels today. 

Stealing $60 from a vendor is something that men of privilege can do. Prove that those $60 were from selling hot dogs. That's a lot of hot dogs, and you probably took money to feed his family. 

I wrote in this space previously about a similar thing that happened a couple of blocks from my place. On Sundays, vendors set up on 8th and T with tamales, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and other scrumptious grub near the Spanish-language Our Lady of Guadalupe (which also sells delicious street tacos).  Well, one Sunday, they were raided by the county of Sacramento. Some have returned, although they are clearly dispirited. 

They took money, and literally took soda from the back of a pick-up truck of one vendor that wasn't actually being sold. Ice chests and equipment were taken. 

I looked into the permitting process in Sacramento, and I could not understand it. I have a law degree and a native English speaker. For an immigrant whose first language is not English, permitting is impossible. The Legislature needs to address this. And, confiscating cash in a wallet as "evidence" for what is a fine-able offense is unconstitutional and is used to prey on undocumented Californians. Police departments know that undocumented residents won't show up to claim money for fear of being deported. It's legally sanctioned larceny. 

I get the need for health codes, but hot dogs are not exactly known for their food poisoning risk. Meanwhile, where were the campus po-po when Chipotle across the street was serving a side dish of E. coli with its burritos? 



#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and Nick Pappas!



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State Legislature OKs Controversial Bills On Sanctuary And Sex Offenders - San Francisco Chronicle
SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers sent Gov. Jerry Brown sweeping legislation early Saturday morning that would create a statewide sanctuary policy, end lifetime registration for some sex offenders and move up the state’s presidential primary election.

California Moves To Force Trump To Release Tax Returns - Politico
It is also unclear if Brown will sign the measure. While Trump is the first president in years to ascend to the White House without releasing his tax returns, the Democratic governor has resisted similar disclosures. In a break with longstanding tradition of gubernatorial candidates in California, he did not release his tax returns during his 2010 or 2014 campaigns.

Bills on sanctuary, sex offenders moving to approval in Legislature
SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers were expected to give final approval to sweeping legislation Friday that would create a statewide sanctuary policy and end lifetime registration for some sex offenders. SB54, by Sen. President Pro Tem Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, would bar local law enforcement agencies from cooperating with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency on deportations except in cases in which immigrants had been convicted of certain crimes. The bill passed the Assembly 49-25 and was pending in the Senate, which had to vote on the bill before the session ended Friday night.

California Lawmakers Green Light Early Primary In 2020 - Politico
If signed into law by Brown, the early primary could dramatically alter the shape of the next presidential race, forcing primary candidates to compete in a state that has long languished as an afterthought in national elections.

California Taxi Cabs Will Face Fewer Regulations Under Bill Headed To The Governor
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Taxi cab drivers will need fewer permits to operate in California under a bill headed to Gov. Jerry Brown.The measure, Assembly Bill 10...

California Assembly Calls On Congress To Censure Trump - Politico
The resolution comes amid ongoing entanglements between California and the Trump administration over issues ranging from climate change to health care and immigration.

California Will Spend Big On Clean Vehicles Under Plan Approved By Lawmakers
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State lawmakers on Friday approved a $1.5-billion plan for spending cap-and-trade revenue, with most of the money going toward financia...

Brown Gets Bill Requiring Donor Names On Political Ads | The Sacramento Bee
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Final Day Capitol Roundup: Housing, 'sanctuary State', Campaign Finance Reform -
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Capital Public Radio, Inc.7055 Folsom BoulevardSacramento, CA 95826

California Assembly Votes To Support Censure Of Trump Over Comments On Charlottesville Violence
Mina Corpuz @
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Delta Tunnels Opponents Target Waterfix Money | The Sacramento Bee
Dale Kasler and Ryan Sabalow @
By Dale Kasler and Ryan Sabalow

Anti-trump Environmental Protection Proposal Fails To Advance In California Legislature
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A proposal to help California guard against rollbacks of federal regulations stalled early Saturday morning at the end of the state's l...

Turning Up The Pressure On A Gas Tax Repeal :: Fox&hounds

Taxpayers billed $1,092 for an officialâ

An invoice from the president’s Palm Beach property surfaces, showing that the government was charged for someone to spend the weekend.

Bill To Fast-track L.A. Olympics Projects, Clippers Arena Stalls
Liam Dillon @
A bill that would have sped up Olympics transit projects and a new Inglewood arena for the Los Angeles Clippers failed to make it out of a legislative committee Friday

Table for Three: Hillary Clinton and America Ferrera on Pain and Progress (and Hiking)

The former presidential candidate and the politically active actress discuss the hurt of the 2016 election and how they are both moving on.

House moves to block access to congressional records through FOIA
A motion to enter a lawsuit over proposals on health care reform has bipartisan backing.