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With the Senate health care bill vote now postponed after Arizona Senator John McCain's minor surgery on Friday, this week will largely be about cap-and-trade in California. A vote is still expected on the package tomorrow afternoon. There has been little response by legislators to the constitutional amendment ACA 1 introduced by Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley), although it's the target of interest groups on the right and the left.

The LAT's Melanie Mason and Liam Dillon give us a playbill as to what to look for in the cap-and-trade vote:

  • First, the legislative math
  • Republicans in the spotlight
  • Environmentalists are divided, while businesses are mostly on board — but what about farmers?
  • Housing pushes its way into the debate
  • What will ‘targeted’ lawmakers do?

Former state senator Dean Florez encourages the organizations on the left in particular to set aside their concerns, get something passed, and then work for aggressive regulatory actions. "This is our moment to further show the world and our most disadvantaged communites, we have the political clout to lock in a plan that will outlive this current Governor and extend to future generations."

The Legislature's month-long summer recess begins on Friday, so this could be a make-or-break week for cap-and-trade.

The delay could be costly to the prospect of Senator Mitch McConnell's health care proposal, as the delay means that the Congressional Budget Office score will have time to finish its analysis. This will identify the financial prospects and number of people of would likely lose coverage under the plan, which could identify that the plan is only incrementally better than the House-passed plan. Supporters of the Senate Republican plan had hoped to have a vote Tuesday before the CBO score was completed.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are shifting their focus this week to completing the twelve Appropriations bills, which would be combined into an omnibus spending bill to be passed before the month-long August recess that was supposed to start July 28. This week, Senator McConnell pushed it back until the third week of August. With the push-back of the health care votes, GOP leaders and other members fear that none of their main priorities--health care, tax reform, lifting the debt ceiling, and approving a conservative budget--will be tackled before the recess. Remember the original deadline for some of these was the July 4 recess.

Speaker Paul Ryan has stated that, if the Senate sends the House a health care bill, they'll stay in session too.

There's even talk of completely cancelling Congress's summer recess, leaving lots of spouses and children irate about the prospect of cancelled vacations.



ADVISOR SWAP: The LAT's Seema Mehta looks at the advisor flips between two candidates for governor, whereby Sean Clegg, who was deputy mayor to Antonio Villaraigosa is now a top advisor to rival Gavin Newsom. And, Eric Jaye was chief political strategist to Newsom, but now is now senior strategist to Villaraigosa. 

POTUS HOPES? Page Six's Emily Smith reports that California Senator Kamala Harris is spending this weekend with key Clinton advisors and other large party bundlers in the Hamptons. "A Democratic insider said, ­“Kamala is the big Democratic star right now, at a time when they badly need a star. She’s coming to the Hamptons to meet key people as she takes a national stage, and expands her influence and ambitions.”

OVERKILL OR KILLING IT? The OCR's Martin Wisckol reports on the glut of Democratic candidates in the Orange County congressional races and how that might lead to a lasting split that could make it more difficult for the parties "red to blue" hopes, or perhaps the opposite.

CA49 (Carlsbad): The LAT's Sarah D. Wire looks at just how big of a shift Darrell Issa has taken as he looks at reelection next year:

As chairman of the committee charged with overseeing the executive branch, Issa was once known as President Obama’s toughest critic. Now the richest man in Congress has found himself with protesters at his door, no committee to lead, and a tough race expected in 2018.

It has forced the nine-term congressman to walk a shaky line, reassuring his conservative base that he’s not moderating his positions while showing the growing number of independents and Democrats in his district that he’s not as partisan as people think.

THE BENCH: In the SDUT, Michael Smolens writes that, while San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is taking a pass on the governor's race in 2018, Republican leaders still see him as one of the most prominent up-and-comers as the party seeks to restore partisan balance in the Golden State.

SHRINKAGE: The LBPT's Ian Wheeler reports "Last year, the state reached a historic milestone: the lowest birth rate on record — 12.4 births per thousand people. That rate was 12.3 for Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties and a Southern California News Group analysis of state projections shows the region’s rate could fall another 24 percent by 2040."

WINE VS. WEED: The PD's Bill Swindell looks at the complex relationship between wine growers and marijuana growers:

Some of the most coveted wines in the United States emerge from the vineyards of California’s North Coast. But in the hills overlooking his Mendocino County winery, and just to the north in California’s famed Emerald Triangle, another thriving crop is pulling millions of dollars into the region: cannabis.

Increasingly, these two worlds are bumping into each other as the state’s newly legalized cannabis industry steps out from the shadows and begins to vie openly with California’s long-established wine industry for workers, water, land and customers.

The two industries find themselves facing a common question: Are they competitors or collaborators?



#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Andrew Anzalone and Shane Goldmacher!





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