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THE NOONER for June 25, 2015




As I wrote in June 10th's Nooner, I'm preparing to ramp up for the 2016 election season. As part of that, I'm working on much more robust election analysis on the district pages. Detailed analysis will be available for Nooner paid subscribers. I'm also raising the subscription price for new subscribers to $49.99 effective July 1 (exisiting paid subscribers can renew at $39.99 through December 31).

I still want to provide The Nooner free to those who want to read it but can't afford to support it, and I thank our great advertisers for allowing that. However, as the cost of subscribing to all of the newspapers to bring the news to you goes up, I need to have more subscription dough roll in.

Paid subscribers get:

  • Exclusive access to detailed election analysis on district pages.
  • 11:30 distribution of The NOONER, a.k.a. El ONCE Y MEDIA.
  • Downloadable spreadsheets of voter registration data, candidate lists and analysis.
  • Discounted registration for upcoming (to be scheduled) NOONER LIVE events. 

Get in before the price goes up!



BROWN, NOT BLUE (PENCIL): Jerry Brown signs $115.4 billion general fund budget [David Siders @ SacBee]

Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed the $115.4 billion general fund budget that he and lawmakers agreed to last week, issuing only a handful of line-item vetoes.

The total amount of spending vetoed, $1.3 million, was the lowest for a California budget since 1982, when Brown was governor before and vetoed nothing.

Full enacted budget summary

AAPC: The American Association of Political Consultants Conference at the Sheraton Grand Tuesday-Wednesday was a huge success, and the organizers are to be credited. You can get a sense of the discussions and see crowd-taken photos by searching for the Twitter hashtag #aapcsac.

THE VAX: Today's floor session feature was SB 277, the vaccination bill. The bill passed on a vote of 46-30, and now returns to the Senate for a concurrence vote.

SCOTUS WITH THE MOSTUS: No decision on congressional redistricting commissions or same-sex marriage today, but the Court did uphold the Fourth District Court of Appeals in a 6-3 ruling that the drafting screw-up does not preempt the federal government to provide subsidies in the national exchange to individuals in state's that rejected the concept of creating a state exchange. Chief Justice Roberts wrote the decision, in which Kennedy and the four liberals joined. Scalia pulls out his inner-most Scalia, writing in a dissent "We should start calling this law SCOTUScare."

The five remaining decisions are expected tomorrow and/or Monday. 

Aside from a desire for a ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, proponents would like to see the decision come down tomorrow, which is the twelfth anniversary of the Court's ruling in Lawrence v. Texas, the landmark case that held unconstitutional laws that prohibited same-sex acts between consenting adults.

CA46 (Santa Ana): Former State Senator Lou Correa (D) has filed a Statement of Candidacy with the FEC, presuming Loretta Sanchez stays in the U.S. Senate race. Also filing in the race is Pomona resident Heberto Sanchez (D), reminding us that you don't need to live in a congressional district to run for one.

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STREET LIFE: Four more initiatives were issued titles and summaries yesterday, bringing the number of initiatives eligible for circulation to 21. However, only a handful have actually "hit the streets," meaning that signature gatherers are actively getting voters to sign petitions. There's no such thing as a voluntary initiative campaign, even with the historically low qualification requirements because of the low number of votes for governor in November 2014.

So, those efforts with money behind them hire professional signature gathering firms, which in turn hire subcontractors that then hire "independent contractors"--people that are incented to stand in front of supermarkets to round up signatures. They are then paid for each signature they procure. Frequently, they'll carry multiple petitions, using the most popular one to attract a potential signer, and then asking for signatures on other measures after the first signature is obtained. 

In checking around, there appear to be four measures on the street right now--condoms for adult films, limiting price paid by state for prescription drugs, "No Blank Checks" requiring voter approval of revenue bonds, and a $9 billion school bond. (If you see others, let me know!)

It's a market economy, and reports are that campaigns are paying between $0.75 and $2.00 per signature. Easier to explain measures are generally cheaper. Prices go up as the signature deadline for a particular measure approaches. The more measures on the street, the higher the price. After all, you want those petition carriers to make yours their top priority.

And, it's a take it or leave it situation. There's not much negotiation. After all, the campaigns really aren't in control of the prices, but rather the subcontractors, and it is up to them to set a price that'll get folks off the couch to round up signatures. 

Campaigns also use other organizations, and set bounties for signature collection--or make "contributions"--for gathering by religious, ethnic, and political groups.

It's a messy process, but it's the only process that will work under the current constitutional requirements for the "citizens" to propose laws and go around the Legislature, a process that was created in 1911 to wrestle control of the Legislature from the control of the railroad barons.

HUNTINGTON BEACH SHARK! Rohrabacher accuses campaign treasurer of stealing $170,000 [Michael Finnegan @ LAT]

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) said Thursday that a former treasurer of his reelection committee had embezzled more than $170,000 from the campaign.

. . .

The alleged embezzlement came to light, according to [attorney Charles] Bell, when irregularities surfaced with the committee's credit card. The committee "discovered that rather than about $185,000 cash on hand, its account had $187 in late May 2015," Bell said.

LITTLE IN THE MIDDLE (SO HE'S GOT NO BACKING): Right & Left Squeeze Tax Reform Idea [Joel Fox @ Fox and Hounds] - "Like a vice pressuring from both sides, interests on the political right and left are trying to crush the idea of reforming the California tax code by taxing services. That makes the prospects for success daunting. Sen. Bob Hertzberg, who is leading the effort, should at least be given credit for recognizing that California is doomed to ride the revenue roller coaster under the current tax system. Spending that happily anticipates never ending good budget years accelerates that wild roller coaster ride – something the legislative majority is wont to do."

It is my exaggeration that Hugsberg's got "no" backing, but I couldn't resist...blame it on heat stroke.

RUNNING DRY: State water system stretched to limit, officials say [Dale Kasler @ SacBee] - "A plan to save endangered fish has pushed California’s fragile water system almost to the breaking point, putting additional strain on farmers while drawing down reservoirs at Folsom and Oroville to historically low levels."

DRAFT (AND TRADE?): Today is the NBA draft, and the Kings have the 6th pick. The big question is not who the Kings pick, but rather whether DeMarcus Cousins will still be a King at the end of the day and, if not, what the Kings get for him.

#CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to former Senator Sam Blakeslee, retired education lobbyist Jonathan Brown, Assemblymember Mike Gipson , and consultant Larry Kaplan





  • GLORIA MOLINA -- the first Latina elected to the Assembly, LA City Council, and Board of Supervisors -- discusses her trailblazing career in this exclusive interview:
    California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee is seeking a Manager to assist with expanding the business and programs of its for-profit video production studio, FireStar Studios. The Manager will oversee the daily operations of the Studio, manage production and administrative staff, identify and market new business and oversee client estimates, billings and cash flow.

    Qualifications: bachelor's degree; outstanding written and oral communication and organizational skills; creativity and ability to positively lead under tight deadlines.  To learn more about the position visit our website at

  • Harbage Consulting, a health policy consulting firm with expertise in public programs and delivery system reform, is seeking a Communiations Coordinator for its Sacramento office. [more info]
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America is looking for a Special Events Lead Coordinator to work out of the San Francisco office.  This position is responsible for the logistics and fundraising support for a suite of high-profile special events in California and possibly in other states. Someone with an eye for details, highly organized and super fun would be a great match.Please click Special Events Coordinator for the full job description and applications can be sent to
  • Please join Capitol Network for our 2nd Annual Chiefs of Staff luncheon. June 26, from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM at CalChamber, 1215 K Street, Suite 1400. This event is open only to Capitol Network members. Register here. Become a member here.
  • The Center for Responsible Lending has an opening for a Policy and Government Affairs Associate/Counsel in Oakland, CA.  The associate will work with stakeholders in California and other Western states to develop and advance strategies for legislative and regulatory reform at the state level to prevent predatory lending practices.   If you would like to know more about this opportunity, please visit  If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter describing why you are a fit for this position to




Gov. Jerry Brown Signs New $167.6-billion State Budget
Chris Megarian @
Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed a new $167.6-billion budget that expands child care, boosts funding on public schools and opens the state's public healthcare program to immigrant children who are in the country illegally.

Senator Janet Nguyen and Senate Republican Caucus Members call on Governor Brown to return $331 Million to Homeowners
Senator Janet Nguyen and members of the Senate Republican Caucus are calling on Governor Jerry Brown to return $331 million of mortgage settlement funds that were inappropriately spent by the State of California in 2012 to pay down the debt. The funds, which were paid by five of the country's largest banks as part of a settlement for mortgage service improprieties, were used to bridge the state's budget shortfall instead of going to help distressed homeowners.

Supreme Court Rules For Obama In Healthcare Law Challenge
In a major victory for President Obama , the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the broad reach of his healthcare law , ruling the government may continue to provide tax subsidies for low- and middle-income people who buy insurance nationwide, even in states that did not create an official insurance exchange of their own.

Campaigning Intensifies Ahead Of Assembly Vote On Vaccination Bill | 89.3 Kpcc
Southern California Public Radio @
The state Assembly is expected to vote Thursday on SB 277, the controversial bill that would require all children to be vaccinated in order to attend daycare or school. The bill would eliminate the personal belief and religious exemptions to vaccination, while maintaining the medical exemption.

Garcetti, Villaraigosa And Newsom, Eyeing 2018, Lay Out Visions For California
On a recent day filled with earnest discussions about mayoral policy matters, three politicians sketched out appeals that could become very familiar in future California elections.

Court Support Of Ag On Initiative Is Understandable :: Fox&hounds
No one should overreact in defense of the initiative process to the court decision allowing the Attorney General to throw out an initiative that is reprehensible and clearly unconstitutional, but we must be sure that the decision is not a step in expanding the power of any official to determine if an initiative is or is not constitutional.

Jerry Brown Signs $115.4 Billion General Fund Budget | The Sacramento Bee
David Siders @
$1.3 million in line-item vetoes lowest since 1982

Sen. Cannella Testifies at State Water Board Public Workshop to Address Potential Damages to Farmers
Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) today delivered the following testimony at the State Water Resources Control Board public workshop regarding the possibility of altering the

Governor Supports Tower Bridge Ownership Switch
Tony Bizjak @
Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday formally threw his weight behind a plan to turn Tower Bridge over to Sacramento and West Sacramento, but rejected a request from local representatives to authorize up to $15 million in state budget funds to help seal the deal.

Judge asked to OK new English-learners plan for SF schools
San Francisco school officials, parents and the federal government asked a judge Wednesday to approve a plan designed to upgrade English-language instruction for more than 16,000 students who need it, over one-fourth of the district’s enrollment of 57,000. The school district established its program for Multilingual Education in 1976, two years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that students classified as English learners were entitled to instruction that allowed them to overcome their language barriers and gain full access to education. [...] parents, who inherited a lawsuit originally filed in 1970, have complained that San Francisco has missed deadlines in the 2008 plan and failed to identify all English learners, offer them the services they need, and communicate with parents in languages they understand. A court filing signed by Ho, school district lawyers and the U.S. Justice Department, which monitors the program, said the district “has agreed to improve its identification, assessment, placement, instruction and reclassification” of English learners and to communicate better with their parents. The head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Vanita Gupta, said in a statement that the district’s proposed changes were “important strides toward promoting the success of every student from the moment the child enters the district.”

The Case Against Colorado's Pot Law
Zachary Bolitho @
As surely as presidential candidates promise to change Washington, nominees for attorney general pledge to uphold the law, not personal policy preferences. Loretta Lynch , now the 83rd attorney general of the United States, was no different when she made her case to Congress in January. Trying to distinguish herself from her lightning rod of a predecessor, Eric H. Holder Jr. , she said the law would be her "lodestar."

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says campaign treasurer embezzled $170,000, files criminal complaint
Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has filed a criminal complaint with the Orange County District Attorney and the California Attorney General against his former campaign treasurer, Jack Wu, claiming that more than $170,000 of campaign funds were embezzled from his account.

CSU Looks To Enroll 12,000 More Students Under Budget Signed By Gov. Jerry Brown
Josh Dulaney @
The CSU will be able to expand enrollment by 12,000 students after receiving a funding boost from Sacramento on Wednesday.

Family Leave Expansion Bills Spark Clashes | The Sacramento Bee
Dan Walters @
California has paid, unpaid leave programs

3d-printed Supercar A New Entry In 'green' Auto Manufacturing Race - The Orange County Register
When it comes to so-called green cars, the debate usually revolves around powertrains. But to Kevin Czinger, whether a car is powered with an internal combustion engine or an electric motor, a diesel engine or a hydrogen fuel cell, the method of propulsion matters less than the manufacturing process.

Family Leave Expansion Bills Spark Clashes
Dan Walters @
Two efforts to expand paid and unpaid “family leave” for California workers – a major cause for the Legislature’s Women’s Caucus – generated sharp clashes Wednesday among powerful interest groups, but both survived committee votes.

America Seeks Its Way In A New Economic World
Don Lee @
The long, acrimonious legislative battle that ended Wednesday in a vote giving President Obama the power needed to complete trade agreements reflects the steady march of globalization and the nation's deep fear that widening its economic engagement with the world will cost Americans jobs.

After permit denied, San Diego marijuana dispensary pressures church to move
John Hrabe @
Worshippers at Sarang Church of San Diego received an abrupt notice earlier this month. When the Korean church stood in the way of a marijuana dispensary's permit, the dispensary pressured the church to move.

Confederate Flag Represents South No More Than Mexico's Represents California
George Skelton @
Imagine the outrage if they started flying the Mexican flag at California's state Capitol.

California Coal Divestment Bill Clears Committee Vote | Reuters
Rory Carroll @
Thomson Reuters is the world's largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information available on, video, mobile, and interactive television platforms. Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests.

Vaccine Mandate Bill Up For Vote Thursday In California Assembly
Patrick McGreevy @
In a major test for a controversial proposal, the state Assembly is scheduled Thursday to take up a bill that would eliminate the ability of parents to exempt their children from vaccination requirements based on their personal beliefs.