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THE NOONER for July 15, 2013

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  • AD68 (Tustin) added former Anaheim councilmember Harry Sidhu (R)

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TWEET DU JOUR: @michaelmarios "FLASH: @Calpers has now met its 7.5% benchmark 3 out of last 6 years. Or missed 3 out of 6, depending on how you look at it"

It has not been a good weekend for California Democrats. However, if there's a time to air the laundry, the sleepy month of July was made for meltdowns.

Filner refuses to resign, plot thickens [Craig Gustafson @ UTSD] - "Many political insiders view [San Diego mayor Bob] Filner’s resignation as an inevitability as several top Democrats and Republicans have called on him to resign for the good for the city and the party although Filner has given no indication he plans to step down."

By the time today's Nooner hits your mailbox, the accusations against Filner are expected to aired in a press conference, scheduled for 11am.

A female Democrat legislator texted me this weekend, suggesting I should refer to him as Mayor Feel-n-her. And, another asked why his staff has to go to additional sexual harassment training. They're not accused of anything. Again, be nice to people on the way up, as you'll need them on the way down.  Filner's ex-fiancee piled on this morning, and I would bet he won't last the week.

In the 707, "Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of prowling and burglarizing a woman's house in Santa Rosa, police said." Carillo is a candidate to succeed Wes Chesbro in AD02.

"Officers who arrived on scene found Carrillo carrying a cell phone and clad in nothing more than underwear and socks, police said. He was detained and booked at Sonoma County Jail."

And, here in the People's Republc of Davis, Yolo County sheriff Ed Prieto is facing a second sexual harassment suit, with accusations that he traded promotions for oral sex. And, he tops a San Diego Union Tribune list today of 10 local government officials who have faced harassment claims and cost government lots of dough.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Gavin Newsom was a rising star — now he's lieutenant governor [Michael J. Mishak @ LAT]

...Jerry Brown is on a two-week vacay in Ireland and Germany.

PROP 8: Andy Pugno continues to find relevence, filing a petition Friday with the California Supremes to stop county clerks from those XXXXs and XYXYs marry. My county clerk, who's also the wife of my Civil Procedure professor, says "the battle is won."

HOLDOUT: California holds out against Obama's education vision [Evan Halper @ LAT]

WISHFUL THINKING: Oakland keeps spending on sports dream [Matier & Ross @ SFChron] - "After 16 months and $4.5 million in studies, Oakland officials’ dream of a “sports city” so far is just that — a dream — but a very expensive one."

LA-LA LAND: Onetime allies Cindy Montanez, Nury Martinez fight for CD6 seat [Dakota Smith @ LADN]

CALDERATTI: For the Calderons, politics and its money are the family business [Patrick McGreevy and Paige St. John @ LAT] - "The Calderons have flourished in the sometimes ruthless environs of the California Assembly and Senate, where four family members have served in the carpeted chambers: brothers Charles, Ronald and Tom, and Charles' son. They've cut reputations for raising campaign cash and reigning over the Legislature's powerful "juice committees," those overseeing banking, insurance and other industries that have the cash to bankroll political campaigns."

TRAFFIC: If you're thinking of taking the 5 in Los Angeles, uh, you better find alternative plans

ON THE TUBE: Congresswoman and former Assembly speaker Karen Bass kicked butt on This Week. 

Discussion between Kara and me yesterday: "Isn't it more accurate to say 'If it's Meet the Press, it's Sunday. Not 'If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press." After all, MTP is bumped sometimes because those East Coasters want to watch British golf or tennis or something.

DEADLINE: Today is the deadline for second quarter fundraising reports to the Federal Elections Commission.

MILESTONE: The best media program ever, in my humble opinion, celebrated its 500th episode this weekend.

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: While I didn't expliciltly say it, Janet Napolitano is not Latina. Before and after her departure, there are no Latinos in the Obama administration.



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Stakes Are High In State, Federal Water Contract Negotiations
Matt Weiser @
Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to build two massive water diversion tunnels in the Delta has hogged the spotlight in the crowded theater of California water issues. But contract negotiations going on backstage could prove just as significant.

Americans Are Warming Again To Unions. Will The Relationship Last?
Christopher Matthews @
With the struggles in recent weeks over Obamacare implementation, immigration reform, and the debt ceiling, you would be forgiven for not noticing the fierce battle being fought in the United States Senate over an obscure federal agency called the National Labor Relations Board, which is tasked with enforcing federal labor law and protecting worker’s rights to collectively bargain. The Senate and the President have been locked in a multi-year battle to fully staff the agency with 5 commissioners, and if some sort of deal isn’t reached by late August, the NLRB will be incapable of reaching a quorum, rendering the agency unable to function.

Police Declare Unlawful Assembly In Hollywood; Make Arrests
Thomas Curwen and Andrew Blankstein @
About 80 protesters gathered in front of the CNN building in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard shortly after midnight Monday, chanting "No Justice, No Peace," as police declared an unlawful assembly.

Aspiring Immigrants Would Be Ranked Under U.S. Senate Points Plan
Local @
For decades, America judged most aspiring immigrants by who they knew, not what they knew. Family ties meant more than work experience or advanced degrees. But in the future, a new scorecard favoring workers whose résumés best fit the country's priorities could radically change who is able to settle in the United States. The U.S. Senate's immigration bill creates a ranking system that, beginning in 2018, would weigh many prospective immigrants on a 100-point scale measuring work experience, English fluency, education and other factors.

Battle Flares Over 38-year-old Medical Malpractice Law
Marc Lifsher @
Consumer advocates want to raise the cap on non-economic malpractice damages. Also: Limo safety is a priority in the Legislature; California's roads rank low.

Filner Refuses To Resign, Plot Thickens
Craig Gustafson @
The next step in the Mayor Bob Filner saga will be determined at 11 a.m. Monday when the three former political allies who first said he should resign based on unspecified sexual harassment allegations hold a news conference outside San Diego City Hall.

California holds out against Obama's education vision
Evan Halper @
The state has made a rare break with the administration, refusing to follow its lead on evaluating teachers, in a standoff that reflects a union's lasting influence.

Inside The Immigration Bill: Details, Bureaucracy And Pork
David Lightman and William Douglas, McClatchy Washington Bureau @
Inch your way through the Senate immigration bill and you’ll find special stuff for ski instructors, cruise line repairmen and Irish workers. You’ll see “committee’’ mentioned 152 times, and task forces cited 39 times.

Harry Reid continues push to approve nominees with 51 Senate votes
Philip Elliott @
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid is driving his chamber toward rule changes that would help President Barack Obama win confirmation for some of his nominees for posts overseeing workers' and consumers' rights. But the changes might strip future senators of their prized ability to delay action.

Editorial: Can Steinberg head off a Delta train wreck?
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is in a unique position to influence at least a partial resolution of the brewing battle over the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Calif. bill would require Saturday voting option
A California lawmaker wants to help boost election turnout by giving voters the chance to cast ballots on Saturdays.

Immigration Security Push Chafes Border Lawmakers
Kristina Peterson @
House Members Near Mexico Worry a Crackdown Will Alienate a Key Trading Partner

Murdoch backs Reid on immigration
Dylan Byers @
News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch has endorsed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's call for a congressional vote on the immigration reform bill, via Twitter.

California Is Facing More Woes In Prisons
Jennifer Medina @
Just six months after declaring “the prison crisis is over in California,” Gov. Jerry Brown is facing dire predictions about the future of the state’s prison system, one of the largest in the nation.

Sen. Roderick Wright Raises Almost $300,000 For His Legal Defense
Jean Merl @
The bulk of the funds collected by the senator comes from interests with business before the Legislature.

CalPERS, CalSTRS post double-digit annual gains
The nation's two largest public pension funds are reporting double-digit returns from rising stock and real estate prices.

Filibuster change needed to 'save the Senate,' Reid says
Michael A. Memoli @
WASHINGTON – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asserted his determination to end the use of the filibuster to block presidential appointments Monday, saying the change was needed to “save the Senate from becoming obsolete.”

For The Calderons, Politics And Its Money Are The Family Business
Patrick McGreevy and Paige St. John @
Four Calderon family members who have served in California's Capitol use their political muscle to help one another, hinder foes.

Dan Walters Daily
Amy Gebert @
Dan wonders why Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has been selected as the next president of the University of California system.

Senate Leaders Spar On Filibuster Threat
Michael A. Memoli @
With a possible showdown over the filibuster looming this week, the Senate's top Democrat said his move to limit Republicans ' ability to block presidential nominations would amount to only a "minimal" change to Senate rules, while his GOP counterpart called for Democrats to "pull back from the brink."

Tax reform challenge: The big breaks
Brian Faler @
Lawmakers looking to overhaul the tax code will find it tough to enact major cuts.

Courting Jewish Voters, Weiner Faces a Challenge
Anthony D. Weiner would be an appealing candidate for mayor among Orthodox Jews, but his sexual conduct on Twitter and his interfaith marriage may stand in his way.