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THE NOONER for May 24, 2013

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DISTRICT CHANGES [all candidates in spreadsheet (paid subscribers only)]

  • CD41 (Riverside): Added Steve Adams - Councilmember, Riverside


I'm off to Redding to give a commencement speech tonight, so we'll have a quickie Nooner today. The suspense is ending today in Assembly Appropriations, meaning it is a per diem Friday with real work happening. Hear that Citizens Compensation Commission?

On the Twitter list from yesterday, the realm of those accounts surveyed were those on the politics list maintained by @CapitolAlert and @JohnMyers. I'm aware folks were left off and I'm guessing will be added by the time we do a top twits list again.


On Wednesday, following the win of Andy Vidak (R) over Leticia Perez (D), I implied that the seat would be the number one target for Democrats next year. On further reflection and after lots of discussion with folks, I'd like to hedge that comment. It's too early to make that prediction.

In fact, Perez might not even run for the new SD14, as the DCCC wooes her to run against David Valadao in CD21. And, while the electorate in SD14 will be better for Dems in 2014 than in this year's SD16 special, the new district also swings about five points toward Republicans. Thus, unless there is a large Democratic tide that would be very surprising, it will be a hard year to knock off Vidak.

Again, we're talking about the need the Democrats have to win at least one of three Senate seats next year--one currently held by Democrats, and two that will now be Republican defense plays.

The other two are the new SD12, which stretches from Salinas to Modesto, and down the 5 and 99 to Coalinga and Selma. The seat is currently held by Anthony Cannella (R), who won the seat previously held by Jeff Denham as a far more Republican district. Jerry Brown beat Meg Whitman in the seat in 2010, although fell under 50% at 49.3%. Brown had a 10-point margin at 50.8% in SD14. Running against Cannella is Tom Hallinan, a trustee of the Yosemite Community College District.

However, the Republicans will be unified behind their candidates in these two seats, and down-ballot Republicans frequently perform better in the Central Valley than those leading the ticket.

Then we have Orange County, which is not a place known for GOP unity. Lou Correa's SD34 on its face is a lost cause for Democrats. Brown polled only 43% in the district to Whitman's 48%. However, the district that stretches from Santa Ana to Seal Beach has deep divides within the Republican Party and pockets of low-participation Democratic (registered or potential) voters, particularly in off years.

It is that reason former Assemblymember Jose Solorio will make to get the top investment from the Democratic caucus, despite the district's sketchy numbers. The other reason is that he has $302,500 on hand, or at least did as of December 31. Meanwhile, there are four potentially strong GOP candidates--Janet Nguyen, Long Pham, Jim Silva, Van Tran--who may or not make the run. Nguyen is the best fundraiser in the mix, although that has attracted FBI attention for possible connections to county contracts.

At the end of the day, Democrats and their allies will have enough money to play in all three districts and, like we saw last year, shift money at the end for what looks to be the best play(s). Whether that is SD12, SD 14, or SD34, we won't know until next fall.



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Assembly Passes Several Election-Related Bills
Laura Olson @
Immigrants who are not U.S. citizens could serve as poll workers in California under one of several election-related bills that passed the state Assembly on Thursday.

Number Of Bills On Assembly Suspense File Vary For Lawmakers
Melody Gutierrez @
Assembly Democrat Tom Ammiano of San Francisco leads the pack of lawmakers with a slew of bills to be heard Friday on the suspense file in the Assembly Appropriation Committee. The Assembly has 328 bills on the suspense file, which will be taken up after the lower house meets in the morning.

$10 Billion In Debt Not On Jerry Brown's Wall
Dan Walters @
When Gov. Jerry Brown talks about reducing the state's "wall of debt," he carefully limits it to about $30 billion in budget deficits, mostly money owed to schools and community colleges.

City Council Approves Final Villaraigosa Budget Of $7.7 Billion
David Zahniser @
The L.A. City Council unanimously approved Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's final budget.

Taxes Stall In Senate Committee; Gun Control Bills Move Forward
Ben Adler @
More than 250 California State Senate bills lived or died in mere seconds Thursday as the chamber’s Appropriations Committee churned through items big and small.

Dan Walters: $10 billion in debt not on Jerry Brown's wall
When Gov. Jerry Brown talks about reducing the state's "wall of debt," he carefully limits it to about $30 billion in budget deficits, mostly money owed to schools and community colleges.

Senate Subcommittee Rejects CalHR Request For Tech Funding
Jon Ortiz @
A California Senate budget subcommittee delivered a setback to a planned upgrade for the state's job website today by rejecting a proposal to fund it.

Brown Administration Says Prison Complaints Are Blame-shifting
Paige St. John @
Gov. Jerry Brown 's administration disputes complaints that the governor's vocal legal challenges to orders to improve prison conditions has brought progress to a halt.

Lawmakers Hold Their Breaths As Suspense Day Dawns
Timm Herdt @
Mike Gatto, D-Los Angeles, is chairman of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, and as such he will preside Friday over the panel's "Suspense Day," a legislative ritual in which he will pronounce the fate of 399 bills.

Poll: Most Back 'Path To Citizenship' Setting Up Tough Choice For GOP Lawmakers
Dan Balz and Jon Cohen @
Comprehensive immigration reform will now move to the Senate floor in June with solid overall support from the public. But a bare majority of Republican voters oppose a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants. Most of those against the idea say they won’t back congressional candidates who are supportive of the plan, highlighting conflicting pressures on GOP lawmakers as they consider the politics of their votes.

State rejects Oakland's redevelopment deals -- $32.5 million in refunds
Matthai Kuruvila @
In the waning months of local redevelopment agencies in 2011, Oakland sold an array of buildings to its own Redevelopment Agency to shield tens of millions of dollars. In the end it didn’t work, but it did buy the city time.

Lawmaker Has Solution To Low Voter Turnout In Los Angeles
Patrick McGreevy @
A state lawmaker wants to consolidate Los Angeles city elections with the presidential election, to boost voter turnout.

Tax bills fail to advance out of California Senate committee
Measures aimed at creating new taxes on Californians were held by the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday, making it extremely unlikely that the taxes on cigarettes, soda, strip clubs, plastic bags or oil extraction will become law this year.

Dan Walters Daily
Jeremy B. White @
Threatening to take away California lawmakers' salaries helps, Dan explains.

Business Should Act On Tax Referendum Before Its Too Late
Joel Fox @
Last week’s Los Angeles Times article by Patrick McGreevey titled, Lawmakers Test Brown’s No-Tax Resolve with Calls to Hike Levies, should focus the business community’s attention on considering a proposal I have suggested on this site before – an initiative constitutional amendment to allow for referendums on tax measures.

California Senate Panel Hits The Brakes On Oil, Soda Taxes
Patrick McGreevy @
Bills proposing new taxes on oil and soda in California were shelved for the year by a state Senate panel on Thursday, but the measures' authors say they plan to pursue approval of them in January.

Fremont officials say strong budget figures show city is emerging from 'Great Recession'
Chris De Benedetti @
Fremont is projecting a stronger, balanced budget for fiscal year 2013-14 because of a low unemployment rate and increases in sales and property tax revenue, officials said Tuesday in a presentation to the City Council.

Jerry Brown: News media ignoring climate change
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown complained bitterly this morning that the news media ignores climate change, in a speech attended by more than a dozen photographers and reporters.

L.A. City Council OKs Villaraigosa's final, $7.7-billion budget
David Zahniser @
The City Council approves Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's last budget and sets the stage for many workers to get 5.5% raises.

L.A. Mayor: Villaraigosa, Garcetti Promise 'seamless Transition'
Maeve Reston @
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa began the formal transition of power to his successor, hosting Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti for breakfast at Getty House.

UCR Medical School: Funding Heading To State Budget, Lawmakers Say
The line item for the funding passed an Assembly's Budget Subcommittee late Wednesday, May 22, and a Senate Budget Subcommittee on Thursday morning, according to a press release issued Thursday afternoon by state Sen. Richard Roth and Assemblyman Jose Medina, both D-Riverside.

Immigrant health care bills stump House group
Lisa Mascaro @
WASHINGTON--Differences over whether immigrants should be deported for failing to have health insurance or pay their healthcare bills have stalled a bipartisan group of House lawmakers, who blew past a self-imposed Thursday deadline as they press forward on a sweeping immigration overhaul.

Apple's Irish Tax Deal Has Been Sweet From The Start
Poornima Gupta and Padraic Halpin @
Apple has operated almost tax-free in Ireland since 1980, welcomed by a government keen to bring jobs to what was then one of Europes poorest countries, former company executives and Irish officials have said.

As Legislators Debate Adult Ed Proposal, Oakland Reinstates Its Program
Susan Frey @
The Oakland school board has called off plans to shutter its adult education programs, voting Wednesday to fund the programs for at least one more year.