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THE NOONER for November 5, 2012

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ELECTION NIGHT RESULTS: Bookmark for a single page of all California results beginning at 8pm tomorrow night. Results will also be posted live on the AroundTheCapitol district pages.

Here is the list of all voter registration changes by district since May. Statewide:

  • Dems: +523,501 (+7%)
  • Reps: +170,116 (+3.3%) 


Generally, I don't like to keep races as "swing" or "toss-up" down the stretch. With fundraising, independent spending, voter registration, and vote-by-mail returns, we have enough indicators to generally be able to say that one side has momentum. Thus, this is what I see the day before the election on this year's battleground races.


  • CD03 (Garamendi v. Vann) - Safe Democrat
  • CD07 (Bera v. Lungren) - Toss-up/Leaning Democrat
  • CD09 (Gill v. McNerney) - Toss-up/Leaning Democrat
  • CD10 (Denham v. Hernandez) - Toss-up/Leaning Republican
  • CD16 (Costa v. Whelan) - Likely Democrat
  • CD21 (Hernandez v. Valadao) - Likely Republican
  • CD24 (Capps v. Maldonado) - Leans Democrat
  • CD26 (Brownley v. Strickland) - Toss-up/Leaning Democrat
  • CD36 (Bono Mack v. Ruiz) - Toss-up/Leaning Republican
  • CD41 (Takano v. Tavaglione) - Leans Democrat
  • CD52 (Bilbray v. Peters) - Toss-up/Leaning Republican

State Senate:

  • SD05 (Berryhill v. Galgiani) - Leaning Democrat
  • SD27 (Pavley v. Zink) - Leaning Democrat
  • SD31 (Miller v. Roth) - Leaning Republican
  • SD39 (Block v. Plescia) - Likely Democrat

State Assembly:

  • AD08 (Cooley v. Tateishi) - Leaning Democrat
  • AD21 (Gray v. Mobley) - Leaning Democrat
  • AD32 (Rios v. Salas) - Leaning Democrat
  • AD40 (Morell v. Warner) - Likely Republican
  • AD49 (Chau v. Lin) - Likely Democrat
  • AD61 (Batey v. Medina) - Leaning Democrat
  • AD66 (Huey v. Muratsuchi) - Pure toss-up

If all prove true, here would be the make-up of the delegations:

  • Congress (currently 34 Democrats, 18 Republicans): Dems pick up two net seats (lose "Cardoza's" CD21, pick up Lungren's CD07, Takano's CD41, and Gallegly's CD26) for 36 and 17 Republicans. Bera/Lungren could be very close, and it was difficult to give that a lean rating at all. I join Larry Sabato in putting it as a lean Democrat, mostly because of VBM/registration.
  • State Senate (currently 25 Democrats, 15 Republicans): Dems pick up net 3 seats (with Blakeslee's SD17) for 28 Democrats, 12 Republicans).
  • State Assembly (currently 52 Democrats, 28 Republicans): Dems likely to pick up 2 seats (Valadao's AD32 and Miller's AD61) for 53 Democrats, 27 Republicans). If Muratsuchi wins AD66, Dems get two-thirds in the lower house--something most of us have considered unlikely this year.  

Democrats are in a very good mood about the state Legislature, but will be disappointed with the House of Representatives results. It's clear that Nancy Pelosi will not gain 25 seats to get the gavel back, and there is a real possibility that the Democratic caucus will be smaller in January. In California, it's very likely that what could have been a 7-seat pick-up will only net two seats. Of course, a swing of a thousand votes each in CD10, CD36, and CD52 could increase the take from two to five.

That's it. In looking at 153 races, I'm certainly wrong on a few. This is a status quo election, with the changes mostly consequence of redistricting and registration gains. The toss-ups are all close, and very easily can be moved to one side or the other depending on turnout. 

It's time to let the voters decide. Before we do that, let's look at what our 400 contest participants said . . . below the jump.



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THE WISDOM OF THE CROWD:  Below are the majority (plurality for some ballot measures) selections in The Nooner election contest, which had 400 participants. My picks appear next to the majority/plurality picks, and I've put them in red where they are different than the overall picks. I reiterate that these are not my choices as to who I believe is the best candidate, but rather who will win. In fact, I've given money to some candidates I see as underdogs because of friendships and community college connections.

While I can't release the names of who participated (except the Top 25's username that they chose will be posted), I can tell you that it was an impressive and bipartisan group of California policy and political leaders.

I hope to have the scores tabulated by Thursday, of course depending on whether we have any dangling undecided races.

Proposition 30 (Gov Brown's taxes): 50-55% (44.2% of participants) (Scott's pick: 50-55%)

Proposition 32 (Political contributions): 40-45% (37.2%) (Scott's pick: 35-40%)

Proposition 36 (Three Strikes): 55-60% (30.1%) (Scott's pick: 55-60%)

Proposition 37 (Genetically engineered food): 45-50% (31.9%) (Scott's pick: 45-50%)

Proposition 38 (Molly Munger education tax): 35-40% (36.5%) (Scott's pick: 35-40%)

Proposition 39 (Single sales factor/clean energy tax): 50-55% (28.2%) (Scott's pick: 50-55%)

CD03: Garamendi over Mann (96.3%) (Scott's pick: Garamendi)

CD07: Bera over Lungren (50.4%) (Scott's pick: Bera)

CD08: Cook over Imus (80.5%) (Scott's pick: Cook)

CD09: McNerney over Gill (91.8%) (Scott's pick: McNerney)

CD10: Denham over Hernandez (57.0%) (Scott's pick: Denham)

CD15: Stark over Swalwell (58.4%) (Scott's pick: Swalwell)

CD16: Costa over Whelan (95.4%) (Scott's pick: Costa)

CD21: Hernandez over Valadao (60.0%) (Scott's pick: Valadao)

CD24: Capps over Maldonado (73.2%) (Scott's pick: Capps)

CD26: Brownley over Strickland (65.1%) (Scott's pick: Brownley)

CD30: Sherman over Berman (64.3%) (Scott's pick: Sherman)

CD31: Miller over Dutton (82.9%) (Scott's pick: Miller)

CD35: Baca over McLeod (74.4%) (Scott's pick: Baca)

CD36: Bono Mack over Ruiz (74.4%) (Scott's pick: Bono Mack)

CD39: Royce over Chen (91.5%) (Scott's pick: Royce)

CD41: Takano over Tavaglione (62.5%) (Scott's pick: Takano)

CD47: Lowenthal over DeLong (94.1%) (Scott's pick: Lowenthal)

CD52: Bilbray over Peters (87.2%) (Scott's pick: Bilbray)

SD05: Galgiani over Berryhill (65.8%) (Scott's pick: Galgiani)

SD27: Pavley over Zink (90.6%) (Scott's pick: Pavley)

SD31: Miller over Roth (57.9%) (Scott's pick: Miller)

AD01: Dahle over Bosetti (59.6%) (Scott's pick: Bosetti)

AD05: Bigelow over Oller (61.2%) (Scott's pick: Bigelow)

AD06: Gaines over Pugno (83.7%) (Scott's pick: Gaines)

AD08: Cooley over Tateishi (88.3%) (Scott's pick: Cooley)

AD10: Allen over Levine (76.7%) (Scott's pick: Allen)

AD18: Bonta over Guillen (78.1%) (Scott's pick: Bonta)

AD19: Ting over Breyer (80.7%) (Scott's pick: Ting)

AD20: Quirk over Ong (70.7%) (Scott's pick: Quirk)

AD21: Gray over Mobley (88.8%) (Scott's pick: Gray)

AD23: Whalen over Patterson (68.8%) (Scott's pick: Whalen)

AD28: Fong over Walsh (95.1%) (Scott's pick: Fong)

AD32: Salas over Rios (93.1%) (Scott's pick: Salas)

AD39: Alarcon over Bocanegra (52.4%) (Scott's pick: Bocanegra)

AD40: Morrell over Warner (76.0%) (Scott's pick: Morell)

AD47: Baca, Jr. over Brown (73.4%) (Scott's pick: Baca, Jr.)

AD49: Chau over Lin (87.2%) (Scott's pick: Chau)

AD50: Butler over Bloom (64.0%) (Scott's pick: Bloom)

AD51: Gomez over Lopez (62.8%) (Scott's pick: Gomez)

AD61: Medina over Batey (73.4%) (Scott's pick: Medina)

AD65: Norby over Quirk-Silva (81.4%) (Scott's pick: Norby)

AD67: Melendez over Paule (60.8%) (Scott's pick: Melendez)

AD72: Edgar over Allen (80.5%) (Scott's pick: Edgar)

AD76: Chavez over Hodges (60.8%) (Scott's pick: Hodges)


WHAT HAPPENED??? While I had to back out, on Thursday Capitol Weekly will hold what I am sure will be a great post-mortem on the election.


$53 Million Given To State's House Races - Sfgate
More than 80 outside groups, including independent super PACs, are pouring money into the state in an effort to shape its 53-member delegation, the nation's largest, which now is composed of 34 Democrats and 19 Republicans. From Hayward to San Diego, more seats are in play than in at least a generation because of election reforms that have turned California from a cruise ship for incumbents to a minefield for both parties. Stark, who lives in Maryland and was seldom seen on the campaign trail after several stumbles this year, has sent out nasty mailers accusing Swalwell of affiliating with the Tea Party and attacking Social Security and Medicare. The National Republican Congressional Committee alone has invested $10 million in California House races, trying to maintain its foothold in the increasingly blue state, while Democrats say they can gain as many as a half-dozen seats, counting on riding the coattails of President Obama, who remains popular in the state. Lungren has gotten a lift from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the House Majority PAC, and Bera has help from several unions, physicians groups and environmental organizations. Daniel Scarpinato, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said the race is "tight as a tick," with voters in the district siding against Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman but for Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina two years ago.

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