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THE NOONER for August 27, 2012

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With five days left in the 2011-12 legislative session, there are lots of bills and bill ideas floating out there. Here are some of the hottest bills/ideas people are watching:

  • AB 298 (Brownley): Solid waste: single-use carryout bags. (Senate Appropriations)
  • AB 591 (Wieckowski): Oil and gas production: hydraulic fracturing. (Senate Appropriations)
  • AB 1313 (Allen): Overtime wages: agriculture employees. (Assembly Labor -- Concurrence)
  • AB 1500/AB 1501 (Perez): Single-sales factor/Middle-class scholarship (Assembly Concurrence)
  • AB 1616 (Gatto): Food safety: cottage food operations. (Senate Floor, must return to Assembly)
  • AB 2189 (Cedillo and Skinner): Vehicles: driver's licenses (Senate Floor, must return to Assembly)
  • AB 2346 (Butler): Agriculture employee safety: heat related illness. (Senate Floor, must return to Assembly)
  • AB 2408 (Skinner): Taxation: deductions: net-operating loss carry-back (Senate Floor, must return to Assembly - 2/3)
  • AB 2451 (Perez): Workers' compensation: firefighters. (Assembly Concurrence)
  • AB 2676 (Charles Calderon): Agriculture employees: safety. (Assembly Concurrence)
  • SB 568 (Lowenthal): Recycling: polysterene food containers. (Assembly Floor, must return to Senate)
  • SB 1172 (Lieu): Sexual orientation change efforts. (Assembly Floor, must return to Senate)
  • SB 1186 (Steiberg): Disability access (Assembly Floor, must report to Senate)
  • SB 1221 (Lieu): Mammals: Use of dogs to pursue bears and bobcats. (Senate Concurrence)


  • Pension reform
  • Workers comp
  • Healthy Families restoration

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THE PLAYING FIELD: Assembly Democrats sent out a release identifying the four districts that they are focused on this November, including two offense and two defense. They are:

  • AD08 (East Sac): Ken Cooley (D) v. Peter Tateishi (R) (currently D - Huber)
  • AD32 (Kings): Pedro Rios (R) v. Rudy Salas (D) (currently R - Valadao)
  • AD61 (Riverside): Bill Batey (R) v. Jose Medina (D) (currently R - Miller)
  • AD66 (South Bay): Craig Huey (R) v. Al Muratsuchi (D) (currently D - Butler)

And, following up on the priorities, the Democratic Party moved $120,000 to Jose Medina on Friday and $150,000 to Rudy Salas on Saturday.

TALKING SMACK: @davidsiders - "Chris Christie calls @JerryBrownGov an 'old retread,' joking about his age and calling him no leader"

EYEBROW-RAISER: @ca08updates - "#CA08 Candidate & Assemblyman Paul Cook attended area AFL-CIO breakfast celebration in San Bernardino today. #cd08"

WOW: A chart you have to see.

SUNNY DAYS: Boom Town: Tech Jobs Have Tripled In San Francisco Since The Start Of 2012 [Colleen Taylor @ TechCrunch]


  • Romney - 47%
  • Obama - 46%

ON THE NEWSSTAND: The new Sacramento Magazine names California Medical Association CEO Dustin Corcoran as best dressed. And, yes, those cufflinks read "I MYSELF."



  • Measure Q - County Transient Occupancy Tax - increase from 6% to 10%
  • Measure R - City of Plymouth Transient Occupancy Tax - increase from 6% to 10%
  • Measure S - City of Plymouth Advisory Vote on Use of Transient Occupancy Tax
  • Measure T - City of Sutter Creek change to appointed City Clerk
  • Measure U - Renewal of County Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program


  • Measure E: Chico Unified School District Bond - $78 million (55% vote required)
  • Measure G: Gridley Unified School District Bond - $11 million (55% vote required)
  • Measure H: Butte County: Renewal of the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program
  • Measure J: City of Chico: Telephone Users' Tax (rate reduction and expansion)
  • Measure K: City of Chico: Resolution to Support Constitutional Amendment (against Citizens United
  • Measure L: City of Chico: Charter Amendment (appointment of city clerk)
  • Measure M: El Medio Fire Protection District Bond - $1 million (requires 66.7% vote)
  • Measure V: Yuba County Board of Education - reduction in number of board members from 7 to 5


Gov. Jerry Brown Lines Up Unusual Allies On His Tax Hike Initiative
Anthony York @
To gain business support for his initiative, Jerry Brown cast aside several ideas more popular with voters than his plan for temporary sales and income taxes.

State GOP Hopes For Convention Boost
Carla Marinucci @
As Tropical Storm Isaac bears down on their party's biggest election-year gathering, Republicans from solidly blue California are hunkered down but ready to nominate the man they hope will be a lifeline for their embattled state party: GOP presidential candidate, and California homeowner, Mitt Romney.

Fire, Police Unions Use Their Clout In California's Capitol
Dan Walters @
The police officers and firefighters we taxpayers employ to protect us are, sad to say, bullies in the political realm.

Poll: Weak Support For Ballot Propositions Meant To Fund Education
Beau Yarbrough @
The police officers and firefighters we taxpayers employ to protect us are, sad to say, bullies in the political realm.

State Democrats: Pension Changes Coming
Marisa Lagos @
Ten months after Gov. Jerry Brown proposed sweeping changes to public employee pensions, Democratic legislative leaders say they are finally poised to take action on the issue this week.

Most CA GOP legislators remain in Sacramento as RNC kicks off
Torey Van Oot @
As the Republican National Convention kicks off in Tampa, most GOP legislators can be found on the floor of their respective legislative chambers here in Sacramento instead of the floor of the Tampa Bay Times Forum, where former Gov. Mitt Romney will accept the Republican presidential nomination later this week.

California Legislature sets ambitious agenda in last week of session
Michael J. Mishak and Patrick McGreevy @
Lawmakers will consider changes in pension, workers' compensation and tax policy, likely setting the stage for the governor's campaign to raise taxes to close the deficit.

California Republicans Plan To Drown Out Any Ron Paul Uprising
David Siders @
California's delegation to the Republican National Convention was planning today to counteract any uprising by Ron Paul supporters on the convention floor, with officials preparing "delegate whips" to lead the effort.

Rick Orlov's Tipoff: Zev Yaroslavsky's Out Of The Running For L.A. Mayor, Now What About Rick Caruso?
Rick Orlov @
Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's decision to get out of politics and not run for mayor next year sent a jolt to all the candidates, but it was seen as particularly helpful to Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilman Eric Garcetti, who share a portion of Yaroslavsky's district and who also appeal to Valley and Jewish voters.

David Siders @
Meg Whitman, who never quite managed to connect with the California electorate in her 2010 gubernatorial run, shared this morning what she suggested is a truism of a good campaign: Hold town hall meetings, but starting two weeks before the election, stop taking questions.

Being From A Blue State Means Bus Time For California Republicans
David Siders @
California's delegation to the Republican National Convention arrived here over the weekend, settling into a beach resort one city and 30 miles from the convention hall.

Ex-SF College Official Tied To Political Scandal Hosts Fundraiser
Lance Williams @
A former City College of San Francisco official who pleaded guilty in a political fundraising scandal now is raising money for a City College trustee’s re-election campaign.

California Jail Overhaul Assessed After 6 Months
Kurtis Alexander @
The overhaul of California's criminal justice system last year was billed as a way to get more felons into treatment and out of the vicious cycle of crime, prison and more crime.

Los Angeles Colleges Resume $6-billion Campus Building Projects
Carla Rivera @
The Los Angeles Community College District had imposed a building moratorium to reform poor planning, questionable spending and other flaws found in the program.

Chris Christie disses Jerry Brown as 'an old retread'
Seema Mehta @
ST. PETE BEACH, Fla. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ripped California Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday, saying that the state’s voters should have elected Meg Whitman but instead went with a “retread” who is failing to lead.

Ex-college official tied to political scandal hosts fundraiser
A former City College of San Francisco official who pleaded guilty in a political fundraising scandal now is raising money for a City College trustee’s re-election campaign.

In Lake Tahoe A Cry For Regulatory Relief
George Skelton @
California needs to hear the same message about loosening environmental regulations to spur economic growth that Tahoe regulators are beginning to heed.

Former LA Mayor: Pension Reform Or "Disaster"
Ed Mendel @
A staff chart given to Los Angeles city council labor negotiators this month shows that city retirement costs nearly doubled in the last seven years, soaring to 18.6 percent of general fund revenue this fiscal year, $848 million.

Chris Christie calls Jerry Brown an 'old retread' and 'bad choice'
David Siders @
this morning, ripping into the Democratic governor in a speech to California's delegation to the Republican National Convention.

Hooters, barroom brawls and road rage in Florida U.S. Senate race
Paul West @
ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- With control of the U.S. Senate up for grabs in the November election, you’d think that big issues like the the country’s massive fiscal problems would be center stage in the relative handful of contests that will decide whether Republicans take away the Democrats’ majority.