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THE NOONER for July 17, 2012

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12. CD08 (Rep - SB High Desert) Paul Cook v. Gregg Imus

11. CD21 (Leans Rep - Kings) John Hernandez v. David Valadao

10. CD10 (Leans Rep - Modesto) Jeff Denham v. Jose Hernandez

9. CD35 (Dem - Ontario) Joe Baca v. Gloria McLeod 

8. CD07 (Leans Rep - East Sacto) Ami Bera v. Dan Lungren 

7. CD41 (Toss-up - Riverside) Mark Takano v. John Tavaglione 

6. CD31 (Rep - San Bernardino) Bob Dutton v. Gary Miller 

5. CD24 (Toss-up - Santa Barbara) Lois Capps v. Abel Maldonado

4. CD09 (Toss-up - San Joaquin) Ricky Gill v. Jerry McNerney 

3. CD26 (Toss-up - Ventura) Julia Brownley v. Tony Strickland 

2. CD52 (Leans Rep - San Diego) Brian Bilbray v. Scott Peters

1. CD30 (Dem - SF Valley) - Howard Berman v. Brad Sherman


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SIZE MATTERS: CalPERS turns in a 1% return on investments for the last year, losing the battle with little brother CalSTRS, which earned 1.8%. [John Myers @ News 10] Dan Walters writes "What happened to Pennsylvania could easily happen to California unless its politicians pull their heads out of the sand, or wherever they have them buried, and face an unpleasant reality."

NO MAS: Bill Lockyer seeks divorce from Nadia Davis, who then crashes her Mini into a light pole and tree, after which she managed to blame the divorce on him:

"My husband and I have differed on how to protect the family," she said. "I feel he has abandoned me and my child, and it's created an unsafe circumstance."

Also noteworthy from the story is that police said she hadn't been drinking although wasn't tested at the hospital after the crash, after police said she made an "unsafe turning movement."

Somewhere, Roger Hernandez is saying "no fair!" 

CD30: California: Brad Sherman Loans Himself $450,000 After Primary [Kyle Trygstad @ Roll Call] (apparent goal: keep cash on hand over $3m)

PROP 32 (PAYCHECK): Former State Senator Gloria Romero becomes most prominent Democrat to support. [Jon Ortiz @ SacBee]

SB BLUES: San Bernardino City Treasurer Warned Of Looming Financial Crisis In 2010 [Andrew Edwards @ SB Sun]

Contractors that perform projects for cities wonder how to ensure money is there and which cities are next.

The good news for San Berdoo, however, is that governments don't need decent credit to borrow in this environment.

OFF TO COLLEGE: Assemblymember Jose Solorio, who has committee for a 2014 State Senate, emailed supporters yesterday to declare his intent to run for the Rancho Santiago Community College District. It's unclear whether it's a layover or the bad luck of the draw in SD34 caused a change in plans.

QUACK: Foie Gras Goes Underground At California 'Duckeasies' [Alison Vekshin and James Nash @ Bloomberg]

"Like Building my own coffin:" The Bain Ad That Romney Should Fear Most [ABC News]

Former California Democratic Senate leader endorses Proposition 32
Jon Ortiz @
Former Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero today said she is endorsing Proposition 32, the November ballot measure that would change California's campaign finance law and limit unions ability to raise political cash.

Outsourcing Debate Moves From Presidential Campaigns To The Hill
Lisa Mascaro @
Not only is President Obama not apologizing for his campaign attacks on Mitt Romney's leadership at Bain Capital, but congressional Democrats are poised to provide reinforcement by voting later this week on legislation that would end tax breaks for outsourcing.

Jerry Brown's Tax Campaign Releases Online Ad, Its First
David Siders @
In its first online ad, Gov. Jerry Brown's campaign to raise taxes heaps praise on Brown for spending reductions he has enacted, while including a direct appeal by Brown for higher taxes.

Will California Go The Way Of Pennsylvania?
Dan Walters @
What happened to Pennsylvania could easily happen to California unless its politicians pull their heads out of the sand, or wherever they have them buried, and face an unpleasant reality.

GOP Drops State Senate Line Campaign; Mappers Still Need ‘yes’ Vote
By Lisa Vorderbrueggen Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 9:54 am in 2012 presidential election.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer Files For Divorce
Kevin Yamamura @
State Treasurer Bill Lockyer filed for divorce Friday, months after his wife's affair with a methamphetamine addict and her own substance abuse problems became public.

Sacramento Teachers Sue Over Layoff Policy
Melody Gutierrez @
Educators and advocacy groups across the state are eyeing a class-action lawsuit filed by dozens of laid-off Sacramento teachers who say their school district unlawfully deviated from strictly following seniority-based layoffs.

On Campaign Trail, Obama Highlights Health Care Law
Kathryn Smith @
President Barack Obama on Monday gave a strong defense of his health care law, weaving multiple mentions of health reform into answers at an Ohio town hall and saying he doesn’t mind the “Obamacare” label “because I really do care.”

AM Alert: California State University board talks cuts, pay raises
Laurel Rosenhall @
Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative - aka Proposition 30 - will be top of mind for California State University trustees as they gather for their board meeting today in Long Beach.

SD, unions to face-off at pension hearing
The state agency that tried unsuccessfully to keep San Diego’s pension overhaul off the ballot is now going to be the main arbiter on whether it is legal, a process under state law that has unions cheering and Republican city leaders fuming.

Opponents Accuse Proposition 33 Backers Of Breaking Campaign Law
Steven Harmon @
Proponents of auto-insurance measure grabbed online domains for No side, redirected readers to Yes side.

Marissa Mayer's Challenge As Yahoo CEO
James Temple and Benny Evangelista @
Google executive Marissa Mayer enters the revolving door that is the top slot at Yahoo on Tuesday, staking her sterling reputation on the long odds of turning around the struggling Internet pioneer.

California public pension fund earns only 1 percent
Judy Lin @
SACRAMENTO -- The nation's largest public pension fund reported a 1 percent return on its investments, a figure far short of projections that will likely add pressure on California's state and local governments to contribute more, officials said Monday.

Csu: Higher Fees, Fewer Students If Tax Hike Fails |

Ex-Redevelopment Agencies Hand Over More Money
Former redevelopment agencies in Riverside and San Bernardino counties handed over more than $30 million for schools and other local taxing entities in recent days, avoiding for now the prospect of stiff penalties by the state.

Former Gov. Gray Davis
Torey Van Oot @
Can centrist politicians survive and thrive in today's political climate?

Poll finds support for Obama's tax position
Mark Z. Barabak @
It's a long way from becoming policy, but President Obama's proposal to raise taxes on households making at least $250,000 a year seems to be a winning political position for now, at least.

CSU To Weigh Tough Budget Decisions
Kelly Puente @
Whether it's raising tuition or cutting enrollment for thousands of students, leaders in the California State University system will make tough decisions this year.

CalPERS earnings fall way short
Dale Kasler @
California's big public pension funds are continuing to swim in choppy investment waters, leaving the state and local governments gasping for air.

S.B. Bankruptcy: Fiscal Emergency Vote Delayed
San Bernardino city officials delayed a vote on whether to declare a fiscal emergency after an emotional hearing on Monday, July 16, where many residents and city employees urged leaders to seek an alternative to bankruptcy.

Largest public pension fund earns dismal 1 percent
JUDY LIN, Associated Press @
The nation's largest public pension fund reported a dismal 1 percent in earnings, a figure far short of projections that will likely add pressure on California's state and local governments to contribute more.

UCLA Mobile Clinic Project Benefits Both Sides Of The Clipboards
Erin Loury @
Mobile Clinic Project provides services to the homeless while also giving healthcare and social-work students invaluable experience.

Californians Work 204 Days To Pay For Government
Jan Norman @
Californians will work until July 22 to pay for all local, state and federal spending and regulations, according to Americans for Tax Reform Foundation, a Washington D.C. advocate of smaller government.

Congressional campaign accounts tight in Sacramento races
Hannah Madans @
Combatants in three closely-watched congressional races in the Sacramento region are starting the general election campaign with relatively even campaign bank accounts, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

CSU must choose tuition hike or enrollment cut
The Associated Press @
California State University is looking at either hiking tuition or slashing enrollment to make up for a $250 million loss of state money if voters do not approve Gov. Jerry Brown's tax measures in November.