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THE NOONER for February 28, 2012

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  • SD35 (Carson) - added teacher Charlotte Svolos (R)
  • AD39 (East San Fernando) - added Omar Cuevas (R)
  • AD71 (Temecula) - added John McLaughlin (R)
  • AD79 (East San Diego) - added Matt Mendoza (R)

The Capitol was treated to a fair amount of excitement yesterday, when protestors arguing that a white genocide is taking place in South Africa clashed with Occupy protestors, many apparently from the Occupy Oakland movement. Caught in the middle were the Capitol's CHP officers--one was left with a bloody chin and the other apparently the recipient of pepper spray.

BUDGET BLUES: The Legislative Analyst's Office came out yesterday with its latest revenue projections, in which the nonpartisan crew found the governor's January budget numbers a bit too rosy. Specifically, the LAO found the current year forecast is $2.965 billion too high and next year's $3.544 billion too high. The LAO's forecast assumes $2 billion from the Facebook IPO over the next 18 months, and assumes the governor's tax initiative is successful. The lower outlook is mostly do to significantly lower realized capital gains, in turn more sluggish growth in personal income tax revenues. 

The $6.5 billion in lower revenues does not necessarily create an equal sized budget hole, since lower general fund revenue numbers could result in a lower Proposition 98 school funding guarantee.

The report leads Dan Walters to call Jerry Brown's proposed budget a "pipe dream."

The developments certainly don't help the governor's effort to get the other tax measures off the ballot.


The Engineering & Utility Contractors Association is now UNITED CONTRACTORS.

California’s best union-affiliated contractors association just got better. Effective March 1, EUCA will become United Contractors. With more than four decades of service, United Contractors will maintain their position as the largest union-affiliated contractors association west of the Mississippi, continuing to provide the same tradition of excellence in industry representation and advocacy and leading the way for California’s union-affiliated contractors.

Contact: Emily Cohen, United Contractors Director of Government Relations at 925-855-7900 or Kevin Pedrotti, United Contractors Government Advocate at 916-441-3111.

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In a jab at Assemblymember Tim Donnelly, Assemblymember Norma Torres introduced AB 2182, which would prohibit someone who has been found guilty of unlawfully attempting to bring a firearm through airport security from returning to the airport at which the offense occured. Donnelly has been charged with two misdemeanor counts for a January 4 incident at the Ontario airport.

BULLY PULPIT: Lite Gov Gavin Newsom yesterday called for the resignation of Fish and Game Commission president Daniel Richards following an Idaho trip on which Richards shot a mountain lion and posed with the trophy. While hunting mountain lion in Idaho is legal, the practice has been banned in California since Ronald Reagan signed a temporary ban in 1972 (later made permanent by voters). Richards is a Schwarzenegger appointee whose term runs until next January.

USE IT WHILE YOU GOT IT: Senate Republicans showed muscle yesterday by staying together against the confirmation of CSU Board of Trustees chairman Herb Carter. Carter, appointed by Schwarzenegger in 2004, was criticized for voting in favor of the $400,000 salary of the new San Diego State University president amidst rising fees.

CD21: Roll Call's Kyle Trygstad reports that Blong Xiong is walking the halls in DC to help him decide whether to jump in the congressional race against David Valadao. Cruz Bustamante is also on the fence, with 10 days left before the filing deadline.

TWO JEWS, ONE DISTRICT: Politico looks a 5 member vs. member races, including California's own Berman-Sherman showdown.

BLINK: Watch the eyes on this candidate. Creepy.

That's it...after all, today's focus is the Wolverine State.


Jerry Brown's Budget Plan Looks Like A Pipe Dream
Dan Walters @
For the past two months, Gov. Jerry Brown has been selling the concept that were the Legislature to approve his proposed budget and voters to approve his tax increase, the state's fiscal house would be repaired. It's turning out to be more a pipe dream than a realistic plan.

Obama Asks Governors To Spare Education From State Budget Cuts
Anthony York @
President Obama urged the nation’s governors Monday to reject cuts to education as states across the country struggle to balance their books.

'There's a way bigger story than the sex tapes,' Nadia Lockyer's ex-lover says
Julia Prodis Sulek @
The man at the center of the drug-infused, sex-laced scandal that has rocked the political ambitions and marriage of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer and his wife, Nadia, strode into a San Jose courtroom this morning, his hair slick, his shirt untucked and told a reporter, 'There's a way bigger story than the sex tapes.'

Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's budget plan looks like a pipe dream
For the past two months, Gov. Jerry Brown has been selling the concept that were the Legislature to approve his proposed budget and voters to approve his tax increase, the state's fiscal house would be repaired.

Jerry Brown Presses Obama On Medi-cal, Meets With Labor
David Siders @
WASHINGTON - Gov. Jerry Brown continued to press President Barack Obama today for authorization to enact further cuts to Medi-Cal to help balance California's budget, even as the administration showed no sign of relenting and complained about the severity of state budget cuts in other areas.

Losing San Francisco Mayoral Candidate Spent $510 Per Vote
Lance Williams @
In losing to appointed incumbent Ed Lee, Ting spent an astonishing $510.45 per vote, according to data compiled by the CitiReport political website. Ting finished 12th, spending more than $500,000 to win 1,013 votes – and seemingly setting a record for spending the most money per vote in a major election in California.

Gov. Jerry Brown Still A Rock Star After All These Years
Anthony York @
The California governor visits the White House and raises money for his fall tax initiative. One aide to another governor gushes that Brown's 'kind of a rock star.'

2012 Elections: Adams Runs For Congress As Independent
Ben Goad @
Former GOP Assemblyman Anthony Adams, of Hesperia, announced plans Monday to run as an independent for California’s new 8th Congressional District.

Jerry Brown Advised Not To 'Talk Too Much' About Medi-cal
David Siders @
As he lobbied the Obama administration for four days for authorization to enact further cuts to Medi-Cal to help balance California's budget, Gov. Jerry Brown talked frequently about his frustration, the administration having recently turned down his request to charge co-payments for doctor visits, prescription drugs and other services.

California Economy On Track For Growth
Marc Lifsher @
California's post-recession economic recovery, though slower and more grueling that previously expected, now is on track for slow and steady growth over the next few years, says a forecast by the California legislative analyst's office.

Analyst: Tax revenue less than governor projects
JUDY LIN, Associated Press @
California's budget stands to get a boost from Facebook's initial public stock offering and Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative, if voters approve it later this year.

Tim Donnelly's Airport Gun Incident Sparks New Legislation
Jim Sanders @
Concerned that Assemblyman Tim Donnelly was cited and released after carrying a loaded firearm into an airport, a Southern California assemblywoman is proposing a new state law to require that such offenders be arrested and taken into custody.

California Water Project Won't Be Decided At Poll
Wyatt Buchanan @
Thirty years ago, Californians soundly rejected a proposal to build a canal to move water around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and deliver it to Central Valley farmers, Southern California residents and some...

Bailout Binging Bainster TV Ad
We at AmericanLP have created a new ad to spotlight Mitt Romney's hypocrisy on the issue of bailouts.

New Hampshire to Vote on Bill to Revoke Gay Marriage Law
Gov. John Lynch of New Hampshire, where same-sex marriages were approved in 2009, has promised to veto a repeal by lawmakers, but that may not be enough to keep the legislation intact.

Cal State Chairman Fails To Win Senate Confirmation
On politics in the Golden State

Brown's appointment of Carter to CSU board fails to win Senate confirmation
Patrick McGreevy and Carla Rivera @
Republicans objected that Herbert L. Carter, first appointed to the board in 2004, had participated last year in raising student fees by 12% while giving the president of the San Diego campus a $400,000 pay package.

America's Cup Organizers Drop Overhaul Of Piers
Rachel Gordon @
America's Cup organizers - facing financial risks and tight construction deadlines - have eliminated the heart of a proposed real estate deal with the city involving prime waterfront property. But both sides vowed...

California Sees Tax Pop From Facebook's IPO
Vauhini Vara @
California could reap a tax windfall of as much as $2.5 billion from Facebook Inc.'s initial public offering, a state analyst said Monday, in the first official forecast of the IPO's impact on the cash-strapped state.

Data Center: The hidden risk of increasing taxes on millionaires
A proposed ballot initiative to increase millionaires' income taxes by 3 to 5 percent would raise more money but could make California even more susceptible to the seesawing booms and busts in revenue that have recently bedeviled California budgets.

California Asks For Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Foreclosure Hiatus
Alejandro Lazo @
Atty. Gen.Kamala D. Harris, in a letter, asked the regulator of the government-controlled mortgage titans to halt foreclosures until the agency has completed a thorough, transparent analysis of whether principal reduction is in the best interests of struggling homeowners as well as taxpayers.

See what money Professional Engineers in California Government's PAC received and spent in 2011
Jon Ortiz @
Professional Engineers in California Government's political action committee took in $1.3 million in contributions last year and spent $534,000. Of that, about $468,000 went to political campaigns and causes, including a total $180,000 to the California Democratic Party. Blanning Baker & Baker Associates, the union's principal consulting firm, received $34,500 with consultants Aaron Read & Associates representing the PAC's third-largest expense, $17,500.

Gavin Newsom Asks Official Who Killed Puma To Quit
Peter Fimrite @
Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom joined a growing chorus of people Monday urging the president of the California Fish and Game Commission to resign over a photograph showing him gleefully lifting the dead body of a mountain lion....

Gov. Meets With Congressional Delegation, Still Hopeful On Medi-cal
Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday sounded still hopeful of gaining federal approval for more flexibility in administering the Medi-Cal health insurance program for the poor, even after having been rebuffed by the Obama administration. "There are possibilities that are being...

Analyst: Jerry Brown Too Optimistic on Revenues by $6.5 Billion
Kevin Yamamura @
Gov. Jerry Brown is counting on $6.5 billion too much through June 2013 even with a Facebook stock sale on the horizon, according to a new review by the state's fiscal analyst.