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THE NOONER for January 17, 2012

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  • CD01 (Northeast) - updated analysis
  • CD21 (Kings) - updated analysis
  • CD31 (San Bernardino) - updated analysis
  • AD01 (Northeast) - updated analysis
  • AD03 (Butte/Tehama/Yuba) - updated analysis
  • AD29 (Monterey) - removed Pacific Grove mayor Carmelita Garcia (D)
  • AD40 (Redlands) - added businessman Russ Warner (D) (moved from CD31)

TWEET DU JOUR: @michaelsherer - "BREAKING: @mikeallen tells Nancy Pelosi that he will change from Blackberry to iPhone. Wall Street: Short RIM. It's over."

RUNOFF: Today, Joe Buscaino is facing off against Warren Furutani in the runoff for Los Angeles City Council's Fifteenth District. If novice Buscaino pulls out the win, it will put Furutani in the difficult position of a run against Isadore Hall if he wants to a third and final term in the Assembly. 

I MUGSHOT THE SHERIFF: If you don't see the camera, maybe it doesn't exist! 


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PELOSI'S PREDICTION: "We'll probably pick up four seats" [in California]. [Interview with @mikeallen at Politico's Playbook breakfast.]

DEM SEAT, LACKING DEM: Following Michael Rubio's decision not to run, in CD21 (Kings), speculation for a Democratic candidate in the swing district has turned to Fresno City Councilmember Blong Xiong. While Xiong doesn't live in the district, his candidacy would receive national attention as he could be the first Hmong-American elected to Congress (and the second Southeast Asian, following Joseph Cao's one-term visit to Washington). [John Ellis @ Fresno Bee]

The seat is a near-majority Latino seat leaning Democratic (Brown +3.8, Obama +5.7) and Xiong showed he could win Latino votes in his city council win and re-election. However, it would be a formidable race against Assemblymember David Valadao (R), who lives in the district in Hanford.

SPEND IT IF YOU'VE GOT IT: Craig Huey reports giving himself $60,000, while Long Pham kicked in $90,000 of his own dough.

FREE POLITICAL ADVICE: Long Pham uses the occupation "Nuclear engineer" on his campaign finance filing. Considering events of the last year, I might suggest "Electrical engineer."

DAYLIGHT: Jerry Brown will give his State of the State to a joint session of the Legislature tomorrow at 10am. Just hope the speechwriters don't need Wikipedia for any last-minute edits.

RETIREMENT RESENTMENT: Some Republicans in the north state aren't happy with how the Wally Herger retirement announcement and annointment of Doug LaMalfa went down. [Ryan Sabalow @ Redding Record Searchlight]

SHIFT HAPPENS? Can California lead a shift in the politics and policy of immigration? [Peter Schrag @ The New Republic]

THE GRAB: If you got caught up in a Jersey Shore marathon this weekend, here's the Vernon Davis catch that enabled the Niners to beat the Saints. Or, even better, Catch I, II and III.

THE LINE: San Francisco -2.5 (o/u 42.5)

GOODBYE: Mourners including Jerry Brown, Tom Torlakson, Darrell Steinberg, and John Perez bid farewell to Marcello Calderon on Saturday in Montebello. [Brian Day @ Whittier Daily News]

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Jerry Brown Commits Typo, Forced To Re-file Tax Initiative
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown is taking a mulligan, tripped up by a typographical error and forced to re-file his ballot initiative to raise taxes.

Dispelling Jerry Brown's Taxing Agenda
Grover Norquist @
It'’s fitting that Jerry Brown paid a visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter during his stop by Universal Studios last month, because his new tax plan looks like it was crafted by a house elf who had a little too much butter beer.

Amid Criticism, CSU Tweaks List For Presidential Salary Comparisons
Responding to criticism from the Legislative Analyst’s Office and others, California State University officials have revised a proposed list of peer universities they plan to use to help set pay for campus executives.

California Lawmakers Take Another Crack At 'Single-payer' Health Care Bill
Jon Ortiz @
California's "Medicare for all" bill goes before a key Senate committee today, the latest chapter in a long-running battle between universal health insurance supporters and business.

Ron Paul In 2012 Mirrors Jerry Brown In 1992
Carla Marinucci @
Consider the presidential candidate who campaigns as a feisty contrarian, the "antipolitician" with "new vision" - a fiscal miser and freethinker who talks about ending big-money politics and shaking up his party, while...

Should California Have Second Thoughts On Common Core?
With new assessments scheduled for 2014-15, many districts and state education planners are becoming immersed in preparing for the Common Core State Standards in math and English language arts. California is one of 46 states to adopt them and has a lead role in one of two state consortia creating the new tests. Faced with potentially steep adoption costs and a conservative backlash to national standards, a few states may back out. California legislators, the State Board, and Gov. Brown have shown no intent of reversing course. Nonetheless, we thought we’d take the pulse again: Is moving ahead with Common Core adoption a wise move?

The Buzz: Sacramento premiere set for film on ballot war over same-sex marriage
Don't bother asking Sacramento political consultant Frank Schubert what he thinks of the movie "Question One – The Battle for Same-Sex Marriage in America." He hasn't seen it. And he has no plans to.

Gov. Jerry Brown To Hit The Road After State Of The State Speech
Chris Megerian @
Gov. Jerry Brown doesn't plan to waste any time selling his vision for California this year. Hours after his State of the State speech Wednesday morning in Sacramento, he's scheduled to be in Los Angeles to speak at City Hall. Then he'll be in a private meeting with teachers at Bret Harte Elementary School in Burbank. The governor plans to continue his tour the next day, stopping at a meeting of the Orange County Business Council in Irvine in the morning and then at the City Club of San Diego at noon.

Amazon May Bring A Distribution Center And 1,500 Jobs To The Central Valley
Dale Kasler @
When state officials ended their tax war with last fall, the giant Internet retailer promised to bring 10,000 jobs to California. Now Amazon is apparently ready to make good on that pledge, starting in western Stanislaus County.

Federal Government Would Require New Teacher Evaluation Systems In Thousands Of State Schools
Louis Freedberg @
In order to qualify for a waiver from some of the most onerous provisions of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law, California would have to introduce new teacher and principal evaluation systems linked to student test scores in thousands of California schools that receive federal Title 1 funds by the 2014-15 school year.

Amid criticism, CSU tweaks list for presidential salary comparisons
Responding to criticism from the Legislative Analyst’s Office and others, California State University officials have revised a proposed list of peer universities they plan to use to help set pay for campus executives.

With Bill, Washington State Shifts Its Views on Same-Sex Marriage
Some lawmakers who once opposed same-sex marriage are now sponsoring a bill that would make Washington the seventh state where same-sex couples are allowed to marry.

New Assembly Bill Goes After Parents Of Truant Teens
Lori Consalvo, Staff Writer @
Assembly Bill 177, which took effect on Jan. 1, expands the number of reasons for which parents or guardians can be ordered to take anti-gang parenting classes if their child is convicted of a crime.

Santorum accuses Romney of playing 'dirty politics'
Michael Finnegan @
Rick Santorum accused rival Mitt Romney today of running a “dirty politics” automatic-phone-call campaign in South Carolina to discredit him and mislead voters in the state’s fiercely contested Republican presidential primary on Saturday.

Gov. Walker's health care dilemma
Kate Nocera and Jason Millman @
It’s a political game of chicken Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker hopes he can win. Walker –- a tea party favorite who has changed his state’s bright blue health policy trajectory -- is the lone Republican governor keeping an Early Innovator grant awarded early last year under the health reform law.

Kaiser May Face Sympathy Strike By Nurses Union
The union representing Kaiser Permanente's nurses says thousands of its caregivers may walk off the job Jan. 31 in an echo of mass demonstrations at hospitals in September if labor talks between Kaiser and a sister union stall.

Homeless Make Up Growing Number Of California Welfare Recipients
Jason Song @
Over the last five years, the number of families on CalWorks without a permanent place to live has grown by 98%. That's nearly four times the growth of non-homeless families getting assistance.

The Caucus: Debate Fact Check: Romney on Tax Returns
Most presidential candidates have released their income tax rerturns, Politifact found.

Disgraced Journalist Stephen Glass Deserves A Second Chance
Dan Walters @
For what it's worth, this journalist sides with Glass in his efforts to become a lawyer, even though his fraudulent articles gave our profession a very black eye, confirming for many their low opinions about what we do. He's already paid a heavy price for his secular sins and deserves a chance to redeem himself.

Gov. Jerry Brown Urges Obama To Appoint New Housing Regulator
Joining California's congressional Democrats, Gov. Jerry Brown is calling on President Obama to appoint a new federal housing regulator, saying the acting director is "hindering California's economic recovery and harming state efforts to promote clean energy." In a letter to...

School Bus Rides May Get Longer For Some Students
Local @
Many school districts, particularly those in rural areas, are scrambling to figure out if they can continue bus routes after Gov. Jerry Brown’s midyear trigger cuts go into effect this month.