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THE NOONER for November 21, 2011

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  • AD59 - removed Jesus Andrade (D)
  • AD59 - added teacher Raul Claros (D)
  • AD79 - added former San Diego USD boardmember Shirley Weber (D)

THE DAVIS DRAMA: The usually sleepy university campus across the causeway from the Capitol became the center of global attention over the weekend following widely circulated videos of a police officer using pepper spray against protestors sitting on a sidewalk. A second, more poignant series of videos followed Saturday night when more than 300 students sat silently as Chancellor Linda Katehi walked to her car following a post-press conference standoff in what was called a "walk of shame."

Plenty has been written about the incident, and Katehi is expected to address a gathering of perhaps thousands on the quad today at 12pm. Obviously, since my bachelor's and law degrees are from UC Davis and I live a block from the ongoing Occupy Davis encampment, the story has particular resonance, but that's irrelevant for The Nooner. The question for us is, does this impact state politics and policy? Let's see how today goes and I may have something to say tomorrow. I welcome your thoughts to scott@scottlay.com.

Oh, but I do have one strong opinion--Congrats, Aggies, for another win over the Hornets in Saturday's Causeway Classic. 


Well, he spent all weekend drafting, rehearsing, and rejecting additional demands—he really is a writer. (Feel kinda sorry for the guy. Wait—is this what "Stockholm Syndrome" feels like?) Anyway, sounds to me like the stuff on his Facebook page is a better representation of who he really is—maybe you could use the "Contact" form to throw some spec work his way. Do me a favor and check it out.

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NOT SO FLATTERING: The Mary Hayashi mugshot is finally out.

EVEN LESS SO? The Merc News's Steven Harmon reviews the Hayashi story and gets a former staffer and members to talk while close friend and staffer Ross Warren speaks up for her. 

THINK LONG: As the era of six-month budgets seems to be here to stay, a handful of one-percenters are focused on a long-term proposal that they believe will put California back on the right track. The "Think Long" committee released its full report today, including a rewrite of the state's tax code. The proposal would lower the sales tax on goods, establish a sales tax on most services, lower corporate and personal income tax rates, and reduce the number of deductions allowable under the state's personal income tax code. The analysis projects that the changes would increase state revenues by $10 billion.

HAMMER TIME? Could MC Hammer make parachute pants a political platform?

MOVE OVER GROVER: The 60 Minutes profile of Americans for Tax Reform chief Grover Norquist caused one top California lobbyist to characterize him as "a typical bully with no doubt a very small penis. i wish him gallstones!"

ICYMI: Jim Sanders on the practice in the Assembly to use committee travel budgets for staffer trips.

BLISS: The Chronicle profiles the nuptials of Assemblymember Fiona Ma and State Senate candidate Jason Hodge.

THE INITIATIVE SUMMARY YOU NEED A BIO BOOK TO UNDERSTAND: "Costs from the establishment of due process and equal protection rights for zygotes, embryos and fetuses, potentially in the tens of millions of dollars annually."

THE MEME: One thing about the Davis incident--it has sparked creativity.

And, Turkey Week headlines:

Billionaires, Insiders Plan To Place $10-billion Tax Hike On 2012 California Ballot
Anthony York @
Acting as the Think Long Committee, they want to change the tax system to increase money for public schools and universities and for local governments.

The Buzz: Sacramento Fifth-graders Can't Drive, But They Can Run A Can Drive
Back in October, Assemblyman Roger Dickinson challenged his colleagues and other Capitol denizens to a duel of sorts: Could they collect more canned food for charity than a bunch of fifth-graders?

More Support For Teachers Than Unions
Sixty-two percent agreed with the statements that teachers unions had too much influence over policy, compared with 54 percent who said that for-profit organizations cared more about making money than improving education.

Brown Polishing His Tax Plan
George Skelton @
Gov. Jerry Brown is drafting a ballot initiative that would raise income taxes on the wealthy and hike sales taxes for everyone, insiders say.

'Appalled' By Police Force On Protesters, UC President Orders Urgent Review
A few flowers mark the location Sunday on the University of California, Davis, quad where campus police officers on Friday sprayed pepper spray on student protesters who refused to leave.

New Chair Of Campaign Finance Watchdog Draws Strong Reactions
Ann Ravel, Gov. Jerry Brown’s pick to lead the state Fair Political Practices Commission, has been on the job less than a year but is moving quickly and provoking strong reactions.

Californians Willing To Pay Higher Taxes For Better Schools
Teresa Watanabe @
Next I'm sure we'll all hear from Brown and his ilk that "THIS" time we'll be different, "THIS" time we'll provide better over-site if you all only approve more taxes.

Courts Weighs Scrapping Huge California Water Pact
SAN DIEGO -- A vanishing lake figures large in a court battle over how Southern California gets it water, a high-stakes dispute with consequences that could ripple throughout the western United States.

Sonoma County Rural Residents Decry State Fire Fee
Craig Harrison, president of the Bennett Valley Community Association, pays $170 a year parcel tax to support the Bennett Valley Fire Department. Harrison is against an additional $150 fire fee sought by Governor Jerry Brown to raise $50 million to offset state firefighting costs.

Shifting Prisoners To Counties Could Strain Local Services
California needs to pay attention to potential strains on county services as it implements Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to shift nonviolent criminals and parolees to counties, a RAND Corp. study says.

UC Officials To Review Nonviolent Protest Policies
Heather Knight @
Two UC Davis police officers involved in the pepper spraying of protesters who were peacefully sitting and linking arms were placed on paid administrative leave Sunday, university officials announced. Meanwhile, UC...

City Ponders How To Cut Receipts Tax - La Daily News
Rick Orlov, Daily News Staff Writer @
The tax, executives argue, is driving businesses into nearby communities that had no tax. City officials agree in theory, but could not figure how to plug the $425 million hole in the city budget that scrapping the tax would create.

PERS & STRS: Report Corporate Political Funds
The California State Teachers Retirement System adopted the policy early this month. The California Chamber of Commerce warned that public companies who report contributions might be at a competitive disadvantage to private firms who do not report.

David Gergen sees 'nasty' presidential race, praises Jerry Brown
David Siders @
It should make for entertaining TV in competitive states. But probably not in California, where Obama is so heavily favored that no Republican is expected to campaign seriously. "I think California is going to be spared most of the advertising," Gergen said.

Alameda County Commission Proposes Ballot Measure To Increase Sales Tax For Transportation
Local @
The money would be used to fix potholes, build trails and boost public transit.

UC Davis Police Defend Use Of Pepper Spray On Occupy Protesters
Shelby Grad @
UC Davis police officials said officers used pepper spray on Occupy protesters on campus Friday after the demonstrators had surrounded officers.

AM Alert: Catch up on Think Long's California tax overhaul
Micaela Massimino @
The Think Long Committee for California is rolling out a sweeping proposal for fixing the Golden State, and it includes overhauling the tax system.

Alameda County commission proposes ballot measure to increase sales tax for transportation
Denis Cuff @
November 2012 ballot measure sought to double sales tax to a one full

Californians Support Making Teachers' Reviews Public
Howard Blume @
Throw in the problems of our society: the recession/depression, increase in domestic violence and family problems resulting from families in survival, homelessness, hunger, pressure on teachers to be everything to a child, even a substitute parent, since there's often no one at home.

Letters to the Editor: UC Davis police, mental health, Sac city schools
As an alumnus of UC Davis, I was shocked and appalled by the outrageous display of police brutality against students who were practicing their constitutional right to peaceably assemble.

UC president vows to review police procedures at campuses
Larry Gordon and Abby Sewell @
Mark G. Yudof, the system president, orders an urgent review of use of force and security practices after two UC Davis officers use pepper spray on nonviolent student protesters.

Herb Wesson May Have To Quit Smoking
Rick Orlov @
The long-awaited ascension to power of Councilman Herb Wesson could be verified this week when the City Council votes whether to make him the next president, effective Jan. 2.