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THE NOONER for September 13, 2011

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Sorry about the lack of paragraph breaks for Yahoo e-mail users.  I may not fix it until after my vacation.  Meanwhile, read today's Nooner here.


  • CD35 - Moved Joe Baca from CD31 to CD35

$$$: Mimi Walters is in for another $25,000 for the Redistricting Referenda, making her the most generous member of the Senate's GOP caucus.

CUE LELAND (YEE, ALTHOUGH PERHAPS STANFORD TOO): Under plan, UC tuition could rise by 16% a year

And, in case you thought Vargas v. Ducheny was going to be a friendly squash match, you are wrong.

BACA'S CHOICE: In the ultimate Cee Lo to Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod, Congressman Joe Baca announced yesterday that he is running for CD35 rather than CD31, apparently leaving the latter available for Republicans Jerry Lewis or David Dreier. What this means to Baca Jr. and Jeremy Baca may require us to wait and see...as well as whether or not McLeod and Assemblymember Norma Torres stay in the race.

BUTLER'S CHOICE: Assemblymember Betsy Butler made it clear that she won't cave to pressure from local activists to stay in AD66 and will indeed run for AD50, setting up an ugly top-two primary with fellow Democrats Richard Bloom and Torie Osborn.

For those of us that have been around the capitol for more than a fleeting moment, there are few things left to surprise. Under Democrat and Republican rule, we know about the gut and amends, rule waivers and other late night shenanigans.  My favorite non-germane amendment was switching SB 292 (Padilla) from a community college transfer bill to a bill to facilitate the transfer of the San Diego Chargers to Los Angeles.

As much as we complain about them, the place would be boring if it always played by the rules. However, the vote on SB 202 (Hancock) has left a bitter taste in the mouths of a lot of legislators and staff on both sides of the aisle.

SB 202 moves all but two ballot measures from the June primary election to the November general election, and permanently classifies primary elections as something other than a statewide election. (Term limits changes and cigarette taxes get to stay). Republicans, and Assembly Democrat Mike Gatto, were particularly irate that SB 202 kicked ACA 4, a "rainy day fund" measure from June 2012 to November 2014.  This measure was part of the 2009-10 budget deal. 

The public policy rationale is that more people vote in general elections, and the broadest electorate should be who decides such things as whether chickens should be able to flap their wings before we eat them (for the record, I voted to let them flap their wings).

What was this really about?  Well, as usual, it's all about the Benjamins. 

Labor wants to play offense and defense on ballot measures (initiatives and, perhaps, redistricting referenda) next year, and there will also be about a bunch of legislative races to influence, in both the primary and general. Oh, and there's that presidential thing.

To save money, labor wants to buy in bulk, and do so in November. It will be a lot cheaper waging war on "bad" ballot measures and promoting "good" measures if it can do it only in November. From slate cards to phone banks, it's a lot cheaper to only do it once. People may criticize labor's strategy over the last few years, but this was brilliant.

Now, the only problem is that there were a lot of Democrats that weren't crazy about the idea. Until Kinde Durkee.

The September 2 arrest of campaign treasurer Durkee on mail fraud shocked Democratic campaign circles. She was a trusted advisor and professional for many years for nearly 200 Democratic committees, ranging from the Young Democrats to Dianne Feinstein. That's a damn good pedigree.

Here are the losses we know about based on news reports and the complaint:

  • Los Angeles County Democratic Party: $200,000
  • Congresswoman Susan Davis: $250,000
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein: "wiped out" -- had $5 million on hand June 30.
  • Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez: $379,000
  • Assemblymember Jose Solorio: $677,000

And, the list is likely to grow, as sorting this out, particularly when Durkee can't help folks find the money will take some time.

Some of this money still may be somewhere. The fraud alleged in the complaint was that Durkee set up duplicate bank accounts at different banks.  According to the complaint, Jose Solorio had two different accounts at two different banks, one official and, uh, for Durkee. Therefore, there could still be undiscovered accounts with money still in them, or, worse, there could be more fraud.

But, even if some of the money is discovered, it may not be freed up for a couple of years as a trial sorts everything out and a "fair" redistribution is approved by the court. This is a mini-Madoff, and three years after Bernie's arrest, they are still sorting out the money. Thus, it is foreseeable that millions of dollars of Democratic campaign cash that was available a month ago will not be available in 2012. 

And, that's where SB 202 comes in. While many Democrats were not happy to cast a vote for SB 202, they had no choice. Labor needs time to charge up its depleted bank accounts and prepare for major ballot measures next November, including possibly taxes, union dues limits, pensions, redistricting and more. Labor additionally can argue that its public employee ranks have been reduced because of state budget cuts, and it thus needs more time to raise more money. This is the mother's milk of Democratic campaigns, and that was a very persuasive argument.

Labor wanted SB 202 before the Durkee scandal, but it wasn't clear the votes were there. After the scandal broke, however, SB 202 had a strong gust of wind behind its sails, even if a lot of folks still aren't sure they really wanted to be in that boat.

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