Congressional District 11
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[incumbent: George Miller (D) - term limit: none]

Hourly election night report

June 3 Primary Election Results
Live Results
CandidateVotesPercentPrecincts Reporting
Mark DeSaulnier (D)59,60558.8%446 of 446
Tue Phan (R)28,24227.9%446 of 446
Cheryl Sudduth (D)4,9134.8%446 of 446
Tony Daysog (D)3,4823.4%446 of 446
Jason Ramey (N)2,6732.6%446 of 446
Ki Ingersol (D)2,3132.3%446 of 446

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Source: California Secretary of State

Candidates On The Ballot- 2014

District Projection: Safe Democrat | ATC Partisan Index = 66.1 D
  • Tue Phan (Republican) - Retired immigration judge  
  • Tony Daysog (Democratic) - Alameda City Councilperson  
  • Cheryl Sudduth (Democratic) - Compliance Director  
  • Jason Ramey (No Party Preference) - Refinery Process Operator  
  • Mark DeSaulnier (Democratic) - California State Senator  
  • Ki Ingersol (Democratic) - Businessman/Attorney  
  • (i) = incumbent

    Until the filing period closes, candidates who have made gestures to a run are included. Some of these may not run, while others are likely to jump in.

    2012 Presidential Race

    • Barack Obama (D) 67.5%
    • Mitt Romney (R) 29.9%

    2010 Gubernatorial Race

    • Jerry Brown (D) 61.1%
    • Meg Whitman (R) 34.1%

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    District Voter Registration


    George Miller's announcement that he was not running for reelection was likely the strongest sign that Democrats don't believe they can recapture the House next year. Miller is the influential ranking member of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, which he was previously chaired when Dems ran the House. Miller is Nancy Pelosi's top informal lieutenant, played a huge role in the passage of ObamaCare, and walking away from his safe seat even at 68 can't be easy.

    Immediately, State Senator Mark DeSaulnier announced that he was running for the seat. DeSaulnier, along with Assemblymember Joan Buchanan ran for an open seat in Congress in 2010, which was won by John Garamendi (and which has been subsequently been redrawn). DeSaulnier had until recently been seen as a candidate for Senate President Pro Tem, but Los Angeles senator Kevin de León appears to have captured a majorit . . .

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    Reported Fundraising
    (Total for this cycle)
    CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
    Daysog, Tony$5,718$5,718$0$02014-03-31
    Desaulnier, Mark$206,779$88,722$118,145$153,5632014-05-14
    Ingersol, Ki$53,718$21,909$33,309$5,5592014-05-14
    Source: Federal Elections Commission

    2012 General Results

    November 6 General Election Results
    Final Results
    CandidateVotesPercentPrecincts Reporting
    George Miller (D)200,74369.7%564 of 564
    Virginia Fuller (R)87,13630.3%564 of 564

    County Breakdown | Vote Count Tracker
    Source: California Secretary of State

    2012 Primary Results

    June 5 Primary Election Results
    Final Results
    CandidateVotesPercentPrecincts Reporting
    George Miller (D)76,16358.5%444 of 444
    Virginia Fuller (R)40,33331.0%444 of 444
    John Fitzgerald (D)9,0927.0%444 of 444
    Cheryl Sudduth (D)4,6353.6%444 of 444

    County Breakdown
    Source: California Secretary of State


    2010 Census Demographics for CD11
    Citizen Voting-Age Population 12.2% 10.0% 12.3%
    Total Population 12.6% 9.2% 25.6%

    The Bench (likely future candidates)


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