The Wisdom of the Crowd?

Current Picks in the Nooner's November 2018 Election Contest

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Current Participants: 489
Participants have until 12pm November 6 to complete/amend their contest entries.
DistrictCandidateProjected as winner
USS1Dianne Feinstein (D)93.75%
USS1Kevin de León (D)6.25%
GOVGavin Newsom (D)96.65%
GOVJohn Cox (R)3.35%
LGEleni Kounalakis (D)73.54%
LGEd Hernandez (D)26.46%
SPITony Thurmond (N)65.43%
SPIMarshall Tuck (N)34.57%
ICSteve Poizner (N)55.22%
ICRicardo Lara (D)44.78%
CD04Tom McClintock (R)81.47%
CD04Jessica Morse (D)18.53%
CD07Ami Bera (D)96.81%
CD07Andrew Grant (R)3.19%
CD10Josh Harder (D)61.45%
CD10Jeff Denham (R)38.55%
CD21David Valadao (R)64.73%
CD21T.J. Cox (D)35.27%
CD22Devin Nunes (R)77.98%
CD22Andrew Janz (D)22.02%
CD25Katie Hill (D)71.69%
CD25Steve Knight (R)28.31%
CD39Gil Cisneros (D)59.23%
CD39Young Kim (R)40.77%
CD45Katie Porter (D)61.48%
CD45Mimi Walters (R)38.28%
CD48Harley Rouda (D)65.75%
CD48Dana Rohrabacher (R)34.25%
CD49Mike Levin (D)80.88%
CD49Diane Harkey (R)19.12%
CD50Duncan Hunter (R)71.99%
CD50Ammar Campa-Najjar (D)28.01%
SD12Anna Caballero (D)92.33%
SD12Robert Poythress (R)7.67%
SD14Andy Vidak (R)58.22%
SD14Melissa Hurtado (D)41.78%
SD22Susan Rubio (D)56.57%
SD22Michael Eng (D)43.43%
SD28Jeff Stone (R)77.57%
SD28Joy Silver (D)22.20%
SD34Janet Nguyen (R)61.43%
SD34Tom Umberg (D)38.57%
AD15Buffy Wicks (D)68.50%
AD15Jovanka Beckles (D)31.50%
AD16Catharine Baker (R)67.87%
AD16Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D)32.13%
AD32Rudy Salas (D)93.92%
AD32Justin Mendes (R)6.08%
AD38Dante Acosta (R)53.01%
AD38Christy Smith (D)46.99%
AD40James Ramos (D)93.20%
AD40Henry Nickel (R)6.80%
AD60Sabrina Cervantes (D)82.52%
AD60Bill Essayli (R)17.48%
AD72Josh Lowenthal (D)58.88%
AD72Tyler Diep (R)41.12%
AD74Matthew Harper (R)71.26%
AD74Cottie Petrie-Norris (D)28.74%
AD76Tasha Boerner Horvath (D)69.32%
AD76Elizabeth Warren (D)30.68%
AD77Brian Maienschein (R)73.38%
AD77Sunday Gover (D)26.38%