Twitter Accounts to Follow on State Politics and Government

These are non-candidate, non-party accounts with a couple of partisan pundits thrown in, arranged randomly with each refresh. Candidate accounts are being added to the district pages. The list changes frequently based on who is tweeting on state issues. Lots of other accounts are fantastic but have fewer state government tweets.

Built by Nooner readers. Curated by Scott Lay.

The list below is randomized. Who would you add/subtract, or would you make the list longer?

Jennifer Fearing


Liam Dillon

Reporter, Los Angeles Times

Political Data Inc.

Marisa Lagos

Political Reporter, KQED

Christine Pelosi


Mike Madrid

Political consultant

Capitol Weekly

Dan Morain

Columnist, CALmatters

Melody Gutierrez

Reporter, Los Angeles Times

Adama Iwu


John Myers

Bureau Chief, Los Angeles Times

Steven Maviglio

Political consultant

Alicia Lewis


Jessica Levinson

Professor, Loyola Law School

Laurel Rosenhall

Reporter, CALmatters

Matt Rexroad

Political consultant

Rob Pyers

Research Director, The Target Book

Judy Lin

Reporter, CALmatters

Jon Fleischman

Editor, FlashReport

Jeremy B. White

Reporter, Politico

Alex Vassar

Legislative historian, California State Library

Dan Walters

Columnist, CALmatters

Kevin Dayton


Carla Marinucci

Senior Writer, Politico

Bryan Anderson

Reporter, Sacramento Bee

Ben Adler

Capitol Bureau Chief, Capitol Public Radio