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In this new program in light of pandemic shifts in advertising and to recognize those who continue to support this work, The Nooner invites you to show your support by displaying a logo, firm name, or your individual name in The Nooner each day. Additionally, your logo or individual personal name will appear on the home page and the district election pages.


Current number of daily The Nooner readers (active* email and website views): 8,275
*active means fewer than ten bounced messages


To participate, The Nooner Sustainers support of the following amounts are requested:

*Images are the standard 120x90 in JPG/GIF/PNG format and I can propose something based on your website.

For individual names, a one-year ATCpro subscription is included, with access to election analysis, data, and special alerts.

How to Participate

There are multiple ways to participate. After payment, Scott will contact you for graphics or how you'd like your name to be displayed.

Square payment logo

I am adding the levels to Square soon, but you can enter the amount of the level you would like and I will contact you for your information. Your space will be reserved.


In the "description" box after clicking "Buy Now" button, enter the name of the firm/organization or individual as you would like it to be displayed.

The Nooner Sustainer

App Users

You can use the Venmo app to Scott-Lay. If prompted, the last four digits of my phone are 5801. Make the note private and enter your name how you'd like it to be displayed in the comment field or I'll follow up with you.

Similarly, you can use to Cash App to scott95811.

To send a check, you can do so to Scott Lay, 524 T Street, Sacramento, CA, 95811.
Please include a note with how you'd like the name to be displayed and, if an individual, the email address to add the ATCpro subscription to.

If you would like an invoice in advance (or after marked "paid"), email Scott at Of course, email me with any questions.