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The Redistricting Report is your best source for the latest maps and analysis of state, congressional and local redistricting.  Recently we have posted Congressional redistricting plans by Columbia Law School and The Cook Report.  In addition, three days a week we publish a morning summary of news, and a bit of commentary, on statewide and local redistricting, with any Federal news impacting California thrown in.  Some of the recent emails included:

Wednesday, May 18 -- What Hath Reform Wrought? [read it online]

The big achievement of the Redistricting Revolution in the mid-60s was the creation of districts of equal size. , 50 years later, we are amidst the Second Redistricting Revolution – and this one may not be working out as well…

Monday, May 16 -- On the Road Again  [read it online] 

The State Commission follows the Tour of California bike race this week, with stops in Auburn, Santa Rosa, Oakland, Salinas and San Jose.  The Commission will undoubtedly have less action, fewer spectators, no breakaways, and only a few major pileups along the way.

Friday, May 13 -- If drafted, I WILL run; if nominated, I WILL accept; if elected, I WILL serve. [read it online] 

San Francisco should feel pretty down right now.  Everyone is pointing to their drop in population, the expected loss of a Senate seat, and the fact that their two highest ranking elected officials, Kamala and Gavin, chose Sacramento over them.  Yes… SACRAMENTO… But they’ve got a plan -- and this one is a whopper: Draft Kucinich.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey -- You're Not From Here!

The big fight on San Diego's redistricting Commission is now about residency.  If someone doesn't live in San Diego, how can they possibly draw the lines.  To answer this question once and for all, I started drawing and then hopped on a plane.

But, of course, being an out-of-towner I had to cheat.  Instead of starting from scratch, I first drew the cities 124 neighborhoods and used those to create new city plans.  A few hours of Demographic Tetris and 15 espressos later I was ready to present!

Unfortunately I showed up the day Dems were packing the room to attack Republicans for stalking the Latino openly gay commission member who may or may not live in West Hollywood...   

This left me quietly presenting [video] my PowerPoint [pdf], and getting out before anyone could stick a private investigator on me!

That adventure done, here is the news, leading today with the drama in San Diego, because it can't be missed...


Redistricting official’s residency questioned
The San Diego Union Tribune
Questions are being raised about the residency of one of San Diego's seven redistricting commission members after a private investigator with ties to the county Republican Party shadowed the progressive commissioner to an apartment in West Hollywood where he spent several nights in April and May.

Redistricting Commissioner's Residency Questioned
San Diego’s News 10

An investigator hired by San Diego's Republican Party said on Wednesday that he has proof that a member of the city's redistricting commission does not live in San Diego.

Do You Have to Live Here to Redistrict?
Voice of San Diego
The local political world has been in a frenzy since reports surfaced Wednesday claiming that a member of San Diego's Redistricting Commission is not a resident of San Diego.

Panel seeks probe on residency
San Diego Union Tribune
The commission charged with redrawing the City of San Diego’s political boundaries has referred questions about a member’s residency to the city attorney.

Investigator says redistricting commissioner does not live in San Diego
Last month KUSI reported on an organization supported by labor that tried to stack the redistricting commission with its own candidates. Three of those candidates are on the commission, and two are politically active, which violates the City Charter.

Some San Jose residents are expressing fear that redistricting will do more than move them from one council district to another
San Jose Mercury News
Redistricting for city council representation in San Jose is all about numbers. So say the 11 members of the 2011 redistricting advisory commission.


Redistricting is a tough sell for some voters
San Francisco Chronicle
Over the next few weeks, Californians will have an unprecedented chance to reshape their political process - without politicians or judges mucking it up.

Public gets its say at Auburn hearing of state redistricting panel
Auburn Journal
Thursday was a night to stand up and be counted in Auburn as speakers had their say before the Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Editorial: S.J. should weigh in at redistricting hearing Monday
San Jose Mercury News
The new and controversial California Citizens Redistricting Commission will hold court in San Jose on Monday, offering the region's residents a chance to sound off on how legislative district lines should be drawn.

Editorial: Sonoma, Marin should together
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Anyone who has ever had to divide a dessert fairly among children knows how risky apportionment can be.

How the Legislature sliced up Sonoma County
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Sonoma County, the state's 17th largest county with 483,878 residents, long has been divided into three Assembly and two state Senate districts.

Tri-Valley cities seek ‘community’ recognition in redistricting
Pleasanton Weekly
Five Tri-Valley cities are petitioning a redistricting commission to keep their municipalities together as new legislative districts are drawn to meet changing population centers in the Bay Area.

Auburn to redistricting panel: “Keep Placer whole”
Auburn Journal
A panel responsible for redrawing California’s political boundaries will be hearing from at least one local government entity Thursday in Auburn that wants to keep Placer County from being carved up into multiple Assembly and Senate districts again.

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@ccadelago: Mayor Jerry Sanders on redistricting: "It has been purposely taken out of the political process, which I think is a good thing."


Thompson a ‘power broker’ in redistricting
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Rep. Mike Thompson may have no plans to address the California Citizens Redistricting Commission when it meets Friday night in Santa Rosa.