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Friday, May 13, 2011


If drafted, I WILL run; if nominated, I WILL accept; if elected, I WILL serve.

San Francisco should feel pretty down right now.  Everyone is pointing to their drop in population, the expected loss of a Senate seat, and the fact that their two highest ranking elected officials, Kamala and Gavin, chose Sacramento over them.  Yes… SACRAMENTO…

But they’ve got a plan -- and this one is a whopper: Draft Kucinich.

Why sit in the doldrums with your same-old, same-old when you can draft one of the most exciting, bold, dynamic and outspoken liberals under 5 foot 6.  That’s sure to put San Francisco back with the in-crowd.

And former Speaker Pelosi could just find another Bay Area congressional seat.  There should be plenty of those, right??


Political risks ahead in 45th Congressional District
Palm Springs Desert Sun
The Coachella Valley could see dramatic changes in its representation in Washington when California's congressional districts are redrawn this year.

Draft Kucinich to run against Pelosi
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Bay Area progressives are constantly searching for a solid candidate to run against Rep. Nancy Pelosi, an Establishment figure who has helped lead this country down a disastrously unsustainable path, but nobody has ever been able to mount a serious challenge to this powerful incumbent.

IWV Water Board wants to keep Ridgcrest’s district lines intact
Ridgecrest Daily Independent
The Indian Wells Valley Water District Board of Directors wants Ridgecrest’s representation to be from Kern County. Board Vice President Peggy Breeden asked district staff to place the item on Monday’s agenda.

Redistricting on county’s mind
Crescent City Daily Triplicate
An effort is under way to draw new boundaries for jurisdictions like state Senate districts, and the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors expressed a desire Tuesday to weigh in on the issue.

From the Twitterverse:

@TraceyScharmann: Hear my story http://bit.ly/jfNJY8 (expand) Republican Consultant Cathy Abernathy says redistricting can decide who wins long before campaigns start.

@LorenaSGonzalez: Did the Republican Party really submit their own redistricting map for the City? And mock the voting rights act & all communities S of 8?

@EvanSDlabor Evan McLaughlin @LorenaSGonzalez yes. Yes he did.

@dphoward: Foreclosure crisis unites all off S. CA. Renters are victims under the radar. And this connects to redistricting HOW?


Elk Grove's Redistricting Process Faces Unique Challenges
Many residents wanted to keep Elk Grove's rural area intact at the city's first city council redistricting workshop held May 6. They shared their ideas by drawing new city council areas on maps at the event, as part of the city's redistricting effort.

School districts prepare to divvy up areas for elections
Bakersfield Californian
Kern High and Bakersfield City school districts have a lot of work to do in the next year.  The largest high school and elementary school districts in the state, respectively, took a step forward Tuesday in changing the way their school board elections are held.

Clock ticking on suggesting Sacramento council districts
Sacramento Bee
As of Wednesday, 14 proposals had been submitted, compared to 13 for the 2000 redistricting. Interested residents and groups have until midnight Monday to put in a map through the city's website. The mapping software will still be available after that, but the "submit" function will be disabled.

Redistricting in Sacramento County is underway
Sacramento Press
Some Sacramento County residents may soon be represented by a different County Supervisor. Why? The reason is some supervisorial district lines will change when the County’s redistricting process is completed later this year.

Antioch draws line on redistricting
Contra Costa Times
City leaders want a single county supervisor who represents all of their city and the communities to its east.  County supervisors are redrawing district boundaries to reflect the new census, and Antioch and other Contra Costa cities are sending letters with their views on the process.

County to draw new lines
UC Santa Barbara Daily Nexus
The county of Santa Barbara held a series of meetings last week to begin its redistricting process and educate the public about upcoming changes to district lines.

Calaveras examines where to draw district lines

Stockton Record
Population growth over the past decade in the Valley Springs area will likely trigger significant changes in district boundaries for Calaveras County's elected supervisors.

Visalia board holds hearing on boundaries
Visalia Times-Delta
A community member expressed concerns with one of Visalia Unified School District's proposed by-trustee area election boundaries at the VUSD board of education meeting Tuesday. A public hearing was held to discuss the proposed boundaries.

Population shift compels need to redraw supervisors’ district boundaries
San Francisco Chronicle
It's official: The boundaries of San Francisco's 11 supervisors' districts will change to reflect population shifts over the past decade, city elections chief John Arntz reported this week.

County begins redistricting process
Oroville Mercury-Register
Imagine a game of musical chairs where no chairs are taken away, but the chairs themselves get larger or smaller with each round. If you can conjure that image, then you have a good idea how the first discussion about revamping district boundaries went for the Butte County Board of Supervisors.

Residents, stakeholders encourage panel to keep 3rd district ‘intact’
Los Angeles Independent
Residents and local stakeholders who attended a public hearing Monday at West Hollywood Park Auditorium had a message for Los Angeles County’s Boundary Review Committee: Hands off the 3rd Supervisorial District.

Marin County frets over redistricting
Is Marin County a suburban community whose residents work and play in San Francisco? Or is it a rural county more tied by agriculture and tourism to Sonoma County?