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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What’s in a Number?

You know you’ve fallen into the depths of redistricting minutiae when you’re getting into the numbering game.  But what happens when the commission numbers the San Francisco Senate district SD 3 (Leno) and SD 8 (Yee) pops up in Oakland, in SD 9 where Loni Hancock is now?

If you answered PANIC!!, then you’re close.

Fact is that in this scenario, the Yee constituents on the western side of San Francisco would elect Leno to a second term, and have two Senators since Yee isn’t termed out until ‘14.  Then the Oakland voters would be unable to vote in droves for Sandre Swanson as they were prepared to, because they just inherited Yee and won’t vote for a Senator for two more years.  The Yee constituents in SF have had their representation “accelerated” and the Oakland residents have been “deferred.”

To add more confusion, when Yee vacates the Senate to become Mayor of San Francisco, as we all know he will, the voters in Oakland still won’t be able to vote for Sandre because the voters in the Old SD 8 will have that right. (what a rip-off, right?)

Seriously, if you’re following me then you should go apply for a job with the Commission.  And you’re also qualified to read Jim Miller’s article on the numbering saga in the Inland Empire.


In the redistricting debate, just the facts, please!
Steve Maviglio in Fox & Hounds
I’m hoping everyone is enjoying reading long-time Republican Tony Quinn and I battle it out here on Fox & Hounds and elsewhere on the relatively mundane subject of redistricting. In his last post, Mr. Quinn's resorted to a personal attack on my character. But I'm not going there, and will keep this simple and factual.

Remap’s number of senate districts has big implications
Riverside Press-Enterprise
He's put in more than seven years' worth of legislating, constituent glad-handing and fundraising, and yet state Sen. Bill Emmerson's political future could come down to a number.

Hypothetical senate maps
Riverside Press-Enterprise
A growing population will increase Inland Southern California's political representation, including in the state Senate. Below are three Press-Enterprise examples of Senate districts reflecting 2010 census numbers.

Panel invites input on mapping
Palm Springs Desert Sun
As the state redistricting commission visits the desert, political consultants and their would-be candidates have plenty of theories on which party might benefit from the new maps.

Marin Board of Supervisors splits on redistricting
Marin Independent Journal
Sonoma County? San Francisco? East Bay?  Marin officials can't agree on what political district the county belongs in, although most say the county probably has more in common with Sonoma than other regions — and in any case is least like the East Bay.

Redistricting Hearing: A lesson in democracy
Liberal OC
I guess I suspected a bunch of people who had already made up their minds to be sitting on the Dias. I expected the room to be about as empty as a city Council meeting towards its end as well. To say the least, what I saw on Friday night at the Orange County Public Hearing for the California Citizens Redistricting Commission exceeded my expectations, in a good way.


Not so easy
The Economist
Redistricting, so the old saying goes, is when politicians get to choose their voters. Every ten years, following the national census, each state must redraw the constituency boundaries for both its members of Congress and its state legislators.


Council redistricting effort kicks off
Elk Grove Citizen
Many residents wanted to keep Elk Grove’s rural area intact at the city’s first city council redistricting workshop held May 6. They shared their ideas by drawing new city council areas on maps at the event, as part of the city’s redistricting effort.

San Diego Democratic Club responds to criticism of LGBT redistricting task force

OB Rag
In the current edition of another community publication, a column ran attacking the LGBT Redistricting Task Force as a “mostly all white so-called LGBT Redistricting Committee … working on a new 3rd District that would be about 70 percent all white and would kick out our first gay person of color elected to the city council”.

City Attorney to Council: Butt Out
Voice of San Diego
San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith's office shot off a memo to City Council members on Friday, telling them the city charter provides no role for the council in redistricting, except to fund the independent Redistricting Commission's work.

High stakes but low interest in county redistricting process
San Diego Source
Despite the redistricting process’s potential to influence future elections and the heavy contention surrounding the redistricting process in the City of San Diego, the undertakings of the San Diego County Redistricting Advisory Council have been paid scant attention.

Sunnyvale pushing hard to move into district 5 with Los Altos, Mountain View and Palo Alto
Los Altos Patch
The city of Sunnyvale is making a major push to be included as a whole in county supervisorial District 5, because of its close ties to Los Altos, Mountain View and Palo Alto, Sunnyvale officials said at a Citizens Redistricting Commission meeting on Thursday.

Preliminary redistricting work to begin
Oroville Mercury-Register
One of the most rare, and at the same time most important, duties of the Butte County Board of Supervisors will come to the table Tuesday as the panel begins to review the proposed guidelines for the redrawing of supervisorial district boundaries.

Weho residents weigh in on county redistricting plans
West Hollywood Patch
How do you divide a county of nearly 10 million people into five districts with an equal number of people in each district?