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Friday, May 6, 2011


Who’s Line is it Anyways?

The inspiration for the State’s Citizen Redistricting Commission takes center stage again in a tragic comedy that seems without end… or, better yet, without a beginning.

The SD redistricting commission’s own timeline started with a January 1 “procure mapping consultant” and by May they were supposed to be well into line drawing, with post map hearings set for July.   Only problem is, San Diego still hasn’t hired a consultant.  They invalidated four potential contractors and their preferred vendor, the city’s own data center, backed out of the deal yesterday.

And anyone who thinks Tony Quinn is the most vocal redistricting conspiracy theorist for the Right Wing hasn’t met Tony Krvarick.  He doesn’t believe the commissioners are unbiased, and he doesn’t believe in global warming.  What more do you need to know? 


More misfiring from California GOP on Redistricting Commission
Steve Maviglio in the Majority Report
Another week. Another article from redistricting “expert” Tony Quinn showing he has no idea what the law is.  His latest article comes with the inflammatory headline, “Redistricting Commission tries to repeal One Person, One Vote.”  One would think the Commission was trying to reinstate slavery or take away a woman’s right to vote.  But no, all the Commission did was take a preliminary step to interpret an ambiguous area in redistricting law.

Steve Maviglio, You are Wrong on Redistricting
Fox and Hounds Daily (blog)
Steve Maviglio knows neither the history nor the law on redistricting. California law as to population deviations was settled 38 years ago by the State Supreme Court in the case known as Legislature v Reinecke. There the court laid down ...

Redistricting: Same game, new battlefield
Flash Report
Yolo County Supervisor and Meridian Pacific Principal Matt Rexroad was kind enough to visit Fresno today and educate our Lincoln Club and other interested community members as to the vagaries and vicissitudes of  redistricting and the agonizing process taking place in Sacramento these days with the new Redistricting Commission. 

How do you count state prisoners?
Capitol Weekly
California’s 80th Assembly District has another claim to fame besides being vast and largely empty: One out of every 11 people in it is a prison inmate who didn’t choose to be there. If Assemblyman Mike Davis gets his way, in a decade, the 80th AD would get even more vast empty land — because those prisoners wouldn’t count when it comes to drawing new political districts.

Voting Rights Act: A fee-generator for lawyers?
Capitol Weekly
In August 2008, Madera Unified School District, the Madera County Office of Education and Madera County’s registrar of voters were sued by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights saying the way the district elected its board members disenfranchised Latino voters.

Redrawing of district boundaries makes California politicians anxious
San Jose Mercury News
These are times of high anxiety for California politicians who hold state or federal office below the statewide level. Even some city council members and county supervisors now quiver as they await possible grand opportunities. It's all about reapportionment, the once-a-decade process in which the boundary lines for every congressional and state legislative district in America are drawn anew to reflect population movements and changes.

Ammiano holds first fundraiser for 2012 re-election bid
Bay Area Reporter
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano kicks off his 2012 re-election campaign this week with a hometown fundraiser hosted by the United Educators of San Francisco.

Angelo Ancheta: Appointed member of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission
Asian Journal
California residents will be seeing a lot of Fil-Am Angelo Ancheta in the next coming months. As an appointed member of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, he is among the 14-members with the important task of remapping district lines in the entire state. The commission has already begun listening to residents on their thoughts of what is best for their own districts.

Same Games, new players in redistricting

Orange County Register
It was a corrupt system that allowed back-room politicking to redraw every 10 years California's boundaries for congressional, legislative and other districts. Legislators redrew lines to ensure reelection and protect their political parties.

From the Twitterverse

@dphoward: Pitch being made at norco CRC to use Community college districts to help define COI. Where are Redistricting Partners?

@aguilarpete Mayor Pete Aguilar
Harder to find: a state budget solution, or the unmarked local redistricting office in San Bernardino? http://lockerz.com/s/99056970

@johnellis24: In #Fresno, @mattrexroad (Yolo Co supe & GOP political consultant) offers some interesting insights on #redistricting. #559vote #cagov


Many states not quick to redraw
Only three states have completed the redistricting process so far, but that hasn’t held back a flood of redistricting lawsuits — most filed against states with plans that haven’t even been finalized.

The Waiting Game
National Journal
In 1935, Austrian quantum physicist Erwin Schrödinger devised a thought experiment involving a cat in a box that could either be dead or alive, to counter other quantum thinkers who believed that the cat could be in a simultaneous “superposition” of both states. You’ve got to hand it to bloggers on SwingStateProject.com who have taken a twist on Schrödinger’s cat and coined a new term associated with candidates running in districts that may or may not exist come 2012: Schrödinger’s seat.


City Begins Redistricting Process
Elk Grove Citizen
The contracted provider of redistricting services for the city of Elk Grove said at the Elk Grove City Council’s April 27 meeting that the process of changing the council’s districts will involve more than just moving a few lines.

The shape of things to come
San Diego City Beat
Spin Cycle loves a good tale, but—wow!—getting into this whole redrawing of San Diego City Council district boundaries while simultaneously chiseling out a brand-new ninth seat requires a pretty strong constitution for the weird.

Partisan Implications of a New Asian District
Voice of San Diego
As various self-defined "communities of interest" come together to stake their claims for representation before San Diego's redistricting commission, few have been as well organized as the Asian community. Last week, the Asian & Pacific American Coalition unveiled its preferred district map, creating a new ninth city council district in the northern part of the city.

Short-handed supervisors in quandary over redistricting vote
Marin Independent Journal
When it comes to where Marin's state and federal legislative boundaries should be drawn, no one is going to call Supervisors Susan Adams, Steve Kinsey and Judy Arnold the "The Three Musketeers."

Board of Supervisors hears presentation on redistricting
San Ramon Express News
At their Tuesday meeting, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors accepted a presentation on redistricting and set a schedule of public workshops to be held in June and July.

Redistricting plans have meaning in La Jolla
La Jolla Light
By now you have heard about the City’s 2010 Redistricting Commission. Its task is to re-evaluate the city council districts in light of the 2010 census and to include an additional council district (the ninth). Council District 1 was the fastest growing in the city and is now significantly in excess of the 2010 target for each district (199,000 versus 144,000). Changes to the current CD1 will be significant and the commission is asking us to weigh with our thoughts for the new CD1.

Redistricting Commission restarts key search
Voice of San Diego
As the clock ticks on the Redistricting Commission's late-summer deadline to draw new boundaries for San Diego's City Council districts, commissioners are no closer to acquiring the online software or consultant they'll need to move forward with that task.

Shuffle could put Auburn in different Placer supervisorial district
Auburn Journal
The city of Auburn could be moving into a new Placer County supervisorial district.  The Board of Supervisors was presented with three potential maps to reflect redistricting choices that need to be finalized by the end of November.

Redistricting meeting shows challenges ahead
San Bernardino Sun
Ed Graham, mayor of Chino Hills, sees no reason why his city and neighboring Chino shouldn't be part of the same state Assembly, state Senate and congressional districts.