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Friday, April 15, 2011


Run For the Door, Sister!

As the State’s redistricting commission continues their tour of California’s hot spots, they’ve headed this week into the Central Valley with stops in Hanford and Bakersfield.  As the Bakersfield Californian points out, these hearings may be a lot of talking with little ability to impact districts as the most driving force will be the Voting Rights Act, not the viewpoint of local groups or individual speakers.

This week also saw the early tussles between potential winners and losers in the zero-sum-game of redistricting.  The Santa Barbara redistricting gets hotted up, and groups around the state fine-tune their “keep us together” messaging, a bandwagon that has picked up passengers from San Diego to Palos Verdes, the Wine Country to Downtown Sacramento.


Personal Motives? Democrat Pedro Nava joins conservatives to push for new Santa Barbara County Assembly District
Daily Sound
The bad blood between Pedro Nava and Das Williams intensified on Wednesday when Nava joined forces with Republicans Brooks Firestone and Mike Stoker to call for a dramatic change to the 35th District Assembly seat.

Redistricting panel to hear testimony on how to carve up Central Coast
Ventura County Star

A busload of people from Ventura County, joined by delegations from Santa Barbara and points north, will be making their way to San Luis Obispo this evening to answer an essential question long posed on Sesame Street: Who are the people in their neighborhoods?

Central Coast residents share their goals for redistricting
San Luis Obispo Tribune
Dozens of citizens from the Central Coast on Wednesday told a state commission that is redrawing legislative and congressional district lines that they do not want the new boundaries to slice up their counties and they want illogical boundaries fixed.

Commission looks at districts

Santa Maria Times Press Recorder
Look up the definition of “gerrymandering” — the practice of drawing district boundaries to enhance the power of a political party — in the dictionary, and you might find the map of a Central Coast assembly or senate district.

County: Keep district intact
Napa Valley Register
Local officials are asking that the state’s redistricting process keep California’s wine country in one congressional district.

Redistricting commission looks to reform South Bay political boundaries
Daily Breeze
As a 27-year-old aeronautical engineer turned Tea Party candidate, Nathan Mintz took on a Democratic Assembly district drawn to crush someone like him - and came within sniffing distance of victory in November.

As We See It: Be heard on redistricting
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Sick of gerrymandered political districts that gave incumbents almost guaranteed re-elections while increasing partisan divide in government, voters took away from legislators the authority to redraw boundaries and gave it to a citizen panel.

Redistricting panel, keep this point in mind
Bakersfield Californian
The California Citizens Redistricting Commission brings its road show to Bakersfield tonight, the latest stop on a 60-city statewide tour with a solitary purpose: Apportioning legislative and congressional districts that will more ably serve California.

From the Twitterverse

@dphoward: C. Blanco says these input hearings are what prevents a computer from drawing the lines. Tonight magnified that. It's about people.

@dphoward: C. Blanco seeks input about current city splits per Cong., Sen. & Asm. DHF says separation best serve comm. of color. Does this make sense?

@dphoward: C. Raya asked member of the audience to submit population data change. C. Barabba asked for in Census Block. This IS scary.

@MattRexroad : @dphoward Good Lord. What the hell is going on? Run for the door sister.


Downtown Sacramento Partnership wants central city to be one district
Sacramento Press
The Downtown Sacramento Partnership is recommending that all of the central city be included in one City Council district as the city undergoes its redistricting process, which must be completed by September.

Splitting city is the fair road on county map
Redding Record Searchlight
As the state and the counties launch efforts to remap political districts to match the latest census, one key principle guiding them is not to needlessly split cities or other "communities of interest."

Solano County leaders OK redrawing of district lines
Vacaville Reporter
New district lines will be drawn in Solano County, but where those lines will fall is up for debate as supervisors move forward in the redistricting process.

Council appoints five people to panel
Hollister Pinnacle
A five-person committee will make recommendations to the Hollister City Council about re-drawing district lines as a result of the 2010 census. Each of the city's five council districts must be redrawn to be consistent with the census, based on information from a demographer.