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Monday, April 11, 2011


Capps and Cardoza and Cook Report, Oh My!

The latest review of the Cook Report Redistricting Plan (the only thing out there for folks to poke at) has been matched against generic Congressional vote totals for the 2010 General Election to come up with a “results” sheet based on the proposed lines.  Some surprising findings that are great with a few grains of salt.  Visit: http://redistrictingpartners.com/2011/04/cook-uncooked-part-deux/

And here is the rest of the news, leading with the first two commission outreach hearings in Northern California and a little gut-check for candidates running for what I call “Schrödinger's Seats,” those that are both alive and dead at the same time.


California Redistricting Commission – Redding
Matt Rexroad for Flash Report
So on Saturday I ventured up to Redding for the first public input hearing of the California Redistricting Commission. The Redding Searchlight reported 80 people attended the meeting.  That is probably right if you include staff and the commission.  By my count 26 took the time to address the commission.

Panel hears ideas on districts
Redding Searchlight
The California Citizens Redistricting Commission held its first public hearing in Redding on Saturday. The commission is going around the state gathering residents' suggestions on redrawing congressional and state legislative districts based on the results of the 2010 census. Before, the state Legislature would redraw districts every 10 years, but a recent initiative passed by voters established the commission and charged it to redraw district boundaries by Aug. 15.

Redistricting poses challenge to candidates pondering a 2012 run
Los Angeles Times
"It's strange that all these people are trying to promote themselves to run for districts that won't exist" by election time, said redistricting expert Tony Quinn.

Latinos hope to strengthen their political power through redistricting
Bakersfield Californian
he shapes of California's political districts will change dramatically by August, altered by 2010 Census data showing demographic shifts and that much of the state's growth occurred in the Central Valley and Inland Empire. Kern County grew by 177,986 residents -- a 27 percent jump, powered largely by increases in the Latino population.

CAIVP Exhorts Citizens’ Redistricting Commission to follow non-partisan guidelines
CA Independent Voter Network
The California Independent Voter Project (CAIVP) has issued a formal letter urging the Citizens Redistricting Commission to adhere to the precepts of Proposition 11, which forbids consideration of political party membership from being a factor in the redrawing of legislative, constitutional, and congressional districts. 


Redistricting Battle Under Way, With Lobbyists and Lawyers
The New York Times
As a congressman from Buffalo, Brian Higgins is usually on the receiving end of entreaties from high-powered lobbyists. But with state lawmakers in Albany and nationwide preparing to redraw their electoral districts, Mr. Higgins has turned the tables, appointing his own lobbyist to try to save his district — and his job.

Oodles of Soft Money for Redistricting Fight
The Atlantic Wire
Lawmakers will be able to raise unlimited piles of cash from anonymous donors to help redraw congressional district maps and then defend those maps in court, thanks to a decision by the Federal Election Commission. Democrats aim to raise $12 million in soft money, while Republicans are gunning for $20 million--each with the goal of redrawing district lines in a way most advantageous to their electoral chances.


Expected growth in South County prompts redistricting commission
Morgan Hill Times
The meeting of 11 minds - Santa Clara County's Citizens Redistricting Commission - was in full swing Thursday night for its first public hearing to work through tweaking the county's supervisorial districts. It's a subject that's addressed once every 10 years when the Census results are released. The historical reason for the Census is to ensure voting districts throughout the U.S. are balanced with "one vote, one voice," and Santa Clara County's five districts is no exception.

County redistricting committee set
The Ukiah Daily Journal
Members of an eight-member committee to rework the county supervisor district boundaries were selected during the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors' Tuesday meeting. State election law requires the board to change the county's district boundaries every 10 years when the federal census comes out to ensure equal population in each district.

Create an online redistricting map
Sacramento Press
Anyone in the city can use the city’s online tools to carve up the eight City Council districts and present their redistricting ideas to city leaders. The mapmaking tool for the 2011 redistricting process is free to use, and the city welcomes maps from residents.

Redrawing L.A. electoral districts a demanding role
LA Daily News
As the City Council prepares to appoint the panel that will redraw Los Angeles' electoral boundaries, the chairman of the Citizens Reapportionment Committee appointed 10 years ago warned them to be ready for passion and politics.