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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Musical Chairs, Blindfolded

The attacks on Partisan Linedrawers continues, and is now extending to the attorneys; Roll Call warns that it could be all for not, as several cases of perfectly drawn lines that didn’t play out as planned; San Joaquin continues to think it is an island (and the same size as both a Congressional and Senate district); and Los Angeles gets started on their two year process of drawing lines… unlike the state, they have an extra year to figure this all out.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, the Cook Political Report released California Congressional plan to its subscribers.  To see an analysis and maps visit http://redistrictingpartners.com/2011/03/uncooking-the-maps/


Redistricting Commission Tilts
Flash Report
Republicans supported Prop. 11 and Democrats opposed it, so why are Republicans complaining about the Citizens Redistricting Commission they supported?

California redistricting panel tilts left, GOP critics say
Sacramento Bee
Victory no longer is sweet for California Republican Party interests that helped strip the Democratic-controlled Legislature of the right to draw political districts.

North East Assembly District
Matt Rexroad for the Flash Report
Recently, I posted a couple districts that make sense to me.  In the end, I think the commission has many many different options on how to draw these lines but this is one take. 

Redistricting Reform, California Style
The American Spectator
In November 2008 California voters passed Proposition 11, which took away from the state legislature the power to reapportion itself every 10 years and gave it to a new citizen commission. In a state where no incumbent had lost in the last decade and where the legislature's approval rating was stuck at 16 percent, this seemed like manna from heaven. It did not seem so to the special interests -- particularly the state's public employee unions -- who depend upon a pliant legislature to keep the money trough full.

Redistricting flap: Premature to say fix is in
San Diego Union Tribune
Two of the few promising California ballot reforms adopted in recent years were 2008 and 2010 measures that removed the ability of state lawmakers and House members to devise district boundaries with the goal of making incumbents invulnerable.

California Rep. Filner feeling redistricting pressure?
Yahoo News

Reports that 10-term California Rep. Bob Filner would rather run for San Diego mayor than for re-election in a redrawn district begs the question: How many House members will cave to redistricting pressure?

No grounds for blasting redistricting
Daily Breeze
California's new redistricting commission is working furiously to meet its Aug. 15 deadline for redrawing legislative lines. Partisans are busy too - trying to smear its 14 members with wild accusations. Don't be fooled. The criticism aims only to undermine the commission's credibility and generate political support.

Redistricting panel wants public input
Long Beach Press Telegram
It's called the Citizens Redistricting Commission for good reason. And not just because the 12 members of the group that will redraw California'\s legislative districts are regular citizens - rather than the self-interested politicians who used to do it. More importantly, the job of those 12 citizen commissioners is to take into account the will of all California citizens who are public-spirited enough to be willing to take part in the process.

California GOP hits sharp skid
Sacramento Bee
Two sets of official numbers that were released this month should make California's Republican Party leaders – if they exist – very nervous. First were the results of the 2010 census that confirmed anew the state's incredible demographic and cultural change. California's rapidly aging white population, an overwhelming majority a few decades ago, has now dropped to scarcely 40 percent, while the rapidly growing Latino and Asian populations are now more than 50 percent.

San Joaquin County supervisors seek county representation in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.
Lodi News
San Joaquin County supervisors will send a clear message to the citizens' committee that will draw new legislative lines this year — they want a unified county voice in Sacramento and Washington and not to have their representatives' attention diverted by other counties in their districts.

From the Twittersphere:

@CommonCauseCA: Two of our issues collide! RT @politico Redistricting draws unregulated money

@KaplanLarry: Redistricting geeks, get your fix here! http://ping.fm/yujmX

@rpnorton: Do NOT have five hours on March 31 to go to this CA redistricting conference! Will you go instead and fill me in? http://ow.ly/4orve


Redistricting draws unregulated cash
Top House Republicans and Democrats are raising millions of dollars for redistricting fights, opening the floodgates for what could be a $30 million campaign funded in part by unregulated, unreported soft money.

Redistricting Doesn’t Always Go as Planned
Roll Call
All the hard work of drawing a Congressional map can be ruined by a basket of chicken fingers. Across the country, Republicans and Democrats are feverishly strategizing about how to draw Congressional districts that will benefit their parties for the next decade. But even though districts can be drawn to dramatically favor a particular party or even a specific person, candidates and campaigns still matter and sometimes races don’t turn out as they were planned.

GOP could win, lose in redistricting
Republicans could gain big -- or lose big -- as legislatures begin redrawing legislative districts to synchronize them with population shifts, observers say. Democrats are seen as especially vulnerable in the 2010 redistricting process that began with the release of U.S. Census data indicating which states will lose or gain congressional representation, ABC News reported Tuesday.

Redistricting Battles Begin: Could Your Congress Member be in the Line of Fire?
ABC News
Several veteran members of the U.S. Congress could soon find their jobs in the line of fire as redistricting efforts get underway around the country. From New York, which will lose two U.S. House seats, to Ohio, which will lose the same number, Democrats are particularly vulnerable this time around in the once-a-decade process that's rife with partisan bickering.


Alameda County faces district 'tweaks'
Contra Costa Times
Solid suburban growth in eastern Alameda County the past decade will drive the most significant shift among the county's five supervisorial districts as county officials redraw the political boundaries this summer.

The Squabble Begins Anew: LA Council District Boundaries about to Change
City Watch
Quietly with nary a nod of acknowledgement from the City Hall or interest by the press or LA’s neighborhood councils the decadal redistricting process for LA City Council districts is underway. Although the US Census Bureau released 2010 population data for California only on March 8, 2011, the group chosen to redraw the lines is most likely set in concrete. The City Charter requires a 21-member Los Angeles Redistricting Commission be appointed by April 1st.