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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Cook Uncooked

At the end of last week the Cook Political Report came out with a set of district lines as an approximation of what the Citizens Redistricting Commission would create.  Now Redistricting Report readers can see these maps (previously password protected for Cook Report subscribers), get the actual per-district data, and better understand the challenges facing the commission as they work to redraw these districts.

The Memo and maps are here: http://redistrictingpartners.com/2011/03/uncooking-the-maps/

As the memo points out, "Criticizing maps is easy, while drawing them can be a challenging task."  The fact is that this Cook Report analysis is the first legitimate stab from a trustwothy source and a gutsy move.  Any number of politically engaged individuals or groups could have put out a plan by now - but Cook was first and everyone is talking about it.

Redistricting Report will return to regular news summaries and links tomorrow.