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Monday, March 14, 2011

[Editor: Local governments are also doing redistricting this year.  To see the over/unders of city and supervisorial districts, including ethnic breakdowns, visit http://redistrictingpartners.com/cities-and-counties/ .  Sacramento, San Diego and Contra Costa are uploaded, with more to come…]


Census to bring change to Bay Area political landscape
Contra Costa Times
The Bay Area will likely lose legislative seats to faster-growing inland regions after its population in the past decade failed to keep pace with its eastern neighbors.  "An incumbent congressman or -woman in the Bay Area is probably going to lose a seat," said Tony Quinn, co-founder of the California Target Book, the state's bible for political analysis.

With numbers now established, redistricting debate begins
Ventura County Star
If drawing political districts could be done in a vacuum — without having to worry about how the numbers work out in the rest of the state — creating new congressional districts along California's central coast could be a pretty tidy task.

Redistricting and the 2010 Census
San Francisco Chronicle
"The Republicans could lose five or six congressional seats in 2012," South suggested. Democrats now hold 34 of the 53 seats.  Prepare for plenty of political shockwaves when these new maps emerge.

Redistricting, the next chapter in the voting rights struggle
Bay View
Some forms of discrimination are obvious, but more subtle ones can also be harmful. Here is one you may not know about – redistricting, the process of re-drawing district boundaries to ensure equal representation. Redistricting occurs every 10 years, following the U.S. Census.

Frenzy of Calif. redistricting speculation greets census data
Ventura County Star
"The folks we're working with from Oxnard would like to see Oxnard kept whole and integrated into the politics of Ventura County," said Chris Lanier, civic engagement coordinate for the central coast community-organizing group CAUSE.

Mariel Garza: Don't miss the redistricting fun
Daily News
All right, maybe redistricting will never be an exciting topic that can compete with the hijinks of Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen. But whether or not you participate in the process or forget about it, the redrawing is about to begin.


San Diego: District 1 likely to change in city’s redistricting process
Carmel Valley News
In the city of San Diego, the process of redistricting actually began last year with the appointment — by a panel of retired judges — of a seven-member redistricting commission that will have the final say on drawing the boundaries of City Council districts.  This is the second time such a commission has been appointed in San Diego, following a 1992 ballot initiative that established the process.

City Redistricting could Impact La Jolla
La Jolla Light
The 2010 redistricting commission, which has already started meeting, will have one additional job that its counterpart in 2000 didn’t face — creation of a ninth council district, mandated last year when city voters permanently adopted the strong mayor form of government.  “We’re definitely creating history,” said Anisha Dalal, a high school principal and chair of the redistricting commission.

Sacramento: Redistricting Commissioners Appointed
Sacramento Press
Political communications consultant Steve Maviglio will return to the realm of city politics as Mayor Kevin Johnson’s appointee on the redistricting committee.  In an interview Thursday, Maviglio said he would focus on neighborhoods in the redistricting process. “My philosophy is that neighborhoods should be kept together as much as possible,” he said. 

Steve Hansen, who was selected by Councilman Jay Schenirer, said some of the current districts don’t make sense because they break up Tahoe Park, Valley Hi and the urban core of the city. “Tahoe Park is split in half,” he said, between Districts 5 and 6.

Superintendent's Forum: Can Berryessa survive the city's redistricting of council districts?
Mercury News
One of the wonderful things about our country is that we regularly relook at how we set up voter districts so that the people we elect really represent us. It happens every 10 years and this is the year.  For those of us who live and work in Berryessa, this is an opportunity for us to make sure that we are represented at all levels of government. This year we are faced with some critical issues that need to be addressed if this process is going to give us the representation we deserve.


Redistricting targets could seek other opportunities
Washington Post
Redistricting is a long and scary process if you're a member of Congress, and it can force you to take political gambles to keep your career alive.  Like run for Senate.