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Thursday, March 3, 2011


News Release: Redistricting Partners + Political Data Inc.
Redistricting Partners and Political Data (PDI) have just released new legislative and congressional district estimates giving an improved preview of the data expected to be released by the US Census next week.  Press Release includes an analysis of the new majority-minority districts, and data tables of population, ethnicity, and Citizen Voting Age Population the Assembly, Senate and Congressional districts.

Experts Agree: California's Congressional District Lines to Be Radically Redrawn
Campaigns and Elections
Probolsky anticipates that there will be a number of legal challenges and thinks that the state’s judiciary will ultimately have a great deal of influence over the state’s new district lines.   Mitchell counters that the commission’s plan is likely to be upheld for the most part. “It will face a lot of challenges, but ultimately the [commission’s plan] or something close to it will be the final plan,” he says. “I think it will really alter the shape of our delegation. We have fifty-three members and I would guess that at least ten members don’t return to Congress.”

California's 2010 census results to come out next week
San Jose Mercury News
The U.S. Census Bureau next week will deliver the California results of the 2010 census, allowing a new statewide redistricting commission to begin the work of redrawing political boundaries.  The public release of census information will also give Californians a trove of data about how their cities, counties and neighborhoods have changed since the last decennial census in 2000.

Republicans -- and the Bee's Dan Walters -- Get it Wrong on California Redistricting
Steve Maviglio, California Majority Report
When it comes to redistricting, there's one thing you can say about Republicans: they are consistent. Consistently uninformed.  Take their recent sour grapes criticism of Karin Mac Donald, who runs the very nonpartisan Statewide Database at UC Berkeley, which was echoed in a column by veteran Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters this morning…

Viewpoints: State GOP’s Last Chance to Make a Deal

Peter Schrag, Sacramento Bee
For California's shrinking minority of Republicans, will the election of 2012 be the last hurrah? That election will be run under radically new rules in altogether different districts. In many of those districts, there are more Latino voters than ever before. The safe seats that the 2001 gerrymander guaranteed for Republicans legislators will be gone.

Redistricting: Let the Musical Chairs Begin

Drunk on Politics Blog
One unavoidable byproduct of this process will be a game of musical chairs among our incumbents, especially those up for re-election in 2012, because there is no guarantee incumbents will still be residents of the districts they represent when the lines are finalized.”

Lodi’s Ricky Gill weighs running for Congress
Lodi News Sentinel
The California Redistricting Commission is spending the year creating new political boundaries in state and federal districts for the 2012 election, so the big question will be whether Rep. Jerry McNerney's home in Pleasanton will continue to be in the same district as the Lodi-Stockton area. However the districts line up, Gill said he would like to represent San Joaquin County.


Filmmakers in Tow, Irate Koch Pushes Albany on Redistricting
New York Times
Mr. Koch was irate. For almost a year, he has led a campaign to overhaul state government known as New York Uprising, calling on lawmakers to impose stricter ethics rules and revise the process for drawing legislative districts.  On Tuesday, he went to Albany to scold lawmakers who had reneged on a pledge to support independent redistricting. Or, as he described it, “to scream, ‘Liar, liar, pants on fire!’ ”

DCCC's Limited Options For Many At-Risk Dems
At least nine of the 15 Democrats on the list face the real prospect of running in districts much less favorable to them after the redistricting process is complete. Outside of lobbying on their behalf to state legislative leaders (or hiring lobbyists to protect their members' interests), there's little the DCCC can do to keep their districts safer, other than help them raise money.


County to Provide Overview of 2011 Redistricting Process
Long Beach Post
The county will outline its upcoming redistricting process tomorrow at an organizational meeting of the newly appointed Boundary Review Committee on Supervisorial Redistricting in Los Angeles County. 

Redistricting update
Valley Community Newspapers
The [Sacramento City] Council must complete the redistricting process within six months of the release of the Census “block data” figures for the June 2012 election. It is estimated that the 2010 census will show that the City's population has grown from 407,000 to 470,000.