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Monday, February 28, 2011


Redistricting: Legal arguments complicate drawing the maps
Capitol Weekly
Among elected officials and politicos, the conversation about California’s redistricting has focused on the Commission process, membership, staff, structure, possibly 50 outreach meetings, and one seemingly endless flowchart. However, the most important factors could be two provisions of the Voting Rights Act that are far off most people’s radar screen: Section 2 and Section 5.

California's political deck is filled with wild cards for 2012
San Francisco Examiner
Which legislative and congressional politicians will survive is very much up in the air.  An entirely new set of districts will be drawn up by an independent redistricting commission — or the courts, if the commission falters — which means politicians are no longer choosing their own voters.

POLITCAL NOTEBOOK: Baca vs. Lewis in 2012?
Some political prognosticators have speculated that Reps. Joe Baca, D-Rialto, and Jerry Lewis, R-Redlands, could be drawn into the same district, which might include portions of each of their current constituencies.  "I might run in that district," said Lewis, who is still weighing a bid for an 18th term in Congress. "That might be stimulating."

Abel Maldonado To Challenge Rep. Capps
Sacramento Bee
The Santa Maria Republican acknowledged that the district and the matchup could change as a citizens commission redraws the district's boundaries this year. "I don't know what the district will look like, but I know I will be a candidate," he said.

Yao looks back at days on council

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
"Over 90percent of all cities in California will go bankrupt because of the long-term pension obligation," Yao said. "Claremont is caught up into that same pension program. I don't want to second-guess as to how we got into it. We promised employees more than we can possibly afford in years past ... only when the city goes bankrupt can the city get out of the contract. It's a lose-lose proposition."

Citizens Commission Meeting Synopsis

There were several members of the public including representatives of the Rose Institute, California Chamber of Commerce, CA Forward and a letter was read which was written by a county Democratic Party Chair.

[Editor: the below is an action alert from a Republican organization trying to influence the commission.  When these pop up on the web from any legitimate group they will be included.]

An important Action Alert from Joy Bliss, LACFRW president, and Elaine Klock, LACFRW, So. Div. parliamentarian:
I am sending this out to you because I am sure that you would all want to know what is happening with the 2011 Redistricting  Commission. Let's make sure that our CRP Leadership knows that we are deeply concerned and disappointed that this alarming situation has developed.