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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


[Editor: this week saw a strong reaction from Republicans as the commission made hiring decisions that seemed to favor Democrats.  The reaction started with several tweets reprinted in Monday’s report, and led to three scathing articles, one with a song.  At the same time Democrats have been rather mum.]


Tony Quinn, Fox and Hounds
The Commission’s executive director is a “progressive” Democrat and is trying to sole source the line drawing job to a longtime Democratic redistricting activist.  California has become more Latino and Democratic during the past decade as an elderly white Republican electorate has faded away.  Now that fact will be reflected in the new districts that will be created for the next decade.

: Election Law Blog posts an email from Tony Quinn in response to his article, see I Thought It Was Republicans (along with Good Government Types) Who Supported the Prop. 11 Redistricting Plan in California

AND... Bonus Bonus: Cain Responds to Quinn on California Redistricting Commission

Redistricting Commission Leans Democrat

Louis Barnett for the FlashReport
California voters expected that politics would be taken out of the process of redistricting the state legislative, Board of Equalization and congressional seats.  But few redistricting consultants are idealistic, good government, non-partisan types.  Most have deep partisan and ideological ties.

California Citizens Redistricting Commission Goes Partisan - The Musical

Mike Spence for the FlashReport
[The commission heard] from former L.A. County Chair Linda Boyd, Lou Barnett and a couple others about the partisan path the Commission has embarked on.

It reminds of a song sung by tots in Berkeley….  [click through to the article to find the musical score]

Redistricting Changes May Not Hurt Democrats

Thomas Elias, Ventura County Star
The census is over, its findings known and California has a brand-new redistricting commission made up of citizens who have never before been public figures.

The big remaining question: Will all this lead to lots of new faces in both Sacramento and in California's delegation to Congress?

The best guess here is probably not.

And some Notable Tweets for the week:

  • 2/16 | @TimRosales: With the specials in #SD28 and #SD17 - wondering which Sens will have their district #'s flip from even-odd - vice versa in #Redistricting
  • 2/15 | @dansquatch: There's nothing better for a head cold than discussing the nuances of redistricting.
  • 2/15 | cars2gonow: The Hotline Bonus Quote: You've Got A Friend In Me: Redistricting talk is ramping up in the Lone Star state, as ... http://bit.ly/g9JRs0
  • 2/14 | @FairBoundaries: Reagan's remarks, asking citizens to sign a petition for redistricting reform http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php/?pid=44282



Long Beach redistricting on way
Long Beach Press Telegram
With the release of the U.S. Census results expected sometime next month, the city will likely redraw the lines of all nine council districts. Long Beach City College and Long Beach Unified School District will redraw the lines of their five districts as well.

County must do redistricting right
Editorial Board, San Diego Union Tribune
The supervisorial redistricting process is under way, and off to the same quiet start, with the same five white Republicans – Horn, Slater-Price, Cox, Jacob and Roberts – still on the board with the final say. The redistricting committee consists of appointees from each supervisor. This would seem to make big changes unlikely beyond the need to keep roughly the same number of people in each district in the wake of population shifts and growth.