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Monday, February 14, 2011



Incumbents, Beware
Cook Report
Even if 2012 isn’t a wave election, turnover could again be very high. Why? One word: redistricting.

Veteran Republicans Ken Calvert, David Dreier, and Dan Lungren represent districts neighboring more-Democratic territory that could become problematic. Democrats Howard Berman, Sam Farr, Bob Filner, Laura Richardson, and Brad Sherman have gotten away with excluding just enough Hispanics from their districts to avoid a serious primary challenge. The new districts could become much more hospitable to Latino candidates.

In Redistricting Debate, What Role Should Citizenship Play?
New America Media
After factoring in voting age and citizenship status, in 2009 only 41 percent of the Latino population in the United States was eligible to vote in federal elections, compared to 74 percent of non-Latinos. This is one of the major findings of statistics released last Friday by the Census Bureau at the request of the Justice Department The same is the case with cities and other places. Among the 25 places with the largest Latino populations, Latino voter eligibility ranged from 39 to 96 percent. Among these 25 places, those with the lowest Latino eligibility rates were Santa Ana, CA (39 percent)


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Who Draws the Lines?
The commission received a number of negative comments yesterday from Republicans who are concerned about the Democratic leanings of staff, particularly Karin MacDonald.  Someone was going to openly criticize first, and it looks like that somebody is the Republicans:

@RoseInstitute / tweeting from commission hearing / February 12:

  • Rep from LA Republican County expressing concern abt tech consultant Karin Macdonald-CA Dems established Statewide Database
  • Fmr chair of LA GOP Linda Boyd 2nd public comment: also expressing concern over hiring of Karin Macdonald
  • Doug Boyd, Regional Vice Chairman of CA Repub Party: Opposes Karin MacDonald's hiring
  • 4th comment Doug Boyd, reg. chair GOP + LA Brd of Ed: "Personnel is policy"
  • 5th comment: bias personnel hiring towards Decline-to-State candidates
  • 6th comment (Dem): only 12-24 qualified tech consultants in CA. Can't fault someone for serving Dem masters

Budget woes drive redistricting commission to Claremont
San Bernardino Sun
The Secretary of State's office, like most state offices, is closed on the weekend, said Secretary of State spokeswoman Shannan Velayas. To open buildings on the weekend, she said the commission would have had to get an exception from an executive order that halted overtime for some state workers.

Yao said the Claremont University Consortium was the first private entity to offer its resources to the commission.

"This is somewhat an experiment," Yao said. "If it works out, we're going to do more of it."

The California Redistricting Commission - Are Parts of California Underrepresented?
Daily Kos – Orchid Community Site
The emphasis on Ancheta's rural ties by the Commissioners points to one potential weakness of the Commission; it's heavy focus on the Bay and LA areas. Interestingly, a commenter to a Sacramento Bee article reporting the selection of Ancheta expressed dissatisfaction that the Commission contains no one from Northern California.

Redistricting, Plus
Asbarez Armenian News
What do we, as Armenian communities, want out of this process? Do we want densely Armenian populated districts or districts in which we have a significant enough presence to be one of the key players in determining who gets elected (this question I’m told, is shortened as “packed or cracked” in the jargon of this field).


EDITORIAL: A model of redistricting
OUR VIEW: Supervisors' district should be set by independent panel
North County Times
The reasons for gerrymandering are as old as representative democracy ---- politicians want to maximize their chances of regular re-election, and when given the opportunity to draw the boundaries of their districts, invariably create districts that favor their re-election above all other considerations.

San Joaquin? Stanislaus? Census county map borderline
Stockton Record
While setting the stage for the process to come, the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters Office noticed a hiccup - maps from the U.S. Census didn't jibe with the shape of San Joaquin County's actual boundaries.