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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I Predict 2012 Will Bring Big Changes To California Congressional Delegation
Matt Rexroad in FlashReport
My prediction is that even though reapportionment did not add any Congressional seats in California retirement will provide at least eight new Members of Congress from California in 2013.

DOJ ‘pre-clears’ Prop. 20 House redistricting

Sacramento Bee
The measure has received pre-clearance from the U.S. Department of Justice, meaning the new law now can be fully implemented.

“Preclearance has confirmed what we have known all along: that Proposition 20 protects the rights of California voters,” Charles Munger Jr., Proposition 20’s proponent and main funder (as in, almost $12.2 million of the $13.8 million behind it), said in a news release.

Democrats leap at chance for Jane Harman's House seat

Los Angeles Times
UC Berkeley political scientist Bruce Cain said Harman's departure could foreshadow more retirements by veteran California House Democrats frustrated by life in the minority and anxious about the uncertainty over new district boundaries, which will be drawn by a citizens' panel using 2010 census data.

Jeffe said the redistricting process could limit interest in the race, especially for politicians not facing term limits in the near future. "Whoever wins and runs [in the special election] doesn't know what the district will be under the new lines. That's a risk some people won't want to take," she said.

For a map of the district showing Hahn’s 2010 Primary performance against Gavin Newsom, visit http://tinyurl.com/CD36map

Political Notebook: Gay lawmakers eye South Bay Assembly seat
Bay Area Reporter
Both men's decisions will be impacted by the decennial redistricting process. How both the Assembly and supervisor district boundaries are redrawn later.

Media Training
If you happen to be a journalist tracking redistricting, the Sacramento Press Club  has a no- cost training for journalists and media professionals on the state’s complex effort to overhaul its redistricting process.  For the info go to: http://www.sacpressclub.org/attend-seminars


Justice Department Issues Redistricting Guidelines
National Journal
An advance copy of the Justice Department’s redistricting guidelines sends a strong signal that the Obama administration will be zealous in enforcing the 45-year-old civil-rights law, and its stance could mean fierce battles over congressional district lines.

The Battle Over Redistricting—Will Latinos Be Represented?
New America Media
All of the Latino districts in California are going to grow. It was thought that they would be extended eastward, entering the San Bernardino area, which would make those districts more conservative," he said.

"But if the person who replaces Harman doesn’t have as much political leverage, it’s possible to move African-American districts to the west and better accommodate the Hispanic congressional districts to keep them where they are.”

Florida governor turns Voting Rights Act rule on its head
Los Angeles Times
In an unusual twist, new Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, is using the pre-clearance requirement in the Voting Rights Act to stall enforcement of a voter-approved initiative that bars partisan gerrymandering.

Longtime champions of voting rights are crying foul.


Sacramentans can apply for redistricting panel
Sacramento Press
The eight council members and Mayor Kevin Johnson will each appoint a member of the panel. The remaining four spots are “at-large,” which means they will not be filled by appointees.  Read a schedule of February neighborhood meetings on redistricting here.

Population Growth Affects Contra Costa Redistricting
CBS San Francisco
The last ten years have seen substantial population growth in East Contra Costa and the Dougherty Valley, which is expected to impact redistricting for the supervisorial districts in the county.

HUNNEMAN: Let the games begin
North County Times
The impact of the 2010 U.S. Census and California's Redistricting Commission, a 14-member panel that is redrawing the state's legislative district boundaries, will play a role in who runs for what seat and from where.