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Thursday, February 3, 2011


NAACP Says Lack of Staff Diversity Will Present Future Problems

Black Voice News
“I am concerned that when the Commissioner’s were applicants for the Commission, practically every one of them said diversity was important.

However, in their very first opportunity to act on their commitment to diversity, they choose to ignore the minority community,” said Alice Huffman, President of California State NAACP.

Hundreds of e-mail addresses mistakenly released by state

Sacramento Bee
Hundreds of business and personal e-mail addresses mistakenly were released by a state aide assisting California's fledgling redistricting commission this week to people who had asked to keep abreast of the panel's developments.  Commission Executive Director Dan Claypool said the error was made by the secretary of state's office, which is assisting the redistricting panel until it can finish hiring staff.

If you would like to have your email revealed to everyone, you can add it here: http://www.wedrawthelines.ca.gov/sign_up.html

Briefing Report: 2011 - A Redistricting Year Like No Other

Senate Republican Caucus
This was a familiar process to all those interested in redistricting. All that has changed, with the legislature losing this authority and with this authority now in the hands of the CRC, the focus is now directed at the CRC and the redistricting process prescribed by Proposition 11. What once was a familiar process is now unfamiliar.


GOP redistricting efforts languishing
Campaigns and Elections
The failure of the MAPS project is a negative for Republicans. “By letting the MAPS project languish, the GOP isn't in as good of a position for redistricting as most think,” Sargeant said.

At the end of the day, according to Avella, the GOP’s success in the 2010 elections trumps any fund-raising deficit. “We picked up 691 legislatives seats and twenty-one majorities,” he said. “The Republicans control line drawing for 193 congressional districts, the Democrats control it in 44. Eighty-eight congressional seats will be decided by commission—fifty-two of those in California alone.”

LDF Continues Fight To Defend Voting Rights Act

Sacramento Bee
Today the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) presented oral argument in Shelby County, Alabama v. Holder, a case challenging a core provision of the Voting Rights Act known as Section 5. The provision requires jurisdictions with a history of discrimination to have voting changes reviewed by the U.S. Department of Justice

If you build it, will they come?

Spatial Roundtable
If one questioned the general public about redistricting, as a Pew survey did in 2006, one would find only modest awareness of the topic and generally negative opinions of the current process. This comes as no surprise…

[Editor: interesting posts in the comments section of this article from Justin Levitt from Loyola who has presented to the commission and Maria Macgunigal who is the IT / GIS Director for the City of Sacramento]

The Dawn of do-it-yourself Redistricting?

Campaigns & Elections
Our research—much of it conducted with colleague Karin Mac Donald—has shown that computers have enabled authorities to create redistricting plans more quickly and cheaply, but have not substantially affected plans’ content.


Citizens panel will help guide Sacramento's redistricting
Sacramento Bee
That the Sacramento City Council agreed to form Tuesday night to help with the city's redistricting was probably the most that could have been expected...

San Diego County: Redistricting process raises concerns
North County Times
This year's redistricting, several county observers said this week, could be so political it carves a North County challenger out of the 2012 race he's been ...

San Diego County: Redistricting, a.k.a. gerrymander

North County Times
This is in the great scheme of things pretty bland stuff. There is greater excitement elsewhere: the blizzards, the Super Bowl, health care, Egypt, Charlie Sheen and jobs lost and never found. But gerrymand ... er, redistricting, is ignored at our peril.