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Monday, January 31, 2011


Residency Rules, once toothless, taken on new meaning
Capitol Weekly
Could a losing Republican legislative candidate, who only garnered 5 percent of the primary vote, significantly compound the impacts of this year’s redistricting?

If the courts were to act quickly the next class of legislators could be held to the one-year residency standard, meaning that 2012 candidates would have to be living in their district by Nov. 6, 2011.

Replacement picked for redistricting panel
Sacramento Bee
California's new redistricting commission was made whole Friday when Angelo Ancheta was chosen from six other Democratic candidates to replace a member who resigned earlier this month.

Ancheta, a San Francisco resident, is a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law. He has taught classes and conducted research in constitutional rights, voting rights and election law.

Redistricting panel to meet
San Bernardino Sun
The Citizens Redistricting Commission will hold its first public meeting Feb. 10-13 at the Claremont Colleges' Honnold/Mudd Library.  The 14-member commission, which includes former Claremont Councilman Peter Yao, will draw the state's districts to conform with nonpartisan lines to make the districts equal in population for fair representation of Californians, state officials said.


Deciphering the Latest Redistricting Trends
ESRI Podcast
Tim Storey, Senior Fellow at the National Conference of State Legislatures, discusses new developments in the redistricting process across the nation.

Congressional Black Caucus Eyes Redistricting
Sharp population declines in big cities across the map have Congressional Black Caucus members anxiously monitoring redistricting developments, fearful that numerous African-American House members could find their districts dramatically altered for 2012.

CBC members will also be relying on the Department of Justice, which will review some of the newly drawn maps to ensure they don’t illegally dilute African-American voting representation in protected districts. Under the Voting Rights Act, any district with a majority of minority voters is protected and cannot be eliminated or lose its majority-minority status.

Shuler to introduce bill mandating bipartisan redistricting commissions in each state
The Washington Independent
The bill, which if passed would not take effect until 2020, also has strict requirements on who can serve on the commissions: campaign staffers and party officials who have held those jobs in the previous four years would not be eligible and those on the commission would be ineligible to run for Congress during the next decade.


Valley could be split in county’s redistricting
The Valley Chronicle
It took very little convincing by Eric Gosch to get the Hemet City Council on board in an effort to make sure the redistricting of Riverside County does not split the San Jacinto Valley between districts.

Should prison inmates, nonresident military personnel count in Solano County redistricting?
Times Herald Online
Supervisors Jim Spering and Mike Reagan agreed that nonresident military must be included. But they also contended that in considering new districts, population reports should include totals that both included and excluded prison numbers.

The new district boundaries must be adopted before Nov. 1, or a supervisorial redistricting commission will make a decision before Dec. 31.