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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Will redistricting wreak havoc on CA GOP Congressional Delegation?
FlashReport Editorial by Paul Mitchell
Nobody knows exactly what the final district lines will be, but after drawing a few statewide maps and looking at the draft plans of others, one thing is becoming clear:  There should be quite a game of musical chairs within the Republican congressional delegation, and the winners could be the Republican legislators and local elected officials looking to move up.

The article was also summarized by Riverside Press Enterprise reporter Jim Miller: Redistricting could box in local Republicans

Seven Democrats contend for remap panel
Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert
Seven Democrats suddenly are in the running to become members of California's first-ever redistricting panel following Friday's surprise resignation of Commissioner Elaine Kuo.


Give Public More Say on Redistricting
Sacramento Bee
Sacramento's City Council districts are a mess.  They split too many neighborhoods. There's far too big a gap in populations among the districts, making a mockery of the democratic ideal of one person, one vote. And, to suit politicians, they're contorted into ridiculous shapes.

City Begins Redistricting Process
Sacramento Press
At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, council members discussed the idea of creating a citizens’ committee to advise them on the redistricting process, but they did not come to a final decision on that matter. Councilwomen Sandy Sheedy and Angelique Ashby both said that a citizens’ advisory committee would limit the ability of citizens to talk directly to their council representatives.  “I was elected to listen to the people, and that’s what I do,” Sheedy said.

New county lines offer a new chance
Visalia Times-Delta
The ultimate goal of redistricting is to protect the integrity of elected representation. With redistricting this year, the county has a renewed opportunity to do that and to maintain the integrity of neighborhoods.


Redistricting imperils Dennis Kucinich
With the upcoming round of redistricting threatening to end his career, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is taking his case to the court of public opinion in an attempt to stave off the elimination of his district.