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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

State News

First Meeting of Full Redistricting Commission, Today!

Today will be the official start of the 2011 redistricting process as the final 6 members of the commission are sworn in.  In preparation for today’s meeting the commission has posted its Agenda, Handouts , and all recent public comments.  The commission hearing can be watched live starting at 10:30 am on their webcast.

Launch of Redistricting Partners

Check out the home of Redistricting Partners on the web at www.redistrictingpartners.com.  You can see what we are doing, lob us any redistricting related questions, and keep up with the ins and outs of both local and statewide redistricting.

Rose Fellow Addresses CA Redistricting in Jan. 30th speech in LA

Rose Fellow Douglas Johnson will present the “Los Angeles Lecture Series” address at a public event on Sunday, January 30th at 3:30 pm.  The topic will be “California Demographics and Politics: the 2010 Census and California Redistricting.” -- University Synagogue / 11960 Sunset Boulevard / LA


Census Bureau Briefing on Redistricting Data at 1pm Eastern

Event materials will be posted online shortly after the event begins and can be accessed by clicking here.  Dial-in number: 1-888-603-8938 / Passcode: CENSUS.  There will be a live webcast of the briefing, accessible at http://www.visualwebcaster.com/event.asp?id=75495

Our view on redistricting: Politicians picking voters

USA Today

In most states, there are few constraints on what the legislature can do in redrawing political boundaries for partisan advantage. California has one congressional district that's 200 miles long and at places only a few hundred yards wide. In Illinois, the 17th district has so many twists and turns that it has been described as looking like "a rabbit on a skateboard."

Opposing view on redistricting: 'Inescapably political'

USA Today

The idea that commissions should draw district lines is the latest effort to find the silver bullet for America's political ills. What advocates of commissions are frustrated with is really the fact that our representatives are beholden to localities instead of a great national spirit. What they really want is to change the nature of American representation toward a more parliamentary and programmatic government. What they are really after is, in the final analysis, much worse than what we have now.


Tulare County Supervisor wants an early start on redistricting
Tulare Advance Register
Tulare County Supervisor Phil Cox said he wants to get started early on efforts to re-align the county’s five supervisor districts after U.S. Census data is released next month.

And based on his expectations of that data, Cox said today that he believes some changes are in order for District 3, which he represents.

Pasadena City Council Moves Forward PUSD Redistricting Proposal

The Altadena Patch
The Pasadena City Council voted Monday night to endorse a Pasadena Unified School Board plan that could one day result in Altadena voters having their own seat on the board.

The plan would allow each resident of Pasadena Unified areas (Pasadena, Sierra Madre, and Altadena) to vote for one school board member in their geographic area, rather than vote to approve the entire board.

Politicians rule local redistricting

The San Bernardino Sun
Later this year, San Bernardino County leaders will have to redraw the boundaries of the county's five supervisorial districts.

While the state's redistricting process has been in the headlines for months, it's not yet clear exactly when or how the county will redraw district lines.