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The Sacramento Bee : Dan Walters: California's interior could gain ...
Sacramento Bee
The Sacramento Bee re-runs the Dan Walters column online… stating that “Drawing new legislative and congressional districts – whether done by the Legislature, the courts or California's new independent redistricting commission – is a zero-sum game.”  But they forgot to take out the part where Walters suggests that California may lose two congressional seats.

Jerry Brown's appeal to greater good to be put to test
San Jose Mercury News
Several articles talk about redistricting within the context of 2011 changes and the overall political climate, but this one has the best snippets, with quotes from fmr. Governor Gray Davis and Target Book co-editor Alan Hoffenblum

Dick Spotswood: Gearing up for a wide-open Assembly race
Marin Independent-Journal
By November new lines will be drawn by the just-established Citizens Redistricting Commission. My guess is that the 6th Assembly District will retain its ...


Pew study on reapportionment shows Latinos as big winners
Pew Hispanic Center

With these reapportionment changes, Latinos likely will play a larger role in national politics in the coming decade. Two states that gained seats, Florida and Nevada, have been key swing battlegrounds in recent presidential elections (having voted for the Republican nominee in 2004 and the Democrat in 2008). In both states, Latinos are a growing share of eligible voters.

Eight Facts about Redistricting
Christian Science Monitor
A simple primer on national redistricting and reapportionment terms.


San Jose council districts will drastically change
San Jose Mercury News
Big changes are coming when San Jose's City Council districts are redrawn this year. We hope our city's leaders and citizens will pay close attention and get started early. We emphasize this because the redistricting timeline is extremely tight. If people wait until maps are published at the end of the process, it may be too late to have much influence.

City to change council district map
Elk Grove Citizen
“We will be looking at redistricting with a greater level of scrutiny,” Lindgren said. The committee's composition and direction – if the committee is even ...

For the Tech Geeks 

Cool Dot Maps of US Census data
Great use of the American Community Survey estimates by the New York Times at http://nyti.ms/fqxZwM .  Even comes with a cool lesson plan called “Connecting the Dots

Microsoft Case Study on Florida’s Redistricting Software
Every 10 years, the Florida Legislature draws its district boundaries. The public is encouraged to participate, but previously had only a desktop application to submit recommendations for new district boundaries. For the 2010 census, the Florida House of Representatives wanted to develop a web-based application to allow even greater public participation, but the cost to build the infrastructure for the application was prohibitive…