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Friday, July 22, 2011


Your District or Mine?

In the latest story Republicans In Love, Senator Ted Gaines seeks out an odd numbered Senate seat while also keeping an eye on the Assembly seat for his wife Beth.  True romance is found where districts overlap. 

This district hunting has been hotted up by the release of potential district numbers in what is the most confusing document released -- it's part of the official "most confusing document in redistricting" which has been summarized by Redistricting Partners here.

The greatest impact could be on Republican Senators Walters, Berryhill and Gaines, all of whom have issues either in the district they currently are in, or the district they are planning on moving to.

But the oddest potential numbering is for the 8th, home of current Senator and SF Mayoral candidate Leland Yee.  When he wins that mayoral race he would vacate the 8th district – with a special election to select his replacement.  The voters in that election would be those from his current district – not the new lines.  However, based on the numbering, that district could pop up in East Los Angeles, Riverside or the Sierra Foothills. 

This means that Yee could retire, leaving Fiona Ma to be elected to that seat by the SF and San Mateo voters.  She could hold it for two years, then, in 2014, hand over the keys to her successor, Ricardo Lara??

This is exactly what the voters asked for.


Draft redistricting maps put Ted and Beth Gaines in a bit of a predicament
The Sacramento Bee
'Til death do them part, sure, but nobody envisioned this. Ted and Beth Gaines, the Legislature's only married couple, find themselves in an odd predicament from the latest draft maps by California's independent redistricting commission.

'Game-changing' congressional district attracts field of interested Democrats
Ventura County Star
Over the last 10 years there have been 265 congressional elections in California. Either the incumbent or a successor from the same party has won 264 times. With new district maps scheduled to be finalized within two weeks, a sea change appears to be in store. "We're going to see more than a decade's worth of action in one election cycle," said Democratic pollster Ben Tulchin, who predicts the 2012 election will produce eight or nine new members of Congress from California. "Things are shaking up."

Redistricting attacks
Ventura County Star
At the heart of the article on GOP leader Shawn Steel’s attack on Gabino Aguirre on FlashReport.org are these two statements: “The report … largely restates information that Aguirre self-reported in his application (for membership on the Redistricting Commission)” and “(The) report did not examine the activities of other commission members.” See also: CRP Chairman Calls for Resignation of Dr. Gabino Aguirre from Redistricting Commission

Redistricting panel weighs how to number Senate districts
The Press Enterprise
In its months of work to redraw the state's political map, California's independent redistricting panel has studiously ignored the current boundaries crafted by politicians a decade ago. That ended Thursday, as the Citizens Redistricting Commission began to address how to number 40 state Senate districts without disenfranchising millions of voters next year, even if it means peeking at the highly criticized 2001 lines that were designed to protect incumbents and maximize parties' strengths.

Redistricting could split 'burbs into six districts
The Sacramento Bee
What is Sacramento County divided by six? Answer: A lightning rod for controversy, judging from reaction to plans by California's independent redistricting commission to split the county's suburbs into six state Senate districts.

Newest redistricting proposal lumps Sacramento airport with capital after all
The Sacramento Bee
It looks like Sacramento's airport has ties to California's capital after all. New draft maps released by the state's independent redistricting commission would keep Sacramento International Airport in the same congressional district as much of the city.

Latest district maps would keep Downey whole
The Downey Patriot
After weeks of debate and discussion, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission released several visualizations of both state legislative and congressional districts last week, prompting angst among city officials who believe the new preliminary maps isolate Downey from its traditional regional partners.

Two big law firms poised to defend new district maps
The Sacramento Bee
The commission that's redrawing California's congressional, legislative and Board of Equalization districts is poised to hire two of the state's most prominent law firms to defend its maps against almost certain legal challenges.

Drawing it Out
The Journal
This time around’s redistricting, at least here on the North Coast, could end up leaving a bittersweet flavor in some folks’ mouths (elsewhere, in crowded SoCal for instance, there could be confusion and mutiny). Humboldt County and its fellow gaunt-faced far-north counties could see urban, densely populated Marin County — she of the highest per-capita median income in the state — tacked onto their district.

New maps: Will we lose Thompson, LaMalfa?
The Daily Triplicate
New maps were released Wednesday by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, and they have the potential to take away Del Norte County’s congressman and state senator. The new maps changed only slightly from the first drafts released in June, and they would still displace state Sen. Doug LaMalfa and Congressman Mike Thompson by redrawing their districts into areas where neither lives.

Final Redistricting Maps Release Expected July 29
Walnut Patch
The final maps for proposed redistricting lines are expected to be released July 29. Assemblyman Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills) sent out a message to his constituents this week to encourage residents in his district to review the various map proposals and send comments to the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.


Push me, pull you
A strong voice for the central city, more power for Latino voters and greater clout for gay and lesbian voters. These, among other things, may wind up being the legacy of months of work by local citizen groups and the Sacramento Citizens Redistricting Advisory Committee—formed earlier this year to help draw new districts for members of the Sacramento City Council.

LGBT community weighs in on redistricting
Sacramento Press
When is comes to redistricting, the LGBT community has a lot to say about being recognized as a legitimate community of interest and working toward getting the central city united into one council district.

Councilmembers on City Redistricting / Downtown-Midtown Redistrict
Capitol Public Radio
The Sacramento City Council is expected to vote on one of four redistricting maps submitted by a citizens committee sometime between now and September.  Two of those maps combine two districts and mean some current council members may be competing against each other in 2012. All the redistricting maps submitted by a citizens advisory committe call for combining downtown and midtown Sacramento into one district.

Students submit first 2011 city redistricting proposal
Nine students met on the steps of Old City Hall Tuesday to submit their redistricting proposal to Berkeley City Council. Their pitch came early in the game – with the deadline for initial submissions agreed at last night’s council meeting as September 30.

Redistricting proves difficult
The Press-Enterprise
San Bernardino County supervisors struggled to reach agreement Wednesday at their third workshop in as many months to discuss new boundary lines for the county's five supervisorial districts. A consultant presented the board with four maps as discussion starting points, but supervisors found faults with each one of them.

County redistricting choices reduced to two
The Ukiah Daily Journal
The committee heard opposing views from the public during its two most recent meetings on the idea of moving the town of Mendocino into the 4th District with Fort Bragg as part of the changes proposed in Option E2, one of the two maps to go before the supervisors.

San Diego Redistricting Commission Approves Preliminary Map
San Diego 6 The CW
San Diego's redistricting commission approved a preliminary map Thursday to divide the city's more than 1.3 million residents into nine City Council districts. The preliminary map created a new district to run from the College area to Southcrest with Interstate 15 as the western boundary in the southern part of the area.

Salinas to fight voting plan
The Herald
Concerned that the board appears likely to approve a plan that would continue to split the city of Salinas into four districts, city leaders are asking for more time to discuss possible alternatives — such as splitting the city into only two districts, or seeking a ballot measure to expand the number of supervisorial districts from five to seven. They argue such alternatives would be more fair by providing the county's largest city and the region's majority Latino population with more clout.

County redistricting keeps Highland in Third District
Highland Community News
As proposed in county redistricting maps, Highland will remain in the Third Supervisorial District, one now served by Supervisor Neil Derry. Highland would be included with Redlands, northeast San Bernardino and Yucaipa. One version also would put Highland in the same district as the mountain communities.

Final districting plan placed on hold
The Californian
A plan to draw the final map for Menifee's four new governing districts has been placed on hold until next month to determine the most cost-effective way to reach that goal. In its meeting Tuesday, the Menifee City Council sent the districting measure back to staff members for further study.

City leaders try to keep Barstow in 1st District
Daily Press
The mayor and city manager spoke on behalf of Barstow at Monday’s county redistricting workshop but Barstow’s district supervisor said it would be best to move the area to the 3rd District.

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