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The Redistricting Report is your best source for the latest maps and analysis of state, congressional and local redistricting.  We have been the place to go for the first draft maps with information on partisanship and incumbents and we also host the commission “visualizations” created by the commission as they move to a final draft.  Our maps have had more than 100,000 views!

In addition, three days a week we publish a morning summary of news, and a bit of commentary, on statewide and local redistricting, with any Federal news impacting California thrown in.  The emails from this week can be read online by clicking below:

Today – Easy Come, Easy Go [
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On Tuesday voters elected Janice Hahn to Congress in a district that took in San Pedro, Torrance, up to Manhattan Beach and into Marina Del Rey.  But then, within minutes of her victory speech, we saw the new congressional lines being "visualized" by the commission - and all were a disaster for the new Congresswoman.

, July 13 Being Drafted, But Not for a Second Draft  [Click here to read it online] 

On Saturday the commission began discussing the complex task of creating maps for public review prior to each hearing.  The hope was that they could stop posting maps because “that site” would get them out to the public quicker.  By Sunday that discussion blossomed into a plan for the commission to release the data, and drafting Redistricting Partners and other third parties to create the PDFs, while the Statewide Database would host the GIS files.

Monday, July 11 – Michelangelo Never had a Second Draft!
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This weekend the Citizen’s Redistricting Commission shocked the eleven people watching the live hearing when they voted to eliminate the second draft.  Listening to the comments this was either because they were unable to get the maps done in time, unable to get maps that would garner the votes necessary, or uninterested in another round of commission-bashing that would ensue from a public release of second draft maps.

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Paul Mitchell