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Saturday, June 25, 2011



Saturday Special

On Friday we reported that Common Cause, California Forward, and even the State Chamber were voicing a few concerns to the commission regarding the VRA.  Then, of course, there was NALEO saying that the draft plan was a “Worst Case Scenario” for Latinos

On Friday the commission started to address these concerns.  And the result?  Los Angeles… meet the blender. Foothill District?  Gone.  Three African American seats?  How about two.  Didn’t like Laura Richardson and Linda Sanchez together?  Ok.  Now we’ve got Laura Richardson with Janice Hahn.   

These “Visualizations” of a second draft map, which can be viewed on the Redistricting Partners website, would change nearly every congressional seat in LA.  Look for the Assembly and Senate seats to get a similar review.  And when that does happen we will pass along the maps with our own analysis.

A few articles below, leading with the unfortunately timed New American Media report that the whole commission process was overrun by the Anti-Alphabet groups (who are apparently against punctuation too).  The article claims that ethnic concerns have been sidelined, which may have been true… until now.


How California Tea Partiers Hijacked Reform
California Progress Report
Few ordinary Californians have been more intensely interested in the state’s new Citizens Redistricting Commission than Berkeley-based Tea Party activist David Salaverry.

Moved to Speak by Redistricting
Nearly 200 people from up and down the San Joaquin Valley and beyond came to San Joaquin Delta College on a warm summer night Friday to give their opinions on the first draft of maps that would outline political districts for state and federal offices in California for the next decade.

Commission should reject ploy to affect maps
California Majority Report
Steele is not mad that the Commission drew an anti-Republican map. They didn’t. Steele is angry that the Commission didn’t draw a pro-Republican map. They didn’t do that either. I know this is a disappointment to him but certainly no grounds for outrage.

California Gerrymandering
Flash Report
Only 36% of the state’s 53 Congressional seats 19 remain Republican hands. Obama trounced McCain in 2008 with a 61% to 37% showing. Even with Governor Brown’s massive victory in 2010, he earned only 53% vs. 42% for Whitman. In a bad year, Californians will at least give to republicans 37% to 42% of their vote. For Congress, the percentages are actually higher. So why would Republicans ‘lose’ more seats?