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Friday, June 17, 2011


Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink

For those of you who haven’t heard, the intelligentsia’s coffee table magazine of choice, The Economist, has deemed Redistricting Partners “a consultancy,” which is a British of saying “we are for hire.”  If redistricting has come up sixes and sevens, or you’re too knackered to wrap your head around it all, visit our “consultancy” services page.  We have been already producing maps and memos for several organizations and are available for presentations and speeches – we take both pounds and shillings, but reject the Euro.

The Commission and their consultancy may wish they had our jobs.  Last night’s hearing in Culver City began with the ceremonial passing out of numbers… 287 of them.  This began a barrage of 2 minute speeches that can be summarized as “don’t cut us, cut them,” and several versions of "why is southgate with San Marino?"  It’s not surprising that the commission voted to end public testimony on July 12th with the release of the second drafts.  The public can still submit comments by email, fax, or the Royal Mail, but there will be no more standing, pointing, yelling or gesticulating allowed. 

Below is today’s news, which today can most appropriately be read with a nice cup of hot tea and a scone (with Devonshire cream and jam, of course!).


No more Packing or Cracking
The Economist
This chaos among California’s incumbent politicians is a good sign. For the new lines of 177 districts, released on June 10th and to be finalised by August 15th, were drawn, for the first time, by a genuinely independent commission of citizens, not by state legislators.

On the other hand, Californians may also have set themselves up to be disappointed, says Paul Mitchell at Redistricting Partners, a consultancy. The new system is certainly “shaking up the ant farm, but it’s still an ant farm.”

How the Redistricting Commission screwed Latinos
Tony Quinn in Fox & Hounds Daily
These maps are a worst case scenario for the Latino community. The lines drawn by the Commission gerrymander Los Angeles Latinos into a district with the millionaires of Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades.

Analysis: The Impact of Redistricting on Orange County
Flash Report
Last week the California Redistricting Commission released their first draft of new Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly and Board of Equalization Districts.

Map madness: One tricycle, a two-year old, two blocks and three Assembly districts
Fox & Hounds Daily
It turns out my family lives in one of those neighborhoods - we're apartment dwellers in Los Angeles' Miracle Mile -- that would be divided up multiple ways by the new maps.

City officials oppose redistricting map
Malibu Times
Council members say new congressional and state senate boundaries could harm Malibu's cooperation with state and federal government.

Redistricting proposal would serve long-standing bonds
Oakland Tribune
Traditionally Fremont, Newark and Union City have gone together like peanut butter and jelly, like the Three Musketeers, like San Leandro and Hayward.

Board of Supervisors prepares to air local concerns with redistricting maps
Imperial Valley Press
County supervisors say they plan to do their homework in the next few days, preparing to condense a series of concerns about future state and federal representative areas.

American Canyon and neighbors rally to keep districts together
Napa Valley Register
American Canyon officials and residents are mobilizing to oppose draft plans by the California Citizens Redistricting Committee that would split the city's legislative district from the rest of Napa County.

Oldest part of Valencia may be merged into SFV
Santa Clarita Signal
The original Valencia Old Orchard housing tract joins Newhall in a proposed new congressional district linked with the San Fernando Valley under a tentative plan submitted for public discussion by the citizens’ commission for redistricting.

New districts could shift power on Peninsula
Palo Alto Online
The amorphous, seemingly random design of the district is far from unusual in California, where redistricting has always been the purview of the political party in power.

The Soulvine: The maps
Los Angeles Wave
The voter-mandated 14-member California Citizens Redistricting Commission, seeking to end a long and nasty history of gerrymandering by California politicians, took a stab at redrawing the boundaries for the state’s congressional and legislative districts and released to the public Friday the fruits of its labor — the first draft of new district maps.

New Congressional Districts Proposed
OB Rag
The first draft of state redistricting maps were released and approved [June 10th]. There will still be revisions, but this should be relatively close to what we’re dealing with. Flash analysis, roughly based on current numbering and roughly South to North.

Assemblyman Jeff Miller to run for proposed congressional district
Riverside Press-Enterprise
Assemblyman Jeff Miller will run for the proposed congressional seat that wraps from Norco to Moreno Valley, the Corona Republican said Wednesday.

Mapping the Desert’s Electoral Future
If it wasn't for the accidental creation of the Salton Sea 106 years ago, people who live at the north and south ends of the Salton Sink might feel like they had more in common.

Manteca lobbies as one as county prepares to redraw lines
Stockton Record
The board is on record saying the county should be kept in tact in boundaries for state and federal office being drawn up by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, political consultant Don Parsons said.

Supervisor Shawn Nelson will launch bid for Congress
Voice of OC
The release of new congressional districts drafted by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission has shaken up the local political landscape, including, it now appears, the dais of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Bill Bagley likes draft legislative lines drawn by citizens
Marin Independent Journal
When it comes to creating legislative districts, Bill Bagley has seen his share of lines drawn across California. 

Redistricting Draft Maps: Slight gains for Republicans
Orange County Register
The Public Policy Institute of California gives the gain to Democrats, but the difference with Kogan’s model is based on whether its a strong year for Republicans or Democrats. Details below.

Blurry Lines
City Journal
The California Citizens Redistricting Commission has put out its first draft of new boundaries for the state’s assembly, senate, and U.S. House districts.

Redistricting Dogfight Looms in O.C.
Cal Watchdog
The lines on the maps just released by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission could force a fierce dogfight for a new congressional district in Northern Orange County.


Council and State Redistricting changes Proposed for Berkeley
Berkeley Daily Planet
Last week I reported on Alameda County Supervisorial redistricting, apparently lackluster at least where Berkeley is concerned.

Redistricting could change incumbents’ eligibility to represent communities political analyst says
San Diego News Room
While the San Diego Redistricting Commission is not scheduled to make a final determination as to new Council district lines until the end of this year, some question how new community boundaries may affect incumbents’ eligibility to serve the communities they currently represent.

Supervisors review changes to boundaries
Desert Sun
Riverside County supervisors on Tuesday got their first chance to weigh in on the future boundaries of their own districts.

Turlock likely to remain in same county supervisorial district
Turlock Journal
“Every 10 years we take the census nationally, so our population changes,” explained Stanislaus County Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs and redistricting project manager David Jones.

County asks public to draw the lines
The Foothills Sun-Gazette
Supervisors play a vital role in your daily life, even if you don’t know it, and the boundaries of their districts determine which person will represent you and your family.

IWV stresses needs to keep Eastern Kern in 2 districts
Ridgecrest Daily Independent
Five supervisorial district map proposals were discussed in the June 13 meeting in Mojave, but only one is being considered by the attendees.

All light, no heat over supervisor redistricting
North County Times
Given the amount of light this newspaper shone on the county's supervisorial redistricting efforts, the lack of heat is disappointing, to say the least.