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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Will you be my POSS-L.Q.?

Data geeks in the 70s and 80s thought it would be great to identify non-traditional couples for the census.  But how could you look at census reports and tell the difference between real couples and the Bosom Buddies or Three’s Company situations?  Well, the data crunchers figured it out, and called their formula POSSLQ.  

This formula died off for a couple decades, but has now returned as a nifty way to find Same-Sex households in an otherwise data-weak world.  Political Data Inc. has run a POSSLQ calculation across the entire California voter file, and now POSSLQ is making a grand appearance as one small part of a new redistricting database created by Equality California.  This dataset includes an eye-popping 850,000 datapoints from 11 different sources ranging from domestic partners, census information, membership lists of four major national LGBT organizations, and more.  It even includes election results from two statewide elections – Prop 8 and Prop 22.  The result of this work is a redistricting project including maps of 8 CA cities and their most dense LGBT populations.

Redistricting will be promptly turning into a big hip party for the gays, lesbians, and datageeks.  And you know they throw the BEST parties! (I mean the datageeks of course!)

So, if you’re wondering, “where is the gay community in Pasadena,” click here and if you’re wondering “where is Pasadena in the congressional plan” click here.  But if you’re wondering “where is my Gay congressman” then I can’t really help you…

With that, here is the news.


Political Analysis of proposed districts
Ventura County Star
The political campaign complex was working overtime over the weekend to analyze the draft legislative and congressional maps proposed on Friday by the Citizens Redistricting Commission.

California redistricting: Don’t expect any magic
Sacramento Bee
'Bold' reforms are rarely immune to the law of unintended consequences, and California's redistricting change is no exception. Districts were assigned names for the first draft of the maps.

Democrat Feeling the Redistricting Blues
KHTS Radio
One local Democrat is singing the blues over the new redistricting draft maps released on June 10. As in, the Santa Clarita Valley becoming bluer or more Democratic.

Redistricting Process keeps candidates guessing
North County Times
Parties are being held, and campaign funds are being raised, but some candidates in North County still don't know exactly which seat they're seeking.

“La Raza Democrats” Dominate Calif Redistricting Commission
City Watch
If you wonder who the culprit is for gaming the first takes at Assembly redistricting in Los Angeles, especially how the districts not only nibble at Republican strongholds in general but also nibble more on behalf of Latino Democrats…

New elections maps would push McClintock south
Tahoe Daily Tribune
Congressman Tom McClintock's stint as Nevada County's sole U.S. representative could come to a close in 2012 if a new state redistricting plan is approved.

Changes Coming to State, County Voting Districts
The first draft of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission's map for the state's congressional districts.

More competitive seats under draft political maps, PPIC says
Sacramento Bee
The number of competitive seats in the Legislature and in California's congressional delegation would jump significantly under draft maps released Friday, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California.

Commission has released the grip lawmakers had on their districts
Los Angeles Daily News
The first draft of the proposed new maps for California's state and congressional political districts have produced consternation from Arcata to San Ysidro. Longtime pols have suddenly found themselves sharing districts with other longtime pols.

Letting the 59th pass into history
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
If you needed an illustration of the practice of gerrymandering in California, the best example would be a map of the current 59th Assembly District. It snakes from its far west in Montrose and La Crescenta, going dozens of miles east through the foothills to Glendora and La Verne before it high-tails it way north into Highland, the Apple Valley and Hesperia and into the pines of the mountain resorts of Crestline and Lake Arrowhead.

Redistricting Bill Would Change How Prisoners Are Counted
NBC Bay Area
A bill before the California Senate may change a small but important part of the redistricting process.  The California constitution says that the state should count prison inmates for the purpose of redistricting where they live, not where they're incarcerated.

Draft district remap stirs talk of Blakeslee run for Congress
Fresno Bee
It didn't take long last week after draft district maps began to leak for the Capitol's lobbying corps to start chattering about state Sen. Sam Blakeslee’s interest in a promotion to Congress.

Redistricting draft maps: 3 O.C. districts in play
Orange County Register
Beside the threat to Democratic Rep.Loretta Sanchez, the redistricting proposal released Friday could bring a change of party control for a county Assembly seat and one of its state Senate seats.

The wilder side of redistricting
Menlo Park Almanac
A proposed state redistricting plan has added some interesting dynamics to the political representation of the four communities in the Almanac's circulation area.

Redistricting Journal: California poised to become nation’s hottest House battlefield
CBS News
The stakes are high in California: it holds more congressional districts than any other state, and unlike many states where elected officials (and hence, the party in power) controls drawing the lines, California has tried to remove strict partisanship from the process with an independent and bipartisan commission drawing the new boundaries.

Dana Point gives redistricting plan thumbs down
Orange County Register
A state commission tasked with redrawing election lines has cut Dana Point in two and city leaders don't like it.

The big stakes?  Two-thirds margin
Sacramento Bee
There are many ways to view the new congressional and legislative district maps released last week by the state's new independent redistricting commission, from the personal to the cultural to the geographic.

How has your district been redrawn?
Los Angeles Times
Enter a California address, including ZIP Code, to see its current and proposed district assignments.


Redistricting’s Bottom Line Might Surprise You
Roll Call
Six months ago, before redistricting had even begun, Republicans were optimistic they would gain additional seats, or, as former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie put it, that they would  “gain or protect” 15 to 25 seats.


Committee settles on three options for redrawing supervisorial lines
San Diego Daily Transcript
The county’s Redistricting Advisory Committee settled on three options for redrawing the district lines that will separate supervisorial districts in the next election during its final meeting Monday.

County redistricting plans would put La Jolla in Robert’s district
La Jolla Light
The San Diego County Redistricting Advisory Committee released three proposed plans Tuesday for re-mapping the five supervisorial districts.