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Monday, June 6, 2011


It’s all about the Maps

Sacramento has been buzzing with the release of Redistricting Commission “visualizations.”  The maps put online by the commission are blurry and incomplete, as the Sacramento Bee points out, but we were able to piece together a full Statewide Congressional plan from the visualizations, and this is what we found:

:: 32 Safe Democratic seats
:: 6 Lean Democratic
:: 12 Safe Republican
:: 3 Lean Republican

As politicos who look over the full spreadsheet will see, some of the “Lean” seats would be driven not by the close partisan margins, but the factors of incumbency and candidates – particularly in the central valley where a small partisanship gap can be a poor indicator of victory.  So, take these with a grain of salt until the Target Book comes out with their analysis, and/or more grains of salt.

There is a long list of potential winners and losers on the Congressional front, but none are more striking than the Sanchez Sisters.  In these draft maps Loretta Sanchez is put into a Republican seat with Dana Rorabacher, and her sister, Linda Sanchez is put into a Long Beach seat with Laura Richardson.  That should get tongues wagging in DC!

To see the full plans go to:

Congress (updated this AM): http://redistrictingpartners.com/crc-visualizes-congress-analyzed/
Assembly: http://redistrictingpartners.com/crc-visualizes-assembly-districts-analysis/
Senate: http://redistrictingpartners.com/crc-visualizes-state-senate-analyzed/


Capitol Astir over Redistricting Maps
Sacramento  Bee
If you find your legislator is suddenly out of his or her district or facing a tough party primary, it's too soon to panic – or rejoice.

That hasn't stopped legislative staff members and political consultants from quickly analyzing the visualizations and emailing out the results. Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Gold River, for example, would find himself in a district split between Democrats and Republicans instead of having a three-point Republican advantage in his current digs, according to an analysis by Sacramento-based Redistricting Partners.

Redistricting could overshadow budget vote
Capitol Public Radio
Last week, California lawmakers took hundreds of votes ahead of a key bill deadline. This week, they face one major vote – a budget vote, expected on Wednesday. But lawmakers may be more interested in redistricting maps due out Friday.

Redistricting panel may add Central Valley to Thompson’s district
Napa Valley Register
Napa’s Congressman Mike Thompson could find himself running in a substantially new district if the first draft of maps in California’s redistricting process hold up.

I.E. group right on representation
The San Bernardino Sun
We hope the Citizens Redistricting Commission takes a close look at Inland Action's submission before it releases its first draft of new legislative boundaries due Friday.

SGV district starts to shape up
The Santa Clarita Valley Signal
As maps continue to be drawn, erased and redrawn at the ongoing hearings into redistricting, the Santa Clarita Valley has so far been kept intact.

Redistricting Proposal Leaves Santa Clarita Intact
KHTS AM-1220
The California Citizen’s Redistricting Commission’s (CRC) website has posted maps that begin to reveal what new Assembly, Senate, and Congressional districts the CRC is proposing for the Santa Clarita Valley.  Even more exciting, it appears that the CRC was thoughtful of our city’s recommendations to keep Santa Clarita intact for our Assembly District, State Senate District, and Congressional District.

Congressional race could get interesting
Marin Independent Journal
The 6th Congressional District seat will be a heated political battleground for the first time in 20 years if the veteran representative, Lynn Woolsey, (D-Petaluma) who will turn 75, retires as anticipated.

Woolsey sounds alarm about potential changes in congressional district boundaries
Marin Independent Journal
Marin County would be included in a new 6th congressional district that stretches north to the Oregon border as well as a 6th state Assembly district that extends east to Suisun City if preliminary drawings for a citizens commission revamping the state's political map remain unchanged.

Redistricting commission carves up North Coast
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Major changes to the two North Coast congressional districts are included in the first set of maps, called “visualizations,” released this week by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Redistricting: Remap panel strives to keep communities together
San Bernardino Press-Enterprise
Do Corona residents identify more with Orange County than with their Riverside County brethren? Do residents of the San Gorgonio Pass spend their recreation time in the mountains or the desert? And does Moreno Valley really belong in the same congressional district with Palm Springs?

It’s Politics: Whittier officials propose map for state redistricting
Whittier Daily News
You've got everybody - from ethnic groups to Democrats to Republicans - trying to influence the redistricting map the California Citizens Redistrict Commission will propose in a week.

Unbelievable government phenomenon
North County Times
The voters of California are in the process of receiving the benefits of a critical change in their just-restored rights as citizens ---- the right to freely determine who will represent them without having the process corrupted by the legislators they have previously elected.

From the Twitterverse

@sfcaadam: CA redistricting will make GOP irrelevant. By depending on racial politics for their few victories they have no one to blame but themselves

@CommonCauseCA: "We appear to be heading for a no-holds-barred redistricting cycle

@davidmcreager: Everything outside of the #redistricting commission office reeks of weed. Stress control?


Yolo County redistricting plans drawing fire
The Woodland Democrat
Yolo County residents have one last chance Monday to give their opinions on the redistricting of supervisors' districts.

Long Beach redistricting options mapped
Long Beach Press-Telegram
A City Council candidate could find himself in another district, and the upscale Bixby Knolls business corridor could get divided under redistricting options released Friday.

Solano County supervisors to peruse boundary
The Vacaville Reporter
Solano County supervisors will get their chance to pore over the options for new district boundaries during a study session Tuesday.

Drawing New Boundaries
The Press Enterprise
Riverside County formed a committee last September to redraw the supervisors' districts. On May 24 it forwarded two alternative maps to the Board of Supervisors.

Alameda County Redistricting Maps Pit Pleasanton Against Hayward
East Bay Citizen
When it comes to redistricting, it is nearly impossible to make everyone happy. At the county-level, a set maps presented by an Alameda County ad-hoc committee and a redistricting task force is perpetuating a stubborn intramural rivalry between residents within the region.


Will Redistricting Save California?
Mother Jones
This is a totally inside baseball post for fellow Californians who know more about what's going on in Sacramento than I do. As background for everyone else, California has an enormous hole in its budget and Gov. Jerry Brown wants to plug that hole with a combination of spending cuts and tax extensions.

Dennis Kucinich, D-Carpetbagger
Sacramento Bee
When we last caught up with Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich he was suing a congressional cafeteria because an olive pit appeared in his sandwich. Life, especially in the Longworth House Office Building eatery, should be easy, breezy - or, how to say, free of pits.