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How glass skins are remaking S.F. buildings

If there's an architectural version of the extreme makeover, it's the redo of four buildings in northeast San Francisco, where chunky concrete coats have been swapped for gowns of sleek, clear glass. [...] they're in the middle of the action, old boxes in new wrapping meant to turn the heads of potential tenants and residents. In a larger sense, though, the cultural aspects of the trend are more profound than the architectural ones. 100 Van Ness Ave.The most obvious example of a building shedding its skin is at 100 Van Ness Ave., where a 32-story shaft served as the headquarters of the California State Automobile Association for three decades after its completion in 1976. Today, the computer card-like concrete facade is gone, and shallow bays have been added to break the 15-story monotony. A former bank data center from 1974 at 155 Fifth St. soon will house University of the Pacific's Dugoni School of Dentistry, where seven stories of dark glass and drab concrete are newly wrapped in an industrial, but nonetheless more inviting, sheen. On 10th Street just south of Market, the 1975 annex to the Merchandise Mart - once covered in concrete panels stamped with countless M2 logos - has been streamlined with gray glass and a syncopated layer of metal blades "to add a little bit of texture" to the 10-story box, in the words of Terry Kwik at RMW, the architect for owner Shorenstein Properties. Not only were few seismic upgrades required to the structural core, the change from heavy precast concrete to relatively light glass curtain walls allowed developer Boston Properties to add two stories of office space. The former M2 at the corner of 10th and Stevenson streets shares the block with Twitter, which moved into the older mart structure (now dubbed Market Square).
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The Nooner for April 22nd


  • LAO (April 21): Month-to-Date PIT Withholding, Collections and Refunds: $8.908 billion. (81.9% of budgeted projection)

Good morning from the mighty AD35, where Republican Katcho Achadjian will hold the seat until 2016. This "Sideways" district could very well be a toss-up at that point. After board meetings of the weekend, I am taking today off. Thus, I hope you understand my brevity.

This is also the 24th Congressional District, which has been a battleground for the last decade. However, even as the seat has become more favorable for Republicans, Lois Capps is expected to easily win reelection.

Yesterday, I was in Salinas, which is the 12th Senate District. Despite voter reg and turnout numbers that would strongly suggest a Democrat could win there, Republican Anthony Cannella is likely to easily win reelection.

SPI (Statewide): Antonio Villaraigosa endorses Torlakson rival in state supe race [Alexei Koseff @ SacBee] - In an unusual move, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has broken with the California De . . .

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