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RECENT PODS: Obviously, there are lots of pods these days. I try to select for your few those most important to hear for California's politics and policy.

  • California State of Mind (Scott Rodd and Nigel Duara @ CapRadio): Rodd talks to CapRadio reporter Mike Hagerty California's efforts to bring back leisure spending in reopening and Duara talks with CalMatters's Barbara Feder Ostrov about the money county health departments are trying to get into the budget). (2021-06-18)
  • Look West Podcast (Assembly Democratic Caucus): As Life After COVID Begins with Assemblymembers Cottie Petrie-Norris, Mike Gipson, Tasha Boerner-Horvath, Cristina Garcia and Jose Medina. (2021-06-17)
  • Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos @ KQED): WLRN's Caitie Switalski Muñoz to discuss the different pandemic approaches of California and Florida; Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee president Jessica Post on statehouse failures in 2020, what's ahead in 2022, and her ten-year plan to regain statehouses. (2021-06-17)
  • SacTown Talks (Jarheet Blonien): Sacramento County DA and Attorney General candidate Anne Marie Schubert (2021-06-18)
  • Inside Golden State Politics (Bill Boyarsky and Sherry Jeffe): The state's response to the pandemic, the reopening, and uptick in gun violence. (2021-06-17) 
  • Capitol Weekly Podcast (John Howard and Tim Foster): Ken Jacobs, chair of the UC Berkeley Labor Center on a variety of labor issues, including the ongoing uproar over at SEIU 1000 following the election of outsider candidate Richard Louis Brown and the latest fallout from Proposition 22. (2021-06-13)


  • Capitol Seminars’ Invaluable Lobbying 101 Course Offered Via Zoom (July 9)
  • McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific - MPA/MPP
  • McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific - Masters of Science in Law

The Nooner for Sunday, June 20, 2021, presented by SYASL Partners

¡Feliz domingo y dia del padre! These exclusivity of the Giants games for Peacok truly sucks. I'm not complaining the subscription service as I have "free months" from everything now and the only TV I can also get is Xfinity. However, I dislike local games that are played nationally. I thought the worst was hearing Joe Buck. Now, we hear our beloved Giants commentators share time with the Phillies spokes. Of course, I grew up with the Dodgers and went to grade school in the OC with names like Garvey and Cox, and there is nothing better than listening to a baseball game than finding it on AM radio.

Meanwhile, I don't give a crap about pitchers using "stick-em" as the MLB uses slickier balls. The bumps have the pitchers tomorrow by the literally balls and are now randomly checking pitchers. I could care less and just don't want 4-hour games. I just want my "home town" commentators.

I enjoyed my time at the Sac Vegan Fest across the street in Southside Park. After looking at and being enticed by lots of booths, I ended up getting grub from Queen Sheba. As a refresher, this is the Broadway Ethiopian immigrant establishment that was subject to arson attack nearly two years ago. I grew up with radio audio tuned to Vin Scully and at my ripe age I have no need for a new station and how to turn closed captions off. (If you are still facing the caption issue, it is separate from the TV captioning. You have to turn it off in the Peacock settings. Yeah, it's all the so company if you are watching on an Xfinifity device, but deal with it.)

I feel bad that I haven't been over at Queen Sheba during the pandemic and haven't ordered from them. The vegan lunch buffet was a beautiful thing and was a great spot for meetings. I remember my last one there with my friend and education and nonprofit lobbyist Jonathan Lightman. Damn, I miss hs Jeopardy! parties that he and Janis used to throw. The houseflies I have been fighting tell me that the Lightman crew is working on even heavier questions for fewer gatherings. Dammit, I'm pretty good at NYT crossword puzzles, but the Lightmans make me feel stupid.

Meanwhile, the sight of former Veep Mike Pence being booed at the Christian Coalition event just boggles the mind. I haven't agreed with him much, but feel bad that there is nowhere he can go and be well-received. Well, that's except for time with "mother," meaning his wife. When Pence is considered not "Christian," I fear for my life. Meanwhile, we are trusting the "honor system" for who has been fully vaccinated.

NINA: The following obituary and service detaiis for Nina Kapoor Oliveira have now been provided. If you are still interested in a get together around the Capitol to celebrate her life, let me know. I purposely didn't say "happy hour" because of the paths that brought Nina and me together, but that's likely the best celebration of life for our community. I am thinking Thursday, July 1 somewhere around the Capitol. Let me know if you are interested, and if you are willing to contribute to the cost for some light snacks and water (other beverages would be on attendees).

On Friday, June 11, 2021, Nina Oliveira (Née Kapoor), loving wife and mother to one son, passed away at the age of 36.

Nina was born on August 14, 1984 in Sacramento, California. After completing degrees in economics and political science at the University of California, San Diego in 2006, Nina returned to Sacramento to work in the state legislature as a fellow and then legislative staffer. After leaving the legislature, Nina continued her work in California state government as both a contract and in house lobbyist until her death.  On October 5, 2019, Nina married Jason Oliveira. They have one son, Sawyer.

Nina had a passion for life that rubbed off on those around her. In addition to her unfortunate early taste for drum and bass music, Nina enjoyed hiking, trips to Disneyland, Taco Bell, and spending time with Jason and Sawyer. Nina could always be counted on to brighten up a room with her enthusiasm, mastery of inadvertent humor, and a relentless optimism that our dreams can be achieved.

Nina was preceded in death by her father, Harjit Kapoor, and lifelong dear friend, Annie Wiederanders. Nina is survived by her husband Jason, her son Sawyer, her mother Sunita, her brother Robby, and several aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Without prerspectives for our beloved friend, my final conversations with her mother Sunita were amazingly beautiful and crushingly sad at the same time. Few people know that and Nina and I never dated (assumptions of many), but she was an amazing friend with whom life to traverse.

A funeral service will be held at East Lawn Funeral Home Greenback & I-80 (5757 Greenback Lane, Sacramento) on Saturday, June 26th, 2021 at 11am. A viewing will be held immediately preceding the service from 10 to 11am.

A separate viewing will be held at East Lawn Funeral Home Greenback & I-80 on Friday, June 25th, 2021 from 5:30-7:30pm.

In lieu of gifts or flowers, donations to a 529 college savings account set up by the RNG Coalition for the benefit of Nina’s son Sawyer Singh Oliveira. Contributions may be made by check (please include Account No: 52022450 on the check). Contributions can be mailed to:

Edward Jones (Andy Cobb)
Financial Advisor
707 Lamar Avenue, Suite A
Paris, TX 74560  

Suggested Attire for the Funeral Home:

Since the event is called “Celebration of Life” we would prefer that you wear regular colored clothing as opposed to black or white.

Suggested Attire for the Sikh Temple:

Your head and legs must be covered while at the temple. Shoes are not allowed inside the prayer hall. Sikh temple etiquette and suggestions can be found here: Visiting a Gurdwara – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

Thank you with your love extended to me for the loss of a dear friend during this difficult time. Let me know if you'd like for an event on Thursday, July 1 in her remembrance, say from 5-7pm. I'm checking with Capital Books to see if they are available at that time.

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VACCINATIONS: full stats, including breakdown by group are available here

  • Californians fully vaccinated: 19,164,548 (56.5%)
  • Californians partially vaccinated: 3,570,359 (10.5%)

EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE: For The Bee, Kasler, Sabalow, and Reese look at why California continues to try to build in areas known to be among the highest risk for wildfires.

The scenery is breathtaking — rolling hills, steep canyons and stately vineyards, a pastoral landscape ruled by cattle, sheep and the occasional coyote. But there are also grim markers of the worst wildfire season in modern California history, in the form of blackened oaks and pines.

Guenoc Valley is a $1 billion resort and housing development planned for Lake County, in the heart of one of the most fire-prone regions in the state. A portion of the site burned in the LNU Lightning Complex, a string of wildfires that chewed up 360,000 acres of wine country last September.

The state has decided the risk is too high. The Attorney General’s Office, in league with the environmental group Center for Biological Diversity, is suing Lake County officials over their decision to approve the development.

What happened last fall was no fluke, the state argues. Much of Guenoc Valley lies within spots designated by Cal Fire as highly vulnerable to major fires. “Wildfires have affected the Project site throughout its history,” the lawsuit says.

As California confronts another potentially perilous summer, with drought and climate change turning vast stretches of its forests and chaparral into kindling, projects like Guenoc Valley are becoming major points of conflict for developers, wildfire scientists and elected officials.

From Redding to San Diego — in areas that are in danger of burning, have burned already and might well burn again — houses and commercial buildings are sprouting.

And Californians are buying them.

As Californians, we have been so happy about the strong protections of the coastline, where we are just waking up to the likelier bigger issue of building out in the forested areas. Yat heid, not only does that put humans in areas that have grown in the wild for a lot longer than humans have roamed, but the reduction of CO2 from fewer trees has been an afterthought.

CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Theo Cline, former Assembly member Diane Harkey, Robert Harris, and Kathleen Ronayne!


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