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  • Inside Golden State Politics (Bill Boyarsky and Sherry Jeffe): Misogyny of the on-line attacks on Vice President Kamala Harris and political women in general (2021-02-25)
  • Then There's California (Senate Democratic Caucus): Senator John Laird (D-Santa Cruz), who makes a return to the Legislature (2021-02-24)
  • Capitol Weekly Podcast (John Howard and Tim Foster): GOP political consultant Rob Stutzman (2021-02-22)
  • Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos @ KQED): Rep. Mark Takano (D-Riverside) on His Family's Internment History and His Agenda for Military Veterans (2021-02-18)


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The Nooner for Sunday, February 28, 2021, presented by SYASL Partners

  • COVID-19
    -the numbers
    -tiers for fears
  • Do you recall?
  • Oh, Devin
  • LA-LA land
  • Cakeday and classifieds  

Happy last day of February. The J&J vaccine should be on trucks today after an overnight approval by the FDA with around 4 million doses hitting the road. Meanwhile, CPAC continues with the crowd booing admonitions to mask up as required by the venue.

Arghh...while I can type, my shoulder is again miserable today. I started trying CBD cream last night and hopefully that works. After a month of miserable feelings, it was better for a couple of weeks. I haven't changed anything other than cooking and walking outside more. And now it hurts far more. ARGH.

Meanwhile, as we were sleeping, the House passed President Biden's $1.9 trillion economic stimulus bill on a partisan vote with two Dems voting no. Of course, the Senate will strip out the minimum wage increase to $15/hour after if was ruled not in order in the Senate in a budget reconciliation bill.

This morning, the CEO of Goya Foods is speaking at CPAC before a panel on "China’s Puppets in South Korea and Hong Kong," with remarks midday from Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association (I thought he was fired).

Anyway, we'll be short today as I squeeze in what will likely be my last farmers market trip of the year.

COVID-19: California added 178 deaths yesterday for a total of 51,983 since the pandemic began. As always, weekend reporting can be lower than actual, with reports carrying forward into the workweek.

-tiers for fears: Here are the statuses of California's 58 counties.

You can see what the restrictions mean here, although local health orders may be stricter than the state's orders.

  • purple (widespread): 47 counties
  • red (substantial): 9 counties (Del Norte, Humboldt, Marin, Mariposa,
    Plumas, San Mateo, Shasta, Trinity, and Yolo)
  • orange (moderate): 2 counties (Alpine and Sierra)


The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was given emergency use authorization overnight and is likely now on on trucks to states. As Dr. Fauci said on MTP this morning, J&J's single-shot vaccine is likely as effective as the two-dose vaccinations approved for Pfizer and Moderna. While it has a lower percentage in preventing infection, no trial participant was hospitalized and the trial was during the spread of variants unlike the previous ones.

This will be huge amidst the wait lists and confusion of people jumping ahead in line as thawed vaccines were due to expire.

From the latest CDPH release:

  • vaccines reported as shipped to California: 11,480,035
  • vaccines delivered to administering entities: 11,158,090
  • vaccines administered: 8,491,076 (many of the "delivered" above are reserved for second doses)
  • distribution: For CalMatters, Ana B. Ibarra and Barbara Feder Ostrov report on California's new vaccine distribution system under Blue Shield of California that begins tomorrow.

    A patchwork of COVID-19 vaccine eligibility policies that differ from county to county has deeply frustrated Californians. So state officials hired Blue Shield, one of the state’s largest health insurers, to streamline and manage the logistics of allocating vaccines to local health departments and other vaccine providers.

    Blue Shield today spelled out some of the details of how the new oversight will work. Ten counties — eight in the Central Valley plus Imperial and Riverside — will go first. This means that Blue Shield will make recommendations to state health officials on how many doses should go to each of those counties, and which providers should get them.

    Blue Shield CEO Paul Markovich said that its recommendations for how much to distribute doses to each county will be based on priority groups in the state’s vaccination tiers as well as the state’s goals to provide equity for disadvantaged communities. 

more after the jumpity jump...

DO YOU RECALL? In The Bee, Lara Korte looks at the possible candidacy of Richard Grenell if a recall election of Gavin Newsom happens this year.

Grenell, who served as a foreign ambassador and later acting Director of National Intelligence under Trump, has been rumored to be considering a run against Gov. Gavin Newsom, the California Democrat who is facing a mounting recall effort.

On Saturday during remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Grenell said he has “never seen a better case” for a recall in California, and hinted at running for governor himself.

Uh, this isn't 2003. Or, hell, it's not 2008, when Schwarzanegger left with far lower approval ratings than Gavin has now.

OH, DEVIN: In the Chron, Michael Cabanatuan makes his way through the smoke of the latest hyberbole from Rep. Devin Nunes:

In the wake of the House’s approval of the $1.9 trillion recovery bill, California Rep. Devin Nunes misleadingly characterized the BART extension in San Jose and Santa Clara, which would receive money as part of the bill, as “a tunnel from Silicon Valley to San Francisco” for “tech oligarchs...who sure as hell don’t need anyone’s money.”

The extension isn’t near San Francisco. It will extend BART service a total of 6 miles, from Berryessa, a San Jose neighborhood, passing beneath downtown San Jose in a 5-mile subway before ending in Santa Clara.

Nunes, R-Tulare, made the remarks Saturday during a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Fla. Republicans who oppose the $1.9 trillion recovery bill have characterized it as larded with pork, and made the funding for BART’s long-planned extension into downtown San Jose and Santa Clara their prime example.

Indeed, pork, which is clearly offensive to the dairy farmer.

LA-LA land, cakeday, and classifieds after the jump...

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LA-LA LAND: In the Times, Ben Poston reports on the burgeoning recall effort after district attorney George Gascón.

Victims rights advocates on Saturday kicked off their recall campaign against newly elected Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón, who has vowed sweeping criminal justice reforms to the nation’s largest prosecutor’s office.

By "victims rights advocates," it needs to be pointed out that the effort is mostly supported by the Los Angeles Police Protective League, representing by LAPD cops.

The recall campaign group held a “victims vigil” outside the Hall of Justice downtown and planned to gather the minimum of 20 signatures required to file a notice of intent to formally begin the recall process next month. About 100 people attended the event, organizers said.

The day he took office, Gascón announced an array of sweeping changes that included ending the use of sentencing enhancements, severely restricting when prosecutors can seek to hold defendants in lieu of bail, ending use of the death penalty in L.A. County and stopping the practice of trying juveniles as adults.

CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Stephanie Jordan, Rob Kerth, Mariela MedinamMichelle Teran-Woolfork, and Zachary Yeates!


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