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  • SD30 (Downtown LA-Culver City-South LA): added business consultant Tiffani Jones (R)
  • SD30 (Downtown LA-Culver City-South LA): added Culver City councilmember Daniel Lee (D)

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January 6 at the U.S. Capitol

Well, when I started my day before dawn writing that it was going to be a wacky Wednesday, I was referring to the process of the Joint Session voting to accept Electoral College votes. I sure wasn't expecting what we all watched what was playing out at the nation's Capitol. In the end, Joe Biden was confirmed as President, as was Kamala Harris as Vice President at around 3:30am EST.

The plan for January 20 had been a swearing-in at the Capitol as usual although with only a small number of attendees rather than a full Mall. That is scheduled to be paired with a video program of "parades" around the country, similar to the Democratic National Convention this year. This was for COVID-19 purposes. After yesterday, you have to imagine that even the swearing-in component is being reconsidered. That said, a 7-foot nonscalable fence is being installed today around the entire Capitol and will remain for at least 30 days so the swearing-in may still occur outdoors at the Capitol.

Would have been nice if it was installed on earlier in the week...

In the final votes on the Arizona objection, the Senate vote to sustain the objection was 7-93. Of course Senators Feinstein and Harris both voted "nay," upholding the state's Electoral College votes for the President-elect and Vice President-elect. The House vote was 121-303, upholding the Arizona EC vote. Californians voting to reject AZ's EC votes in the House were Ken Calvert (R-Corona), Mike Garcia (R-Santa Clarita), Darrell Issa (R-Vista in Rep. Mike Levin's CA49), Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale), Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield), Devin Nunes (R-Tulare), and Jay Obernolte (R-Big Bear Lake).

Young Kim (R-Fullerton) did not vote as she was being tested for SARS-CoV-2 (virus that can lead to the COVID-19 illness) after an exposure. Two tests were negative, tweets the Register's Brooke Staggs. Staggs previously tweeted that Kim planned vote against any objection to state Electoral College votes. Also not voting was Michelle Steel (R-Huntington Beach), who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 earlier in the day and is in quarantine. Steel has questioned the need for the wearing of face coverings, a popular theme in her city as reflected by the story just below the first jump today.

While he had made statements he would do so and thus it wasn't surprise, Mike Garcia is the only swing district member to vote to reject the Arizona results and makes little sense given the futility. While we likely won't have the Supplement to the Statement of Vote from the Secretary of State for a couple of months, I'm willing to bet that his CA25 voted for Biden/Harris.

Meanwhile, the woman who was shot entering the U.S. Capitol was a California native from San Diego. Jaclyn Peiser and Justin Jouvenal report for WaPo:

She died later that day, police said. She was one of four fatalities from the violent rioting that wreaked havoc through the halls of Congress on Wednesday, halting the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory. Three others died of unspecified medical emergencies during the chaos.

The woman was 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, a California native and Air Force veteran, her former husband told The Washington Post. Before her death in the Capitol, she had used her social media to express fervent support for President Trump and echo many of the president’s conspiracy theories and false claims of mass voter fraud.

Police have not yet confirmed Babbitt’s identity or confirmed details about how she was shot. The woman was shot by U.S. Capitol Police, D.C. Police Chief Robert J. Contee III told reporters on Wednesday.

Babbitt, a native of San Diego, served in Afghanistan and Iraq in the Air Force before other deployments with the National Guard to Kuwait and Qatar, ex-husband Timothy McEntee told The Post. McEntee and Babbitt met in the Air Force and were married for 14 years, before splitting in May 2019.


On social media, Babbitt recorded combative videos about immigration policy, while expressing her support for a border wall. In early September, she tweeted a picture from a Trump boat parade in San Diego wearing a shirt that said, “We are Q,” referring to QAnon, the far-right conspiracy theory. The tweet also included the hashtag “#WWG1WGA,” an acronym used by supporters who believe in the claims that Trump was battling a group of “deep state” child abusers.

Babbitt also retweeted messages calling for Vice President Pence to resign and be charged with treason, videos of Trump rallies and photos of the president’s supporters flying to D.C. for the protests.

At a morning presser with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, DC Metro Police Chief Robert J. Contee III stated that Babbitt was most recently a resident of Maryland. Bowser reiterated her call for DC statehood and asked that Congress transfer the authority over the DC National Guard to the DC mayor. Currently, unlike the states, the DC National Guard answers to the Secretary of the Navy, which delayed deployment yesterday.

The LAT's John Myers writes that California Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) tried to stir the pot by claiming the offenders were part of left-wing "Antifa."

The Republican leader of the California state Senate posted, then quickly deleted, a tweet Wednesday accusing the mob that overran the U.S. Capitol in Washington of being led by the leftist, anti-fascist group known as antifa and not supporters of President Trump.

State Sen. Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) added a comment to a tweet first posted by Lin Wood, a Georgia attorney who has filed unsuccessful lawsuits in support of Trump’s effort to overturn election results in several key states. Wood’s tweet included photos he alleged without proof were of an antifa member present inside the hallways of the Capitol after a violent, pro-Trump mob stormed the building during proceedings by the House and Senate to certify the electoral college results for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

“Patriots don’t act like this!!!” Grove wrote in the retweet of Lin’s post. “This was Antifa.”

A representative for the Senate Republican Caucus said Grove deleted the original tweet after realizing it was “incomplete.” A revised tweet, posted later in the afternoon, said that the violence in Washington was the “way Antifa behaves” and called the mob’s actions “unacceptable and unAmerican.”

A team at The Bee report on the protests at the State Capitol:

By the afternoon, the rally in Sacramento escalated to clashes between Trump supporters and a smaller group who gathered at the state Capitol in opposition. Sacramento police officials said they moved-in to separate the opposing groups. A few hours later, most of those gathered for the Trump rally had dispersed.

The rally was somewhat calm as it began Wednesday morning. Trump supporters stood near the Capitol grounds listening to rally organizers speak to the crowd. It appeared there were a handful of members of the far-right group known as the Proud Boys at Wednesday’s Trump rally, as well as numerous pro-Trump vehicles circling the area.

EVICTIONS AND STIMULUS: Given everything going on yesterday, Governor Newsom canceled his planned 2pm COVID-19 update "out of an abundance of caution to Governor’s Office staff due to the events transpiring at the U.S. Capitol."

It appears that the focus of the update would have been his support for extending the eviction moratorium for unpaid rent attested to under penalty of perjury as related to the COVID-19 pandemic beyond the scheduled expiration date of January 31 with support of David Chiu's AB 15, which would extend it to December 31, 2021. It further extends the period of time to repay the debt from February 1, 2025 to January 1, 2026.

Along with the eviction moratorium extension was the announcement in a press release of a proposed "Golden State Stimulus." Governor Newsom is asking the Legislature to quickly approve a $600 check to all California recipients of the California Earned Income Tax Credit in 2019, including those who filed with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), which undocumented individuals without a Social Security Number use to file taxes. From the release:

The payments would be sent out to tax year 2019 CalEITC recipients in February and March 2021. ITIN taxpayers, who are newly eligible for the CalEITC, would receive the additional tax refund after they file their 2020 tax return, typically in February through April of 2021. The timing of these refunds is meant to immediately help low-income households with expenses like food and rent. Last year, nearly 3.9 million CalEITC tax returns were filed, and the program put $1.1 billion back in the pockets of hardworking Californians.

SD30 (Downtown LA-Culver City-South LA): Today is the filing deadline for Senate District 30, which is vacant after Holly Mitchell's election to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Four candidates have completed filing, including two Democrats, one Republican, and one Peace and Freedom candidate. Three others have taken out papers but haven't completed filing yet, including two Republicans and one No Party Preference candidate (apparently, although Renita Duncan is a registered Republican).

HUNTINGTON BEACH: Mayor pro tem of Huntington Beach Tito Ortiz sat in his car yesterday in the city library parking lot for six hours participating in the council's strategic planning workshop, reports Susan Christian Goulding for the Register.

“I go in for the meeting and (Mayor) Kim Carr says you can’t go in without a mask,” the new council member said in a video he posted to social media during the Tuesday, Nov. 5 meeting.

Uh, yeah. While there are lots of COVID-19 deniers in HB and it is home of the biggest bankroller of the effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom over health orders limiting religious services, face coverings are required under the state order for workers and members of the public in all retail settings, a category that libraries are instructed to follow.

“Now I gotta do it through Zoom. Great way to start the new year off! Embarrassing.”

Indeed, you are embarrassing for Surf City.

The annual brainstorming session took place at the Huntington Beach Central Library from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Although he briefly argued with Carr before leaving, other council members said, Ortiz participated remotely without fanfare.

“We would have put the meeting on hold to give him time to get home, but he stayed there,” Councilman Dan Kalmick said. “He chimed in and asked questions and was respectful.”

A celebrated mixed martial arts fighter, Ortiz embraces disputed conspiracy theories about coronavirus – among them, that masks dangerously deplete oxygen intake 

COVID-19, cakeday and classifieds after the jump...

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COVID-19: California added 560 deaths yesterday for a total of 28,079 since the pandemic began. The state tracker, which usually lags the LAT survey of county health departments reports 583 for yesterday (meaning the LAT accounted for some in the prior day number), second highest only to the 585 last Thursday, with a total of 28,045 since the pandemic began. The 14-day average number daily deaths are 315.


Spread is greater than ever in California. The 14-day positivity rate of 12.9% is the highest since April, when relatively few tests were administered and to only high-risk individuals.

Positivity rate and number of tests (14-day rolling average):

  • April 1: 32% of 1,904 tests
  • May 1: 5.5% of 30,063
  • June 1: 4.6% of 52,305
  • July 1: 6.4% of 90,299
  • August 1: 7.1% of 124,937
  • September 1: 5.1% of 102,835
  • October 1: 2.8% of 120,803
  • November 1: 3.2% of 133,578
  • December 1: 6.9% of 205,576
  • December 31: 12.2% of 308,377
  • January 7: 12.9% of 285,043

Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 yesterday hit the highest point yet with 22,851 as did the 4,811 patients in ICU-level care. The 1,210 available ICU beds were the lowest yet.

-Regional stay-at-home: Three regions -- Greater Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley, and Southern California -- are now under the state stay-at-home order indefinitely. The Bay Area Region is expected to join them when its initial three weeks are up on Friday.

--documents and updates:

--Update on 12/03 with Governor Newsom and HHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly:

--Update on 12/07:

--Dr. Ghaly update on 12/08:

--Governor Newsom update on 12/18:

--Governor Newsom update on 12/28:

--Dr. Ghaly update on 12/29:

--Governor Newsom update on 12/30 (K-6 school reopening):

--Governor Newsom and Dr. Fauci on 12/30:

--Governor Newsom update on 01/04:

--the regions: Here are the regions with the latest ICU capacity (available physical beds and necessary staffing). The benchmark to avoid falling under the stay-at-home order is 15% capacity and to emerge from it, there must be a four-week outlook indicating that it will remain above 15%. The California Department of Public Health reports that it is monitoring the four-week outlook data from the regions for which the initial three weeks under the stay-at-home order has passed:

ICU capacity projections for regions that are eligible to exit the order are calculated daily based on four factors: current estimated regional ICU capacity available, measure of current community transmission, current regional case rates and the proportion of ICU cases being admitted. Decreasing community transmission and increasing the health system capacity can help a region's projected ICU capacity so they can exit the order.

If a region exits the stay-at-home order, each county within the region returns to the color-based tier system based on the county's current data.

  • Northern California: Del Norte, Glenn, Humboldt, Lake, Lassen, Mendocino, Modoc, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, Trinity
    ICU capacity as of 1/6: 24.4% (-5.4% from prior day)
  • Bay Area: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma
    ICU capacity as of 1/6: 5.9% (+1.5%)

  • Greater Sacramento: Alpine, Amador, Butte, Colusa, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sacramento, Sierra, Sutter, Yolo, Yuba
    ICU capacity as of 1/6: 11.1% (-0.6%)
  • San Joaquin Valley: Calaveras, Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, San Benito, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tulare, Tuolumne
    ICU capacity as of 1/6: 0.0% (no change)

  • Southern California: Imperial, Inyo, Los Angeles, Mono, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura
    ICU capacity as of 1/6: 0.0% (no change)

-tiers for fears: There were no changes to county tier assignments yesterday.

  • Purple/Widespread=54 counties
  • Red/Substantial=3 (Alpine, Humboldt, Mariposa)
  • Orange/Moderate=1 (Sierra)

-Los Angeles County: The LAT's Rong-Gong Lin II and Luke Money report on the desparation of Los Angeles County public health officials.

Worried Los Angeles County health leaders said Wednesday that the region was rapidly losing its battle against COVID-19 as the virus spread unchecked, adding that only immediate and decisive changes in behavior can prevent a steep rise in deaths as a post-holiday surge hits and hospitals can’t treat all who are sick.

“Today, I’m more troubled than ever before,” said Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

“This is a health crisis of epic proportions and we need everyone — I mean everyone — to use the tools right in front of them to help us drive down transmission of this deadly virus.”


“It’s really up to us as a community of whether or not we want to get it back under control. The gatherings at Thanksgiving have put a lot of strain on hospitals in our most populated county in the nation. But we can’t let that stop us and we can’t let that make us defeated,” said Dr. Christina Ghaly, the Los Angeles County director of health services.

“We have the power to get this virus under control if we choose to do that, and it’s really up to us,” she added.


Mobility data suggest there was a lot of travel and socializing at the end of December. If there hadn’t been, the local outbreak would be peaking right now and starting to decline soon.

From yesterday's Los Angeles County Public Health daily press release:

The rate of new cases this month is translating into a disastrous increase in the number of people with severe COVID-19 symptoms being sent to our local hospitals and, tragically, we are now seeing more than 200 deaths a day. People who were otherwise leading healthy, productive lives are now passing away because of a chance encounter with the COVID-19 virus.  This only ends when we each make the right decisions to protect each other.


Testing results are available for nearly 4,850,000 individuals with 17% of people testing positive. On November 1, the test positivity rate was 3.8%. Today’s test positivity rate increased to 21.8%. This is very significant because it means one in five people who are tested are carrying the COVID-19 virus and can expose others to this disease.

SACRAMENTO COUNTY: In The Bee, a team reports on an in-person conference taking place this weekend in the Sacramento County city of Rancho Murrieta to strategize how to beat back state and local public health orders.

To the dismay of Sacramento County’s health officer, a group pushing back on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 restrictions is hosting a conference in Rancho Murieta this weekend, bringing in sheriffs, elected officials and business lobbyists to make the case that Newsom’s stay-at-home orders have harmed the California economy.

Calling itself Re-Open Cal Now, the group plans multiple panel discussions at Murieta Equestrian Center, a horse-show venue, as well as a rally at the Capitol.

One of its leading organizers, Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt, said the weekend is designed to explore the ramification of the shutdown orders with a “nice, non-partisan voice.” Hewitt is a Libertarian.

He added, “We’re trying to show we can open up and be safe.” Conference organizers will provide masks and make sure attendees remain socially distant, he said.

The conference was immediately criticized by Sacramento County Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye.

“This three-day, in-person conference, scheduled to take place in Sacramento County, is in violation of state and local health orders and has the potential to become a super-spreader event,” Kasirye said in a prepared statement. “This is exceedingly troubling as we are experiencing an unprecedented number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Not only does this put the event attendees at risk, it puts the conference venue employees at risk of contracting COVID-19 and spreading it to their families.”

Kasirye also issued a warning to the owner of a nearby hotel where out-of-town participants are staying, saying civil or criminal penalties are possible.

Yet a member of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, Sue Frost, is among the co-organizers.

cakeday and classifieds after the jump...

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