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  • SacTown Talks (Jarhett Blonien): Assemblymember Ash Kalra - Apple Podcasts | YouTube (2020-10-02)
  • Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos): Tori Verber Salazar: The Central Valley District Attorney Pushing for Criminal Justice Reform (2020-10-01)
  • California Nation (Gil Duran @ SacBee): Is Newsom’s gas-powered car ban enough to fight climate change? (2020-09-28)
  • Political Breakdown (Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos): California Supreme Court justice Goodwin Liu on the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2020-09-24)
  • Capitol Weekly Podcast (John Howard and Tim Foster): Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an Executive Order to phase out the sales of new gasoline- and diesel-powered cars and passenger trucks in California by 2035. (2020-09-23)


  • Election Day: 30 days
  • Ballots mailed to all California registered voters: 1 day (all current registered to be mailed w/in 5 days)
  • RealClearPolitics presidential average: Biden 50.1 Trump: 43.1 (9/22 - 10/1): Biden+7.0 -- not updated**
  • RealClearPolitics generic congressional average: Dems+6.6 (9/13 - 10/2)  -- updated today

**I am not updating the presidential number today, which is Biden+8.2, as the buoying poll is NBC/WSJ (legit folks), but is Biden+14 but also registered rather than likely voters.

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The Nooner for Sunday, October 4, 2020, presented by SYASL Partners

  • Money matters
  • COVID-19
  • Wildfires
  • Cakeday and classifieds

¡Buenos dias mis amigos!

On this day four years ago, the Golden 1 Center arena, home of the Sacramento Kings, opened with a performance by Sir Paul McCartney. It marked so many things for me -- a new life living downtown walkable to a new arena for the team I had season tickets to (long ago given up). Yeah, let's not remember the promise of 2016.

I forgot to say yesterday that on Friday, the day Kara was sworn in to be a judge, I received from her in the mail a t-shirt from the Bazaar-at-Home event of the Buddhist Church of Sacramento. I look forward to wearing it to farmers market today. Of course, I was watching the programming split screen with the State Senate back on August 9th.

It was the 74th annual event, and while many Sacramentans of all faiths missed the teriyaki and tempura, the temple figured out how to make it happen. I'm sure I've written this before, but readership of The Nooner is a constant churn. People ask why it's a "church" when it's Buddhism. That goes back to World War II Japanese internment. This church, founded in 1899 during early California, and its associates across the country changed the name from "temple" to "church" to assimilate after internment. It's all part of our ugly history. Anyway, if you are are an agnostic or atheist, it's always a welcoming place with absolutely no pressure.

There is no plate passed and if they ask for your name at the door as a newcomer (you can say you've been before), it's only to welcome you at the end of the service. I've never received a solicitation from the church, unlike every candidate that buys my address.

Then again, many of you have watched the Assembly sessions over the last two years when Bob Oshita last year and now his wife Reverend Patti offer the daily prayer. Wow, Patti really drew the short straw by getting 2020. Reverend Bob led the Buddhist Church of Sacramento betsuin up until two years ago.

Anyway, this is last Sunday's virtual service with Reverend Matt. Unlike many churches, the Buddhist Church of Sacramento is not rushing to reopen. The odd thing about internment was that we imprisoned some of our most patriotic citizens and while the history brings tears, Japanese-Americans are among the most patriotic Americans to this day. Granted, few drive large pick-up trucks with flags flying from the bed like I saw yesterday during the "prayer" event on the west side of the Capitol (mostly unmasked, of course). They keep their heads down, work hard, and invite anyone interested to share in their culture.

During her remarks after being sworn in, Kara referenced her grandparents who were subject to internment and which is a solid foundation for her concept of justice. On one side, they were Stockton chicken farmers. Her grandmother saved money while working as a cashier at JC Penney and gave Kara money that helped with her legal education. If only her grandparents could be alive to see her sworn in as a judge of the Superior Court of Sacramento County. Truly an American dream.

As she said during her comments about us, over 17 years we learned a lot about the law together, seeing RBG on the bench and arguing together in the National First Amendment Moot Court Competition in Nashville before a dinner at the Pantheon with keynote Sandra Day O'Connor. To this day, I would doubt that Judge Kara would understand my argument as to why computer code is speech rather than mechanics, but I stand by it. We lost to some crappy law school with better hair.

Sometimes we have to pause to remember how great America is despite her many flaws in our history and current events. Our blistered history will make Kara an outstanding judge in whatever department to which she is assigned.

Anyway, I'll be short today as I'll be heading over to farmers market, notwithstanding the air quality (143 may be the best we get!). So, I'll just update the numbers below.

MONEY MATTERS - selected filings from yesterday's campaign finance reports:

-Independent expenditures

  • SD15 (San José): $104,264 for polling, mail to SUPPORT Dave Cortese (D) by Opportunity PAC (labor) - Cumulative total: $480,871
  • SD29 (Diamond Bar-Fullerton): $81,392 for mail to OPPOSE Ling Ling Chang (R) by Opportunity PAC (labor) - Cumulative total: $208,443
  • SD37 (Anaheim Hills-Irvine-OC Coast): $89,085 for mail to OPPOSE John M.W. Moorlach (R) by Opportunity PAC (labor) - Cumulative total: $241,732


-The numbers: 48 more Californians reportedly lost their lives to COVID-19 yesterday, bringing the total to 16,121. The weekend reporting caveat applies as the number are likely lower and early week numbers are likely higher than actual.


-The numbers: Currently, 29 fatalities have been tallied and 7,776 structures destroyed or damaged in the Caliifornia fires. Five of the state's 20 largest fires in California history have occurred in 2020, with 3,754,729 acres burned statewide. (The statewide structures and acreage numbers are updated occasionally and not necessarily daily like the individual fires.)

Here are the biggest currently burning and under Cal Fire management, followed by those finalized.

  1. August Complex (Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Tehama, Glenn, Lake, Colusa counties): 985,304 acres, with 51% containment as of 7:27am
    - 52 structures destroyed

  2. Creek Fire (Fresno, Madera counties): 315,413 acres, with 62% containment as of 7:37am
    - 856 structures destroyed

  3. Glass Fire (Napa, Sonoma counties): 63,885 acres, with 17% containment as of 7:21am
    - 826 structures destroyed 

  4. Zogg Fire (Shasta County): 56,305 acres, with 68% containment as of 6:37am
    - 4 deaths; 196 structures destroyed


  • SCU Lightning Complex (Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Joaquin, Stanislaus counties): 396,624 acres
     - 222 structures destroyed
  • LNU Lightning Complex (Napa, Sonoma, Lake, Yolo, Solano counties): 363,220 acres
    - 5 deaths; 1,491 structures destroyed

  • North Complex (Plumas, Butte, Yuba counties): 316,685 acres
    - 15 deaths; 2,342 structures destroyed

  • SQF Complex (Tulare County): 153,226 acres
    - 232 structures destroyed

cakeday and classifieds after the jump...

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