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The Nooner for Saturday, May 9, 2020, presented by SYASL Partners

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  • Cakeday and classifieds this thing on? I'll be short today, whatever that means. I have big things to do, like watering the veggies and herbs on my balcony and washing my locks that now resemble Paul Mitchell's long-lost Marcia Brady hair. I haven't gotten in to the sourdough bread thing since I'm not really a baker, but I definitely could clean my stovetop among other domestic things.

As I stretched my legs last night, I noticed that Beers Books, the great used bookstore on S Street, had a sandwich board out proclaiming "CURBSIDE PICK-UP!" Of course, Friend of the Nooner Capital Books also is accepting orders that can be picked up with a nice loading zone on Kay Street.

Let's hope our experiment into normal is successful.

Upon seeing my mop yesterday, my regular barber Jason Iverson texted me that I make a great John Lennon. My response was that if this goes on much longer I'll look more like John Lennon circa "Let It Be" rather than "A Hard Day's Night." When we get that NewsomAtNoon green light for barbering and cosmetology, the online scramble for appointments for Iverson's Barber Shop among Capitol-area guys is going to be like teen girls trying to buy Shawn Mendes tickets.

Last night, while doing post-production on yesterday's great Zoom podcast on COVID-19 and California Agriculture that I'll post today or tomorrow, I got sidetracked and started work on the presidential campaign movie for 2020 -- THE WAR ZOOM.

Anyway, is was a great discussion with the Community Alliance with Family Farmers, California Cattlemen's Association, and Western United Dairies, which I look forward to getting out to you. This week, I will be recording another on how farmworkers are faring.

As you likely know, I stream the previous night's shows while writing in the morning. It's Saturday, meaning last night was Real Time with Bill Maher, and there was this gem "I don't know it for a fact that your wife thinks about Gavin Newsom during sex. It's true."

Meanwhile, before we get to a few items, I have zero idea where the media is getting the "70% of California has reopened" meme. I'm guesstimating 5-10%. There is always tomorrow to prove me wrong.

WTF? The media is talking about California being opened 70%. Uh, limited retail curbside (beyond grocery and drugstore) was opened yesterday. I'm sporting my abacus and any way I spread the beads...

If we're talking about our amazing land footprint (although Yosemite is still closed and employees have been given the boot), I get that. It doesn't at all reflect the parts of the economy that have been shut down. People have their images of California, but we have among the broadest wildspace and ag country in the US.

Even those that have been given the okay in California don't know that there is a consumer demand. Indie stores that have a loyal following are the first to to retain customers.

Even for those who reopen, it's going to take a long time to restore consumer confidence.

VOTE BY MAIL: Yesterday, Governor Newsom signed an executive order to essentially make the Voter's Choice Act statewide for the November 3, 2020 election. Every voter will be mailed a ballot, but there will also be vote centers where voters can drop off ballots or register to vote up to the election.

In March, 14 counties (and partially Los Angeles) participated in the Voter's Choice Act whereby every registered voter received a mail-in ballot and there were vote centers for in-person voting for those who didn't receive them or registration and voting ("conditional") after the final ballots were mailed out. All ballots mailed in were subject to the traditional signature validation procedures.

Before people jump to conclusion that this is partisan, eight of the Voter's Choice Act counties in March are predominantly Republican and six are predominantly Democratic.

In announcing the move before inviting Secretary of State Alex Padilla to talk about it via telephone, Newsom said that this is the "election of our lifetime." Regardless of your partisan perspective, you likely agree. You probably also agree that those decisions will mostly be made outside of California, aside from about four congressional races.

As much clamoring as there is in some circles about "absentee"/vote-by-mail voting, President Trump recently cast his ballot in his new residence of Florida as such.

CA25 (Santa Clarita-Palmdale): Speaking of that, Politico's Ally Mutnick looks at what appears to be an uphill battle for Democrats to hold the 2018 gain in the northern Los Angeles/southern Ventura county district that Katie Hill flipped before resigning last year.

I'm not as negative on the loss of the seat right now. Ballots postmarked by Tuesday can be received until Friday. I won't make a call until, say, mid-June.

That said, how much will the House meet before the November election when the seat will be up again? While the Senate is back mostly for confirmations of President Trump's nominees for the federal bench, House members remain working in their districts.

SALONS: Who would have thought that the biggest shutdown controversy would come down to nail salons? During Thursday's NewsomAtNoon, the governor said that the first COVID-19 case in California was a transmission at a nail salon.

Cue former state senator and AD72 candidate Janet Nguyen (R), who is running against Garden Grove councilmember Diedre Nguyen (D). It's a toss-up race for the district currently held by Tyler Diep (R), who placed third in March. 

Janet pounced on the governor's statement as racist. Of course, the governor could have said the first transmission was in a donut shop ("Cambodian"), dry cleaner ("Korean"), or my usual Sunday mangonada/esquite stand ("Mexican").

Facts are facts. None of the aforementioned businesses are exclusive to one ethnic group, except for possibly my usual corner stand. The stories behind the nail salons, dry cleaners, and donut shops are amazing. They are transformational.

Newsom never mentioned an ethnic group in Thursday's presser. There are lots of nail salons that are not owned by Vietnamese-Americans. Janet decided to make it a campaign issue, which led to a question in Friday's NewsomAtNoon. Unfortunately, the press Q&A that we see on the teevee is not recorded on the Facebook Live, so I can't share it. Nevertheless, I thought it was a great response and a passionate defense for the industry and the opportunities it has provided to immigrants.

Cakeday and classifieds after the jump...

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CAKEDAY: Happy birthday to Stephen Blum, Bob Stern, Laura Capps, Patrick Donahoe, Joshua Englander, Assemblymember Robert Rivas, and Kyra Emanuels Ross!


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